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A journal about friendship and camaraderie among Filipino trivia enthusiast in the cyberworld.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Who We Are?

We are a non government organization composed of Filipino chatters in many parts of the world who regularly played trivia games in the WW2BAM Room which is housed at the "User Room" of the Philippines "Yahoo Public Rooms"

Our Past

The acronym WW2BAM stands for (Who Wants 2 Be A Millionaire) based on the popular TV game show. Sometime in 2001 this room was created to play trivia, meet other trivia enthusiasts, or just hang around with other Filipinos. These chatters are driven by their love of trivia and the Filipino camaraderie that keeps them coming and staying in this room for the last 2 years. As the days goes on, a very worthy and noble effort to be able to help the less fortune brothers and sisters in the Philippines, took place through an Outreach Program that was organized and financially supported by the WW2BAM chatters in February 2003. This project has foster bonding, friendship and pride of accomplishment among ww2bam chat citizenship.

How It All Got Started?

After the successful Outreach Project at San Lazaro Hospital, there are suggestions to make the ww2bam a formal organization, so we can do fund raising, to be able to conduct outreach project on a regular basis. It took awhile for these thoughts to sink in and questions of who will be willing to take the responsibilities to do this very demanding task, since we all of us are busy in our own lives.

Sometime in August 2003, Kandong King posted an idea for a project, to get a domain name, it will be self-liquidating in the sense that we will be selling e-mail accounts at around $5.00/yr to chatters but will also allot the accounts to sponsors and people who have helped ww2bam, like moderators, organizers, QM's and Scorers. There are a few chatters who have responded to this idea, it took months, before things have been put into shape.

So what happed next?

A group of dedicated chatters have group together and decided that since we are going to embark on a new challenge, another Outreach Project for this year (2004) we thought we may have to push through purchasing a domain name.

Thanks to a very generous chatter who have offered to pay our web hosting fee. It was also decided to make the ww2bam a non government organization, but we can not use this name, because of legal issues, copyright etc.

We need a new name, out of the blue pimp_daddy_buddha have come up with "tribyalista ".You might be wondering what TRIBYALISTA means and where the name came from. Well... TRIBYALISTA: the definition ---- a person who likes to play trivia games.

We now have our own website - www.tribyalista.org. Thanks to the efforts of stoner _on_a _bicycle for maintaining the forum and the website.

Our Challenge

A lot of things have happened along the way. People come and go. A lot of regular trivia players have disappeared, nobody would like to QM. We have lost our high caliber, hardworking QM's and scorers. We have done everything to get rid of booters. Players don't come anymore in the room, attendance become a big problem, how can you host a game with one or two players, some people park their sn in the room for the whole day, just to keep the room open, ww2bam chatters have been whinging about the situation. And out of the blue a new trivia room just emerge, ww2bam players are now playing in this room. And the latest thing that strike our room is the disappearanced of all yahoo user room, thank God we have found a temporary sanctuary at the Entertainment & Arts (under Television) called Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Our challenge today is to find ways in which our room will come back to life again. We need to attract more people and get more people to QM in the WW2BAM room.Somebody says "you want more people?" then QM in the room. But no matter how long one has been away from chatting, I am sure you will agree that you will always have to check and see what's going on in your favorite room even just in watch mode. One thing is sure people still want to chat, play trivia and mingle with good old time friends in a familiar and friendly surrounding.

As one of the ww2bam chatter states "I just want to keep the very essence of this room to be alive. "A trivia room with a heart. The "heart" factor are the people who frequents this room and kept (keeps) it alive for more than 3 years now."


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