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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mula sa Puso -2004

MULA SA PUSO Outreach Program
Member : xam(2/23/04 6:15)
Feb 11, 2004

Ivette and I arrived at San Lazaro Hospital around 1:30PM. Shortly thereafter, Melody and Ms Beth Castro (representative of the Kabayan-Yamato Filipino Community) joined us. We were met at the entrance by Ms Rose Mendoza, the head nurse of the training office. We turned over the medical supplies (our heartfelt gratitude to the Kabayan-Yamato Group) to the newly appointed director of San Lazaro Hospital, Dr. Arturo Cabanban. Praxis and his cousin Sonny joined us later and helped us in distributing the loot bags for the young patients and fruits to the older patients.

Kandong King was supposed to join us that afternoon but unfortunately the cab that he was in was involved in a minor accident. Fortunately, our dear Rene wasn’t hurt. After distributing the loot bags and fruits, the group parted ways but met that evening together with the other chatters at Giligan’s Island for the Valentine’s Day EB.


Member : kandong kingPosts: 312(2/24/04 0:47)
Re: Feb 11, 2004
MULA SA PUSO Outreach Program

Nice work people, it's a fitting first project for our organization now known as Tribyalista Inc. or it's virtual counterpart www.tribyaista.org (coming soon).

Our heartfelt thanks to our counterparts in Japan, the Kabayan-Yamato Filipino Community, whose generosity has made this Outreach Project possible.Below is a copy of the letter of acceptance from Dr. Cabanban the OIC of the San Lazaro Hospital.


Pemp Advisor (Only)
Posts: 135(2/25/04 10:51)
Outreach Program

thanks xam and cabrong for reporting about this great event. it makes me feel proud and good that we are one of the few, if not the only group in Yahoo phils chat, that does more than just "chat."i look forward to similar projects and as usual offer my services as consultant or advisor.wtg tribyalistas



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