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Friday, July 01, 2005


A Funny Thing Happened At The Bank

Name: MIB-Man IN Bank
Date Posted: May 13, 02 - 4:13 AM

Message: All the events that happened here are true. the real names of people and institutions have been changed to protect the innocent, the stupid and the author. The story starts with Mistah Foogz talking to me, MIB in PM.

Foogz: MIB, I have a favor to ask of you.
MIB: sure foogz, do I turn on my webcam too?
Foogz: hahaha, not now MIB, maybe later.
MIB: ok, if you don't want to cyber, what is it?
Foogz: I need to buy something for a friend of mine in Manila, will you buy it for me if I send you the money?
MIB: sure Foogz, how do I get the money?
Foogz: I'll send it by Western Union, do you know where the nearest branch is?
MIB: Send it to the Paranaque Branch. What do i do to pick it up? No one has sent me money by Western Union before.
Foogz: Just bring your ID and state your sexual preference.
MIB: Pak it, Foogz, do it yourself.
Foogz: Hahaha. ok just bring an ID. You should expect it tomorrow at 3:00 pm, that's 1:00 pm here in Guam, and then I take my flight back to Seattle.
MIB: Alright, Foogz, will do.

Next Day MIB is at the bank at exactly 3:00 pm.

MIB: I am here to withdraw some money sent to me by my friend via Western Union.
Teller: OK sir, please fill out this form and can i have your ID please.
MIB fills out form and presents driver's license.
Teller: You did not fill out the field for the sender's name.
MIB: I don't know the sender's name.
Teller: I have to call the manager.

Manager arrives...

Manager: Mr. MIB, you mean to say somebody you don't know sent you money?
MIB: Yes.
Manager: Isn't that kind of strange?
MIB: No. I walk down the street and total strangers give me money or sandwiches. I'm used to it.
Manager after givimg MIB a looong blank stare) You have to give me a name to get your money.
MIB: Okay, it's MISTAH FOOGZ, give or take a letter O.
Manager after another looong blank stare. Pls. wait while I fax the infomation to Western Union main. It will take about 10 minutea to get an answer.
MIB waits. In the meantime people are filing away from the bank. It's 3:30 pm closing time.
Manager comes back with fax.
Manager: They don't have a record of a Mistah Foogz in the main office. Maybe you have another name?
MIB Still in a very cooperative mood. Try D' Foogzley or Just Another SN.

Manager takes form away and talks to the guard on the way. By this time everyone has left except the manager, the teller and two guards now hovering around MIB. Manager comes back out of the faxroom.

Manager: Mr. MIB, the names you gave do not match the name in our records.
MIB (Now very upset) Paking hell!! You had the name all the time and you gave me hard time?!!.
Manager: No need for profanity Mr. MIB, I am just doing my job.
MIB: If you have the name in your records, why don't you just give it to me, I can write it down on the form and save us a lot of time and trouble?
Manager: That's not the way it works, sir. We need the name for verification. Maybe you can call your friend and ask him. A transaction number would be helpful too.
MIB: My friend is in the air on his way to Seattle, maybe I can reach him by skyphone. Can I use your phone?

Manager now fidgeting and looking grim, and who are you supposed to ask for, Mistah Foogz? Besides the call would cost more than what you are supposed to receive. You have to come back tomorrow with the correct name.

MIB now sitting at the banks computer terminal trying to teach the teller how to access YM and chat.) Just a few more minutes, let me try to talk to some people in the chat room.
Manager: Sir, we don't allow unauthorized persons to work on our terminals, you have to leave and come back tomorrow with the correct name.
MIB In a good mood again because he had a date to teach the cute teller how to chat that night. OK, see you again tomorrow Mr. Manager.
Thank you. Bye Sweetie.

Same night, MIB logs in (with the cute teller by his side.) and talks to several people asking them for Foogz's real name. Jerms can only give me his first name. Kaze gave MIB, Foogz full name only after extracting the full story from MIB, which she immidiately told Melody.

Next morning as MIB was ready to go back to the bank, to bring back the cute teller and armed with Foogz's real name, he decides to log-on one more time and catches Foogz in the room, thus also getting the transaction number with which he was able to withdraw the money.

The story would have ended there if Kaze hadn't spoken to Melody; as it was MIB was greeted by hoots and howls of laughter in the room when he logged back on. Melody on her part broadcasted MIB's odyssey to one and all and even suggested the now infamous MIB_man_in_bank sn with matching shades.

whew, end of story.

A Funny Thing Happened At The Bank
Name: Foogz.....Mistah_FOOGZ!
Date Posted: May 13, 02 - 5:50 AM

Dear Mr MIB_man_in_bank_hitting_on_defensless_bank_tellers,

I'd like to extend my gratitude towards you and all those involved in this valiant effort to give you yet another eccentric screen name! But seriously though...I would like to let it be known that, this particular event never would have come to materialize had it not been for the Big Heart and selfless acts of Mr_MIB_man_in_bank...

Let this experience be an example to one and all of the immeasureable power of chat, and what relationships, friendships, fantasies, alter-ego's, office escapes, time consuming self indulged moments of sharing and unlimited keying of emotions and relativity that chatters are able to create between one another. Chat is that other world where one spends time to hopefully relax, relate, and release... well at least for me it is... And Im glad to have made the acquaintace of such characters like Mr MIB, and the rest of the WWtBaM community. (k enuff of that being nice crap)

Now gor what i really want to say.. ahmmmmmm....
This story is so hilarious!!!! Mib, hands down, this must be one of the funniest bloopers.. i just wish i could could have seen the managers face when u said..OK, his name is Mistah FoogZ?!?!... and by the way, when he went to speak to the guards, after u said that.. its becuz of how u smelled.. not becuz of what u said one last thought for those hu still dont understand why he didnt have my name in the first place... In instant messaging, its a private conversation between u and another chatter.. and going back to the *cyber* topic.. well, i was partaking in one of those private conversations with someone else at the time, so i wasnt how do u say... really concentrating on my conversation with mr MIB.... so its not all his fault...and with that..THATS MY STORY AND IM STICKIN TO IT!!
*Id also like to recognize Kaze and Mel for being hu they are and letting sucha wonderful story come to life...

Name: megan24ph
Date Posted: May 14, 02 - 11:30 AM
MIB, Foogz, it would have saved you a lot of time and energy if you tried... errrrr... E-commerce?. But I guess something good came out of it. (How's the date with the cute teller, MIB?)
This story is really hilarious.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Name: mico_lorenzo
Date Posted: May 15, 02 - 1:40 PM
Now that's going to be a classic. If were in MIB's case, I'd probably look stupid inside the bank.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


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