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Friday, July 01, 2005

Maraming salamat po!

A kindness is long remembered....

You might think
that what you did was
a little thing.

Because you do so much
for others all the time
But it is rare to find
people as considerate
and thoughtful as you.

Thank you very much!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart...
Name: megan24ph
Date Posted: Mar 12, 02 - 8:47 PM

Hello, Okay na pala ulit ang message board dito.. kaya post ko na rin dito yung na post ko sa MSN board ...

THANK YOUUUU Supersenti, Skny_she, Maxi, and Iceman for meeting with me during my short but sweet stay in sunny Los Angeles. It was really fun and I won't forget it guys. To Maxi who paid our dinner in Jollibee.. whew.. sarap ng "stapeggi." at chicken joy .. and giving me a quarter to be thrown to the wishing well in the Universal City walk.. He he.. sabihin ko sa yo ni wish ko later .. Although my friend told me "Asa ka pa!!"".. ..To Supersenti who opted to stay late kahit galing sa trabaho (wheew!).... for singing with me.. he he.. and for always telling me, he'll gonna miss us.. .... To Skny_she.. who was the night's life of the party.. Whew... I wish I have her energy and candidness.. .. And last but not the least....to Iceman who was so kind to show me around..... especially bringing me to Santa Monica to see the beach at "magtampisaw" (ha ha ha).. Won't forget it, really!!.. Sarap din ng chinese food huh.. saka McDo breakfast.. and for generously offering their place during my last night in LA.. whew!.. laki ng natipid ko sa taxi.. he he...

Sana po'y maulit.... ... pero for sure babalik kami ni Rose Anne sa summer.. sana magkita kita tayo ulit.. Thanks again, guys.... Luv yah!!!!


Name: supersenti_in_cali
Subject: Re: Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

megan, i was really surprised how much fun we all had that night. personally it felt like i knew you guys for a long time, i felt really comfortable with you as well as with skny_she, maximus_alvaradus, and of course, iceman_0928. how can any of us forget that night when skny_she was so drunk that she was taking a piss standing up, maximus was drunk that he thought he was eddie vedder as he started belting out pilita corales' "dahil sayo" to the tune of pearl jam's "daughter", iceman was so dead drunk that he was starting to harass their own refrigerator thinking it was a sexy girl even to the point of french kissing the freezer handle, and to you megan who got so drunk that....hmmmmmmm come to think of it, you didnt get drunk! how can you get drunk when you keep on "secretly" pouring your share of alcohol to the plants! hehehe...you are so intelligent indeed anyways, i am really going to miss you megan, that night, for me, was a chatters dream come true, meeting new friends and having so much fun all done in just a few hours! i am looking 4ward to seeing you again this summer, in the meantime, ill keep the rest of the "wild" gang at bay, bye!!!!

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 03/13/02 06:01:51 AM
Name: iceman_0928
Subject: Re: Thank you from the bottom of my heart...
I would like you to know that you are always welcome to stay at my place. I'm glad and I know that the rest of TVJ gang , skny is "miss tapia" :D j/k....are pleased to see you. We had fun didn't we? I'm going to miss your version of "mr. dj". Anyways, if you decided to comeback this summer don't forget to call me..maybe we could have that " seafood buffet" that you wanted. Regards to your family and i'm looking forward to see you again..with the rest of the gang.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 03/13/02 09:34:03 AM
Name: supersenti_in_cali
Subject: Re: Re: Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 03/13/02 09:24:53 AM
Name: megan24ph
Subject: Re: Re: Thank you from the bottom of my heart...
If Supersenti, Maxi, and you are Tito, Vic, & Joey and Skny is Miss Tapia.. then that makes me..... Tonet Macho???? ..yikes!! or Mang Tem-i.... susmaryosep.. he he..
Ok pala tayo.. the Iskul Bukol Gang!!


Name: Kosme de Kunsume
Date Posted: Dec 2, 02 - 11:47 AM
Maraming salamat sa pag bigay ninyo ng "Welcome home EB/ B-day party" para sa akin noong makaraang Nobiyembre 22. Nagagalak din akong makilala kayo sa labas ng ating munting Chat Room. Nais ko sanang bigyan ng pansin ang sumusunod na Chatters bilang pagtangkilik sa inukol nilang panahon para sa EB na naturingan...
Epang, True, Melody, Ejay, Azriel, Rene, Trip, Jopax, Fiffay, Kookai, Issey, Christine, Ginger, Shy Avic, Etzel, Jermallets, Judge, Vin, atbp...
Salamat sa inyong lahat....

Kosme aka Abet

G'day mate.....
Name: Epang
Date Posted: Nov 10, 02 - 2:44 AM

i would like to thank the following for making my stay in Oz so bloody fun lolz

bookworm - thank you for dinner . it was a pleasure meeting you in person. you are such a "fair dinkum" person. (naks!) hmmmm.. di ka naman pala masyadong wholesome lolz. monica is so cute and sweet like the mommy . takot pa din ba sya kay wug? bring her to taronga zoo... para masanay sa itsura ni wug ( peace wug )

ogre - thanks for organizing the EB for me and for being at the meeting place on time ... sorry talaga, akala ko kasi 7pm eh lolz. thanks for the walk home. it was nice seeing you again mate ... pede ko na ba post pictures mo?

wug - thanks wug for the grog and pulutan . ano nga ba yun pinakain mo sakin langya ka baka binti ng kangaroo yun ah lolz. it was a fun night. tawang tawa ako, i mean tuwang tuwa ako sa kwento mo. hanap mo pako basura ha? thanks again for the stuff you gave me. ganda nung playgirl magazine ng Oz ... malalaki pala ang mga sa aussies . and thank you also for showing me where i can buy the kangaroo scrotum pouches . hope to see you in manila zoo i mean, in manila soon

my nini - thank you for always making sure i am well taken care of in Oz ... you're an angel .

thanks again guys ! i really enjoyed my stay in the land down under (sarap talaga pag under lolz)... bitin nga eh balik nalang ako ulit horoo!
Subject: thanks and eb pics
Name: ogre_2001au
Date Posted: Nov 12, 02 - 2:20 AM

Message:you are welcome very much my idol! alam mo ba na hinanap ko pa yung meeting place natin nung lunchtime? halos naligaw pa nga ako e! oo nga, balik na lang ulit dito... looking forward to seeing you again! oo nga pala, na upload ko na yung mga eb pictures. there are 5 of them, sensya na at hindi masyado maganda yung images. buset kasi nakalimutan ko pa dalhin yung camera kaya yan tuloy and kinalabasan...

No Worries . . . Mate!!!
Name: Bookworm
Date Posted: Nov 4, 02 - 10:06 PM

Hi Ogre, Epang and Wug...

Monica and I enjoy going out with you guys.It is like talking to an old time friend sarap ng feeling. I hope I can attend an EB in the Philippines....(one day...I will be home...)
Thanks for being there...too...Thank you Eps...for the pasalubong...

P.S. lol... di makalimutan ng anak ko si Wug....

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Subject: thank you!
Name: Ogre
Date Posted: Nov 5, 02 - 10:30 PM

.....kay epang sa pagdalaw nya sa sydney! hindi magkakaroon ng EB d2 sa sydney kung nde sha natuloy (ty 4 d pasalubongs idol!)

.....kay mami bookworm sa paglibre nya sa amin ni epang! ang cute ni monica, manang mana kay mami book! (kelan ulit EB natin book? para makabawi naman ako)
Heartfelt Thanks To My Friends At WW2BAM
Name: Jet Hernandez
Date Posted: Jun 4, 02 - 4:02 AM

It's been forty four days since my dad passed away and I together with my family would now like to take the opportunity to express our thanks to My Friends At WW2BAM.

I purposely did not announce the demise of my dad in the room as I preferred to keep my private life separate from my chat life. But I was pleasantly surprised, when a fellow chatter came over to the wake with a beautiful flower arrangement with the following sentiment:

Dear Jet,

Our sincere sympathy and prayers are with you and your loved ones as you cope with the great loss of your good father. We hope you find lasting solace in the knowledge that you were always a devoted son to him and that he smiles upon you from above.

Our Sympathies,

Your Friends At WW2BAM

With it also came an envelope with cash which we were able to put to good use.
I would also like to express my thanks to some of the chatters who managed to attend the wake despite the unholy hour and the long distance they had to travel, you know who you are and we appreciate the gesture.
WW2BAM thanks again.

Thank You.....Linsy & Foogs

Subject: thank you po linsy and foogz!!!
Name: potsky and anya
Date Posted: Apr 27, 03 - 9:09 AM
Email: lilypotsky@hotmail.com

Litsoon and congress Salamat po para sa ming napakamakulay na uniform mula sa ming mga nagbowling-lingan yesterday sa Rockwell. It was a funfilled game and indeed brought out the very best in everyone including the cheerers Sana po andun kayo.. Ang ganda ng kulay ng red team Hahaha!! walang kokontra or else Kulelat ang team namin pero para sa min we're the champ!!! yan namang pagiging winner eh nasa feeling lang yan tsaka nasa isip.. Bwahahahahaha!!!! Oh ha!!! Basta maraming salamat pong muli!! Sa uulitin!!!
~Potsky and Anya


Name: xami_xam_xam
Subject: Re: thank you po linsy and foogz!!!

mula sa ikabuturan ng aking puso, ako ay nagpapasalamat sa iyo linsy at foogz sa inyong pag suporta sa aming nagdaang paligsahan. nawa'y kayo ay patnubayan ng ating panginoon.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 04/28/03 03:26:06 AM
Name: fiffay
Subject: Re: thank you po linsy and foogz!!!
ate linsy and fafa foogs,
tenchu tenchi po sa uniform na niprovide ninyo. kami ay lubos na nagagalak at lubos na lubos ang kasiyahang nadama dahil sa aming uniform. ehehehehehehe salamas po. nxt time pede po ba shoes? eheheheheh kung makakalusot lang po.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 04/27/03 09:54:59 PM
Name: jermallets
Subject: Re: thank you po linsy and foogz!!!

thanks linsy babes and pugz sa aming costume sa bowling..hahahaha kahit third lang ang green team, inisip na lang namin na 1st kami..hahaha
Labs yu, sis....soup naman tayo!!

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 04/28/03 02:26:27 AM
Name: billy_gilman_ph
Subject: Re: Re: thank you po linsy and foogz!!!

Makiki "Maraming maraming salamat" din ako, Linsy and Foogz. Kung hindi dahil sa inyo hindi magiging makulay ang bowling tournament. Maraming maraming salamat

Thanks WW2BAM Peeps!

Subject: Thanks WW2BAM Peeps!
Name: lory_fifily_fly
Date Posted: Mar 30, 03 - 6:23 PM
Email: lory7499@yahoo.com

Hi guys! sorry kung post ako ha, gusto ko lang sabihing thankful ako at by fate nasali ako sa room na ito.
At first pa lang natuwa na ako kasi super bait kayo. I never thought that I will be able to find such wonderful people in this chatroom, kaya nga na-adik ako sanyo eh, di bale nang mabulyawan ni Inang Bayan dahil sa puyat at taas ng kuryente. kahit pa sigutro lingo-lingo ako magapaayos ng computer kong barok ok lang basta kayo! Not to mention kahit bunton bunton ng cookies nag iluto ko ok pa rin. basta ba lagi kayo happy. Well, lalo na siguro pag green na ang usapan kung saan expert sina kuya ***** ay sina**** at sina****. pwe corrupted tuloy ang isip ko( lolz parang di rin alam un, medyo lang) para ba akong nakatanggap ng award sa paakakakilala ko sa inyo. higit pa dun!!
Madrama nag ito kaya ok lang kung maiyak kayo sa pag babasa, madrama din kasi ako sa room madalas. buti na lang naaaliw ako sa mga games natin lalo na sa mga QM na kung hindi rin lang madalas napapgalitan dahil sa lag!
Mga questions na ke hihirap at mga sagot na out of this world, na kung minsan tama pala, enjoy! eto pa sa mga EB ng Friday na walang humapay na katatawanan amzing talaga!(hiram ng expression kay simon my best friend). at sa mga ate at kuya kapatid kakilala, sa mga best chums super friendships ko sa room salamat.
Ate Ivettee kaw ang nagsama sakin dito kaya pagtiisan mo ako, at sa mga nakabasa sya ang sisihin kung bakit ako nandyan sa room! lolz salamat ate pretty ko! sana tumagal pa ang room(pansin nyo ba naging takbuhan ng mga tag UP room ang ww2bam room? gulo ba?) bwahahahaha!


Subject: Re: Thanks WW2BAM Peeps!
Date: 04/1/03 06:06:24 PM
Name: dEaNNe
lif..it would be nice to be ur friend..just dont teach me anything so unvirgin like nyahhaha

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Date: 04/1/03 05:42:48 AM
Name: ivette
Subject: Re: Thanks WW2BAM Peeps!
.... good thing you are enjoying the room ..pag pasensyahan mo na ang mga kaguluhan at mga ka greenan ng mga utak, ganun talaga ang room, at kung hindi man ganun, e....palagay ko matagal ng patay ang ww ...well, hope you'll have more fun and enjoyment in the room...at sana naman, more oatmeal cookies pleaseeeeeeeeee
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 03/31/03 10:42:09 AM
Name: mambs
Subject: Thanks WW2BAM Peeps!
masarap ang cookies nyan si lory..ahehehe next batch nga dyan!!! may halong pagmamahal cguro gumawa ng cookies tong si lory na lage akong tinatawag na ate eh bata pa naman ako
god bless peeps

Thanks Bravenet......Welcome Ezyboard....
Name: bookworm18mjc Date Posted: Aug 14, 03 - 10:31 PM

Dear WW2BAM Forum Readers and Posters,

The August Forum will be the last BRAVENET forum for this year. From September the WW2BAM Forum will be hosted by Ezyboard. You can still access the forum page by typing www.geocities.com/whowtbam/forum.html and there will be a link directly to Ezyboard.

The CD Updates and Outreach Forum will stay as it is for fututre posting.The Old forum (archived forums) can still be access as read only mode..

Thank you very much for all the readers, posters and commentators who have graced the BRAVENET forum. The WW2BAM forum have been a major part of the WW2BAM family and I would like to thank you for all the time and efforts that you have shared in making this forum a part of your cyber/chat life...

A big thank you to a wonderful person, Pimp_Daddy_Buddha , for his dedication in maintaining the orderliness of the website, for his wit in times of chaos...and above all for just being there when things go wrong.. Special thanks to Epang for archiving the messages.Thank you just isn't enough! You two are the best!

Lastly, I would like to invite everyone to registered in the Ezyboard Forum. See you all there...
As always,


Subject: Re: Thanks Bravenet......Welcome Ezyboard....
Name: Pemp
Date Posted: Aug 15, 03 - 12:03 AM

m'am book, my behbeh, readers and posters,

the time for change has come upon us. i know that some of you look at this change with dread and anxiety, but i want to assure you, this change is done with the sincere hope that it will make the forum wwtbam better. things are going to be different, but we are hoping that we can still keep the same heart and spirit that drove the wwtbam forum in bravenet for almost 2 years intact in our new house.

i would like to thank m'am book for all her hard work, sacrifice, and diligence in creating this forum for the wwtbam chatters and visitors. this forum has been an important source of entertainment and information. through this forum, we learned more about our friends and colleagues, their birthdays, their favorite personalities in the room, the EB's, their achievements, graduations, exciting milestones, and even passing away of their loved ones. we cheered when we saw love found, and felt sadness when we read of love lost. some postings motivated, encouraged, and even challenged us. most of all, we all learned to laugh. be it a one liner or a funny story, a majority of the postings made us smile. while there were those postings that tried our patience and fortitude (as readers and moderators), we learned to move on. all this because one person, bookworm, thought of one day creating a forum. i know we can never all thank you enough m'am book. thank you to everyone who read, wrote, commented, reacted, cried, laughed, and reflected on the postings in the forum. the forum housed brilliant minds, as seen in the wittiness and intelligence of most of the postings, but it was the emotional reaction from the readers and posters that gave this forum a heart. without you (the readers and posters), and your heart, this forum would have been nothing more than a typical message board.

thank you m'am book and everyone for allowing me to serve this forum as its moderator. it has been a pleasure knowing that i have made my own tiny contribution to the room and its inhabitants. i have been the moderator for this forum for over a year, and i enjoyed every minute of it. i remembered the forum when it was launched. it was an instant hit, and immediately gained readership. back then, most of the postings were inspirational stories, birthday greetings, EB announcements, games by kosme, and interesting articles found in the net. the forum and its range of topic grew in time. now we frequently see controversial issues that hit on topics such as politics (see the trillanes thread) and religion. i have to admit that being the moderator was tough, but i even looked forward to the complaints because it at least told me, there are more than 3 people (m'am book, my behbeh, and me) who read the forum . above all, i would like to thank my behbeh, epang . not only did she help me archive the messages, but she also told me of important postings that needed my immediate attention. she was my eyes and ears when it came to gauging the reactions from the readers of the forum. she was the yin to my yang. she helped me look at issues from different perspectives. thank you behbeh for being there, even if just to listen to me and for supporting me in doing my task as moderator .

while i sadly and fondly reminisce the passing of wwtbam forum in bravenet, i look forward to the exciting times ahead of us in our forum's new house in ezboard. of couse m'am book, epang, and i are still going to be moderators in ezboard (with me and epang taking on as roles of advisors), but we are handing over the majority of the moderating roles to the new kids on the block - kosme, celes, megan, and ogre. these kids have proven themselves to be excellent moderators during their stint as guest moderators , and we have faith in them that they will create a great environment for our new forum. please remember to apply for membership in ezboard so that you can also become a part of this bold new adventure.
thank you and good luck.

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others."
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


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