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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Give me 5 !!!

Name: Kosme de Kunsume
Date Posted: Dec 3, 02 - 2:34 PM


"Give me 5." The object is to list five things requested. For example...

List down five of the seven dwarfs ans: Sneezy, Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, Dopey, Happy

OK Here goes.....

List down 5 songs by the Beatles....


Date: 12/3/02 06:54:26 PM
Name: gitara


1. Here, There And Everywhere
2. Yesterday
3. Can't Buy Me Love
4. Two of Us
5. Hey Jude

Q: List down five items you can see in your bathroom.


Date: 12/3/02 08:51:54 PM
Name: aLiSYa KikiS

1. toilet bowl
2. tissue
3. soap
4. shampoo
5. feminine wash lolz

next ... List down five sexual positions


Date: 12/4/02 01:21:50 AM
Name: Pemp

5 sexual positions? this is a tough one, but i'm going to give it a try:
1. The Black Bee (http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/nektar/kma/contents41.htm)
2. The Cobra (http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/nektar/kma/contents36.htm)
3. The Elephant (http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/nektar/kma/contents52.htm)
4. The Stag (http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/nektar/kma/contents62.htm)
5. The Churning of the Cream (http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/nektar/kma/contents33.htm)
please do not attempt these positions without first doing some stretching (like yoga), or without consulting an expert.
Q: now give me 5 female saints (and what are they saints of, for example, st. therese, saint of the roses and sick children).


Date: 12/4/02 02:31:50 AM

Name: Bookworm18mjc

5 Female Saints......ayan ng research pa ako....
1. St. Agnes -Janury 21: Patron of the Children of Mary
2. St. Philomena -Patron Saint of Babies, Infants, and Youth
3. St. Monica - Feastday: August 27- Patron of Wives and Abuse Victims
4. Saint Lucy - Feastday: December 13- Patron of Blindness
5. St. Rita -Feastday: May 22 - Patron of impossible cases

Now....its my turn....

Q: Give me 5 plays of William Shakespeare....


Date: 12/4/02 04:15:17 AM
Name: Epang
ahh yan alam ko yan mam book ... madali yan... madami eh .. eh kasi yung 5 sexual positions kasi medyo mahirap . di ako magaling sa theory.. pang action lang ako lolz
(in alphabetical order lolz)

1. A Midsummernight's Dream
2. As You Like It
3. Hamlet
4. Much Ado About Nothing
5. Romeo and Juliet

dapat nga sagot ko yung mga lekat na Henry eh ... Henry IV 1 & 2, Henry VI 1, 2 and 3. o diba eh di 5 na yun? lolz

Q: Give me 5 musical groups with 5 members each


Date: 12/4/02 08:35:20 AM
Name: Rhei_Rhei

1. linkin park- Rob Bourdon (drums), Brad Delson (guitar), Joe Hahn (turntables), Mike Shinoda (vocals), and Chester Bennington (vocals).

2. backstreet boys- howie, aj, nick, brian and kevin

3. incubus- mike einziger, jose pasillas, dirk"alex" lance, brandon boyd and chris "dj" kilmore

4. barenaked ladies

5. dave matthews band- dave matthews, carter beauford, leroi moore, stefan lessard and peter griesar

Q: Give me 5 names of starbucks coffee wehehehe

Date: 12/4/02 09:15:15 AM
Name: good_girl_pero_booter

1. gingerbread latte
2. eggnog latte
3. peppermint mocha
4. caffe latte
5. iced caffe mocha
tsaka...coffee of the day na rin... now.. jologs time..!

Q: Give 5 movies of Sharon Cuneta ( tutal easy lang..with her leading man ha..

Date: 12/4/02 04:54:53 PM
Name: inday_badutz

angya impak... isang malaking kahihiyan to lolz

1. "Dear Heart" with Gabby Concepcion (ex husband nya na nabuntis sya kaya sila nagpakasal)

2. "To Love Again" with Miguel Rodriguez (na inasawa long time GF nya, after a few months of marriage naghiwalay din. ang rumor miguel is gay)

3. "Maging Sino Ka Man" with Robin Padilla (na naging ex ni Kris Aquino, Vina Morales at ng sandamakmak pa na babae)

4. "Madrasta" with Christopher De Leon (na asawa ni Sandy Andolong at at... hmmm boring walang ma chika. help dinaaaa beee lolz)

5. "Kahit Wala Ka Na" with Richard Gomez (na ex ni Sharon na iniyak iyakan nya (hmmm siguro may pagmamaLAKI kaya iniyakan lolz)... ex din ni Dawn Zulueta at Patricia Borromeo na asawa na ngayon ni Lucy Torres)

Q: OK, Give me 5 types of panty

Date: 12/4/02 05:48:49 PM
Name: panty_napper

di ako nagpapanty... pero mahilig ako manghila ng panty ng gf ko.. hehehe

1. thongs ( the best panty ever invented..madali na hilahin tipid pa daw labhan lol )

2. boyshorts panties ( ito yung boxer equivalent ng panty..fitted nga lang at seksi dateng )

3. bikini brief ( alam mo naman mga babae..ayaw patalo pati brief gusto magsuot! )

4. low rise panty ( dinesenyo to para sa mga nausong low rise pants ..para di daw lumilitaw )

5. queen classic panty ( ito yung madalas isuot ng mga lola nyo yung malapad sa bandang pwet at salong -salo..lol

side lang : pinaka sikat na kanta about panty --BIKINING ITIM

sana natugunan ko...suliranin mo sa klase ng mga panty !

Q: Give me 5 local heroes ( wag na GOM-BUR-ZA ,3 kagad yun )

Date: 12/4/02 07:04:14 PM
Name: aap74ph

wag sana akong multuhin ng mga bayaning PATAY here it goes our 5 local heroes


2)ANDRES BONIFACIO= father of the revolution/founder of katipunan

3)JUAN LUNA= filipino painter/ hero of the philippine revolution, who supported the Katipunan.

4)APOLINARIO MABINI= the sublime paralytic/adviser of the philippine revolution

5)GREGORIO DEL PILAR= he was the youngest commander filipino-soldier. the hero of tirad pass.

lastly for an additional heroes listed FLOR CONTEMPLACION



Date: 12/4/02 08:43:40 PM
Name: B A D O N G

Pati ba naman sa Message board ng goo google ka pa rin!!!!lolz sige sagutin ko yan ha! ahihihihi!

1. Enchanted Kingdom
2. Boracay Island
3. Luneta Park
4. Nayong Filipino
5. Intramuros

Q: Eto naman give at least 5 Christmas Decorations ...

Date: 12/5/02 04:47:02 AM
Name: megan24ph

1. Parol
2. Christmas Tree
3. Belen (Nativity)
4. Christmas Lights
5. Christmas Wreath

Q: Give 5 International Airlines..

Date: 12/5/02 05:45:04 AM
Name: good_girl_wid_STD

1. Qantas
2. KLM
3. Cathay Pacific
4. Saudia
5. JAL

NEXT: Give 5 chicken recipes

Date: 12/7/02 12:28:43 PM
Name: celes

chicken ala king
tropical chicken
pollo ala conde
tinolang manok

Q: give me 5 shades of BLUE

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Name: ivette
5 shades of blue:

sky blue
navy bnlue
electric blue
powder blue
blue violet

isa pa.....blue gree
pede rin ..aqua

Q: give me 5 racket sports
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 12/8/02 05:54:25 AM
Name: oh_bhoy_oh_bhoy

1. tennis
2. squash
3. badminton
4. pelota
5. racket ball

Q: Give me 5 Impressionist artists.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 12/8/02 06:41:07 PM
Name: dina_bumblebee0901

1. Claude Monet
2. Auguste Renoir
3. Alfred Sisley
4. Vincent van Gogh
5. Berthe Morisot

Q: Give me 5 Pinoy cartoonists.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 12/10/02 02:14:38 AM
Name: oh_bhoy_oh_bhoy

if i may, slight correction lang po...
although a common mistake, Vincent van Gogh is not an impressionist artist exactly. He stands among Paul Cezanne, Georges Seurat, Paul Gaugin as a post-impressionist artist. Post-impressionists used the innovations of the Impressionists but were nevertheless a distinct group or movement.
Besides those correctly listed, impressionist artists include: Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet and Camille Pissarro.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 12/10/02 06:45:56 PM
Name: dina_bumblebee0901

Thanks for the correction. I was also quite uncertain about my Van Gogh answer. Salamat po for pointing that out.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 12/9/02 12:04:00 PM
Name: celes

pol medina jr. ( pugad baboy)
tonton young ( pupung)
mars ravelo
larry alcala ( either phil. star or manila bulletin)
antonio velasquez ( kenkoy)

Q: Give me 5 songs na kinakanta ng mga batang nangangaroling

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 12/9/02 12:16:36 PM
Name: Kosme de Kunsume

1. ang pasko ay sumapit
2. we wish you a merry christmas
3. joy to the world
4. silent night
5. thank you. thank you, ang babarat ninyo thank you.

Q: Give me five songs by Durna Duran

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 12/9/02 08:01:56 PM
Name: good_girl_wid_STD

1. The Reflex
2. Wild Boys
3. Union of the Snake
4. A View to a Kill
5. Hungry Like a Wolf

Q: Gimme 5 Songs by The Hotdogs [opm]

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 12/10/02 12:20:53 AM
Name: amp0n


Q: Gimme 5 OPM BANDS

Date: 12/10/02 01:04:38 AM
Name: Bisdak Ako

5 OPM Bands

1. Toto and His Children - Pinoy version ng Jackson 5. Groovy manamit ang mga ito. Was only rivalled by Tarzan and Baby Jane.

2. Nailclippers - magkakapatid na singers...isa lang babae, si Dianne.... (kumanta ng "Gloria" tagalog version na may version si Laura Brannigan). [Nag attempt din mag artista ang mga eto...last movie nila, starring dina b. at albert m. - laging palabas sa cinema 1].

3. Asin (kumanta ng Kapaligiran, Itanong mo sa mga bata..malat ang boses ng lead vocalist na si lolita carbon... parang nakalulon ng palaka ang boses sa sobrang malat)

4. Pasyonata (all girl band in the 70's). Famous song "Magdidisco araw araw".

5. Tiongson Brothers.- MAdalas guest kay Joe Querino sa "Seeing Stars with JQ". Yung isang member, laging binabatukan at flexible ang bunganga ).

Now... give me 5 chatters in the WWTBAM room you think are interesting and why? (ed note: sounds like a whole new thread in itself)

end of game------


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