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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Art of QM'ing

The Quiz Master

Who's the QM? " the most popular person in the chat room is the QM. There will be no quiz show if there is no QM... How do you qualify to be a QM in the WW2BAM Chat Room? Anybody can be a QM as long as you have questions to asked, but not all can be a good qm. It takes patience, time and practice to be a good QM. Generally, QM's spent some time researching, preparing questions and visiting other trivia sites, to be able to host a show. There are also recycled questions, these are questions that have been used, and asked over and over again.

Some QM's are very creative, they rephrased the Q's or asked it in Tagalog. Basically, most of the questions are informative and a lot of chatters have honestly admitted that they have learned a lot since they joined this chatroom. But there are QM's who asked silly questions, others are funny, a few are x-rated, a handful asked questions that are out of this world...whatever it is ...it is still information. If you will be online the whole day you will meet a lot of QM's. Some are strict, some are lenient, some are frilly, some are stylish, some are formal, some don't say much but others do. Aside from the regular question and answer game, different kinds of games have been invented by the chatters and qm's like dictionary game, alphabet games, name that tune game, etc.

You don't get anything for being a QM, its the fun, the learning and hanging out with these guys that makes it interesting. For the last two years the chatters of WW2BAM room have been graced by talented and wonderful QMs all round the globe. As a way of thanking them, we have recognized and voted for the 10 Top QM for 2002 and 2003. Read what the chatters think about the QMs... Tribute to WW2BAM QMs (taken from the WW2BAM Forum)
If you are planning to be a QM, don't forget to check on the next topic "How To Be A Good QM?"

How To Be A Good QM?

1. You must have at least 30 - 35 questions to host a game of race to 5
2. You must know how to cut and paste... Ctrl C Ctrl V
3. You should acknowledged the person who gave the correct answer.
4. You should post the correct answer.
5. You should asked questions of different categories unless you choose to have a one category game.
6. You must give clues.
7. You must set rules before the game starts, like wrong spelling is a wrong answer
8. You must be flexible and accept if you have made a mistake. Dont' just say QM Rules!
9. You should Never ask a "Why" question!
10. You should check your source !!! things do change....
11. You should have more than two sn, just in case the booter attacks when you are qming you can come back with another sn....and continue the game....
12. QM needs a Scorer...make sure that your scorer can catch up with you.. don't post the next question before the scorer can post the scores. and don't forget to thank the scorer at the end of the game.

Lastly, you must not be color blind...QM used RED FONTS.

~Remember, you can not please everybody.~


Favorite QM

Subject: Favorite QM Subject: sino nga ba?
Name: megan24ph
Date Posted: Aug 20, 02 - 2:18 PM

if i want to laugh -- favorite ko si Icarus.
if i want to learn new things -- favorite ko si skyboy, teka muna, kuya google (misshoooo kuya)
if i want to play, play, play -- favorite ko si myleen (ang QM na walang kapaguran), saka cantlive (isa pa tong alang pahinga)
if i want to name that tune -- favorite ko syempre ang ex ko na hindi ko naman naging y -- si wug saka si anak_pawis_lang_ako.. until now di ko pa alam kung sino siya.. and his voice..whew (sana araw araw name that tune ha ha ha)
if i want to leave the room -- favorite ko si "ano".. he he.. di ko matagalan mga tanong nya if i want to iggy makukulit na chatters and want to control the game MY way -- syempre favorite ko AKO he he.. QM rules!!


Name: insomniacf
Date Posted: Aug 21, 02 - 10:52 AM

nun umpisang umpisa (about a year ago) si bookworm yung lagi kong inaabangan na qm... sya lang matino dati.
si albie, galing nyan kasi may added information pa for every answer (saka impromptu ang questions, halatadong matalino talaga).

and who would not like the witty pimp_daddy_buddha? kaaliw mga sidecomments and always alive ang room pag siya ang qm. dami kasi pauso (remember his bomba or not game? *btw pimp, what's that film nga where christian slater made bomba? shhhhh i gotta have a copy ) sya rin yata nagpauso ng vading vs lesbo game?
en op kors! peborit ko syempre si icarus , yung dictionary game nya. asus! kahit pinapahirapan nya ko mag score minsan! saan ka ba naman nakakita ng qm na instead add ng score may minus pa? minsan may less than 1 point pa asan na kaya yung condom na may 1001 questions???

trojan_d13th!!! paramdam ka naman. and lemondropz, i like your crossword game. nakakasagot ako minsan eh, dagdagan mo lang lagi ang clues.

atsaka yung NGONGO GAME!!! i love that! kahit magkandapilipit na dila ko finkay and lanna mga ngongo kwins trueeeeeeeeeeee! miss ko na jologs qs mo! en korek si bespren ko dun! ang pinakapeborit ko rin qm si nicetoknowyougoodbye, dahil isa lang ang question, answerable pa by yes or no miss u nicetoknowyougoodbye. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Subject: peborit qm
Name: dark_invader
Date Posted: Aug 24, 02 - 11:12 PM

my favorite QM's are :
(1) If I am in a serious mood (meaning nasabon ng boss sa trabaho) gusto ko sila apollo, mdef, megan, myleen, albie, islatea and dati si bookworm din favorite ko san na ba sya?

(2) If hindi ko nainom gamot ko, type na type ko mag QM sila finki and impaktita para sa ngongo ngeyms, pimp for his bomba/hindi bomba and dirty mind game, jermallets and true for jologs games, icarus for his alphabet game, getting to know each other game and pag aalaska and of course, the one and only epang for her famous battle of the sexes game and her mmmmm Q's na nakaka improve ng sex life i miss battle of the sexes eps kelan mauulit? sa ibang nag QM, don't get offended, baka hindi ko lang kayo naabutan mag QM and to the QM's mentioned above, thank you

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Subject: peborit qm
Name: true
Date Posted: Aug 26, 02 - 11: 30 AM



--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Subject: peborit qm Name:
No name
Date Posted: Aug 26, 02 - 11:12 PM

Message: sus, why dont u name your fave QM? I think its a very safe question..hehehe... I have lots of fave QM's ...wait.. should i name them?

In random order...- age before beauty and intelligence.. my favorite QMs are... Icarus,TruePader, Slutboy, Skny, and op kors.. EPANG..Obviously because these QM's make me laugh... and I enjoy their way of giving out questions.. nakaka-L... hehehe
--- -----------------------------

Salamat sa mga QMs
Name: Isang Hamak Na QM
Date Posted: Sep 17, 02 - 6:41 AM


Konti na lang ang QMs tapos kung iba iba pa ang categories, lahat panalo na .

Sabagay, considering the time and effort that QMs (like me) give, dapat lahat talaga panalo. Considering the control, the demeanor pag may makukulit na chatters, dapat pa ngang bigyan ng monumento lahat ng QMs. There are a lot of rowdy chatters (you know who you are) na walang magawa but to say "shit" (sorry po) about the QMs and the QMs questions--like "your questions are as boring as you"--"wala na bang mas matino pang tanong?"; "next QM please" (while the game is ongoing); etc. I would say, please respect the QM and each other. Don't show off your lack of character by doing all these. It's not easy to host a trivia game. We should at least be thankful for all these QMs who go out of their way to keep the room alive and fun.

Remember--we don' pay these QMs so let us not pay them back with rudeness and unkind words.

-- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

2002 QM of the Year Award

Name: God of Animal Sex
Date Posted: Sep 17, 02 - 4:14 AM

Thank you for everyone who voted for me in the evening dress, talent competition, and Ms. Congeniality category . i know there are a lot of QM's who are better than me, but i know i am the sexiest QM in a red dress in the room . To all who have never qm'd: go for it. don't be afraid to screw up. have fun.

To all who tirelessly QM: keep up the good work!!! you are the life blood of the room. you keep the order in the room. you draw most of the visitors and regulars back into the room. don't be discouraged by the rowdy and disrespectful few. you're not there for those handful who want to disrupt your game. just do it My fellow qm's (whether you are in the list or not), i salute all of you for your hard work and dedication.


Why I Am Now A QM ... Naks!
Name: Linsy May
Date Posted: Sep 26, 02 - 10:36 AM

WHOA!!! Happy Anniversary Who2bam roomies, AOL'S standby, adiks (kasama nako doon, nyahahahha) Teka booters pa pala! Nagtaka kayo no, bakit QM na si me....eh naman kasi para may silbi din ako (nyahahah)LOLZ !!! Hindi panay WTG. Alam ko, yong iba nag iisip bat di ako nasagot Sus! kayo na maging GerNay, hirap mag translate no..from English to German then German to English, hmp!!! Pak da sfieling!!! What's important enjoy ako sa room at dami ko natutunan, at mga kalokohan, bwahahahha. Ngeks, kabaduyan at kakornihan din pala... nonyahhaha.

Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat kasama na booters no (hehehe). Basta, coz one year na akong libre sa parking fee sa room (di ba Liebste?) eh mag QM na din ako..at ng makapahinga din naman sa WTG. (nyahahahha) Lolz. Love you all mga roomies ko, Book, thanks po sa pag maintain ng site na ito..sipag mo talaga..Thanks din sa mga sis at brads ko, mga lalabs, mah dahl,liebling, deers, mga darling, honeys, my bunso, mga babes ko, my dear sis..Liebste...tuloy ang ligaya sa PM...wak kayo mag sawa sa iyak at tawa ko ha..at syempre ang Herz ko. Happy Anniversary to all of you... mga adikkkkkk!!!

QM and Scorer Volunteers

Subject: QM and Scorer Volunteers
Name: Megan

Message: Now that a lot of complaints and lamentations are being posted here by our co-chatters, I guess we have to do something about them NOW. Nothing can be done if we keep on discussing these things here. I think what should be done next is to find ways and implement them to improve the state of our room. Let us all put everything behind and move on. I have some suggestions to make and some of these are just reiterations of what's been said already.

1) Let us all make it a rule to click the ignore button for these chatters everytime they enter the room: Tame_the_tikbalang and Lady_thorough. Anyone who acknowledges them and entertains them will be ignored by ALL chatters. Kosme and Carpe have been pleading everybody to do this. This also goes to those other pests that visit our room.
2) All regulars who are "hiding" behind new sn's especially those we have been missing -- please please, balik na kayo (sabi nga ni Skyboy). You can still use your new sn's if you want to but let us know na kayo yan. There's this impression that a lot of oldies left the room already. Little do we know na hindi naman pala and that you are just using different names. Some even tried changing their personalities. I know someone and it's kinda hurting kasi we're friends before (I think..) and now he's so aloof na para bang wala kaming pinagsamahan.

3) Whatever happens, let us avoid creating a new room. Hindi lang naman ngayon nangyari na may booter eh. Ever since our room started, andyan na sila. I felt really bad kanina when I visited the room and someone was asking "some" people to "move" to the "quarantine" because of the booter daw. Eh wala namang booter. This guy was just picking his friends. You will feel tuloy na exclusive lang yon between friends. By invitation lang kasi. Buti hindi nag-alisan mga tao. Thanks to "An Asshole" who started a game. I think it will help ww2bam more if we maintain ONE room only. Or if you really want to move then EVERYBODY should move. Walang maiiwan (except of course the booters and cyberpests).

4) We are all custodians of this room and it should all be our responsibility to make this room a decent place. However, we still need some volunteers to implement what needs to be implemented. If we want change, we need to do something. We cannot just stand in one corner and ask "what happened to our room?" and talk and lament and move away with very unpleasant memories and scars.

5) RESPECT. Respect one another. Need I say more? Any other suggestions? Any volunteers? Siguro it will work if we pledge to do something for this room and sticking to it. I'll start by pledging to be a QM during my timeslot (10-12MN EST) kung walang QM. Everytime I will QM, I'll make it a point to have a scorer ALWAYS to have a more organized game. I will not start without a scorer. I will ignore all trouble makers. Everytime I QM, I do this. But sometimes when I'm not, I cannot help but answer them back especially yung mga walang galang. Para ma avoid ko nang kumulo ang dugo ko at tumaas BP at stress level ko, I will ignore every pest everytime. I pledge not to comment on anything in this forum that is negative. For those of you who want change and who would like to do something about it--paki pledge po dito. AGAIN, LET US LEAVE EVERYTHING BEHIND AND START ANEW. Spring cleaning ba kahit fall na ..

Megan Subject: Now is the time -- we need volunteers!
Name: dina_bumblebee0901
Date Posted: Oct 24, 02 - 12:42 AM

Message: I'd also like to make a pledge to QM during my time slot (9pm onwards Phil time), depending on the availability/willingness of a scorer


Subject: QM and Scorer Volunteers
Name: Kosme
Date Posted: Oct 24, 02 - 10:55 AM
Message: OK, I don't have a set chatting time. I pop in when ever. If a scorer is needed, as always, I am in. As far as QM, you all know that I QM when asked (pero hintay lang kayo matapos muna PM ko lol) For those who volunteers to be QM, if I am in the room, I will be scorer. PPs: Bukayo scoran kita lolz

Subject: Now is the time -- we need volunteers!
Name: carpe diem Date Posted: Oct 23, 02 - 9:05 PM
Message: I'm in Megs, for whatever it's worth Add Spyforce aka Innercirclespy to the list of pests please. I've not been exactly busy during my hiatus, I've been collecting, begging and stealing questions during that time You'll just have to put up with my insipid style of QMing. The usual caveat goes, no scorer no game. Time Slot 6pm and up Phil time. I'M BACKKKKKKKKKK!!!
Thanks Kosme as always

Subject: QM and Scorer Volunteers
Name: Rhei_RhEi
Date Posted: Oct 25, 02 - 9:05 AM
Message: im writing this thingy regarding SCORERS. Being a QM is not an easy task. You hafta type the questions you hafta see who got the correct answer first(always remember: QM rules!), and you hafta deal with those people who have nothing to do but to piss the QM off. PLEASE, we need volunteers. Dont be a slob! Dont be indolent!And please if you are not interested in playin, and you just wanna chat or sumn, please feel free to use the PM. In other words, GET A ROOM! You're distracting the game. And it's really annoying! OKAY!!! merci et ayez un beau jour!

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Now is the time -- we need volunteers!
Name: Icarus_5577

Date Posted: Oct 24, 02 - 3:52 AM

Message: Whoa!!!! Welcome back Rene. (if rene is here, can mdef be far behind? - - let's hope not [kidding!]). Of all the suggestions made....the one I like best is "using your original SN"....I've asked this before, and I am asking this again.."why do chatters use different SNs?"... Come back folks as your original SN....(so while we will miss a certain chatter named "Megan", she will now come back using her orignal SN ---> Boytetano! And now it can be revealed....the loveable Lady_Kulit's original SN is TADAHHH ...... "jasper_of_discreet_ _men_room". ) Many things have been posted about the state of the room... Who is doing what, and who is doing who (j/k). And while I read with amusement (and at some point, alarm [not unlike to what I feel when I am constipated]) from our little mansion in San Juan..., I kept thinking....."where is Marjie when you need her?".... I'm sure her take on this is enough to give aneurysm to all of us. It's not late Marj...I want to hear your opinion on crumbs (as in tinapay, monay, tasty , pan-de-sal, pande coco, and pande-hostess Marj.... and not the crumbs that you feel when you have your monthly period).
Yup. I miss apollo, I miss albie, I miss fun_duck (geesh... why am I missing only boys??? hahaha...ok, ok...I miss seven pentacles [i hope seven is indeed a girl as she claimed to be when we were doing cyber.... j/k). But it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the company of cooter, river, jet (geesh...boys again????!!! .....ok, ok... Epang [whose gender is still a subject of debate] , Megan, Dina, Ivette, Jerma ( ---> a confirmed woman...but sadly, an old one). As a pledge, I will try my very best not to be overly cute as to even eclipse the attention given to the QM and the scorer. This will be hard but I will try. I will be patient by listening / reading more than talking / typing. (understand though that such is the life when you live on borrowed time -----> yes, my P100 prepaid card is almost always about to expire). Some people may find me obnoxious but hey...if you want the boy-next-door type.....then, go next door! Hahaha. Again, welcome back to the fold.



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