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Friday, July 01, 2005

Albie vs. Booter

A funny thing happened in the room today...

Name: juz_makulit
Date Posted: Apr 18, 02 - 9:50 PM

as usual, enable_ur_voice (the boo boo booter) was bugging everyone. chatters were falling in and out of the room throughout a game, qmd by good natured lynski. everyone was sooooooooo exasperated but it was albieson_hobiena who seemed most irritated by the booter's mischief. when albieson was asked to qm he took the opportunity of challenging enable to answer three (3) questions. if enable answers 3 questions, albieson promised to leave the room and never to return. albieson gave his word. he further teased enable by saying he would make the questions easy as opposed to "academic" so that enable would not be disadvantaged. enable accepted the challenge followed by his taunting booter laugh... hahahahaha!

at the outset, it seemed that albieson may have underestimated the contemptible booter. enable answered the first question swiftly and confidently... "five pillars!". albieson seemed worried and asked everyone to try their best to answer his questions... "huwag ninyo ako ibenta guys..." he pleaded.

interestingly, some players seemed to refrain from answering. possibly they simply didn't know the answers to the questions or... possibly they were curious as to what would happen if this normally bothersome booter would win the challenge posed by albieson, who - in contrast the booter - was a popular and respected player of the room. from one perspective, enable seemed the underdog.

as it turns out, enable quickly answered three questions and albieson was forced to leave the room immediately. never to return, if he is to keep his word. when albieson left, there was an awkward "he he he" from enable, the booter. there were remarks as to whether albieson meant for that moment or always. the victorious booter insisted albieson meant he would never return to the room. we'll just have to wait and see what albieson thought he meant....

juz_makulit reporting for the ww2bam trivia times. opinions/reactions from the public will be appreciated.

R - E - P - L - I - E - S

Date: 04/18/02 11:45:47 PM
Name: seven_testlcles
Subject: Re: a funny thing happened in the room today...

"If mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must go to mohammed"
Though the challenge was ill-advised, albie will have to accept the penalty. I will share the penalty with albie and never show my sn in the room again. But...
We can go in with another sn or put up a new room altogether
How about just WW2BAM? WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? is awkward and has outlived it's usefulness. We can leave the old room to malcontents like enable and other undesirables. Game Na Ba Kayo?

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Date: 04/19/02 07:35:26 PM
Name: insomniacf
Subject: Re: Re: a funny thing happened in the room today...

so that is the story behind the WW2BAM room name ....welcome home albie:-kiss

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Date: 04/23/02 01:25:12 AM
Name: mico_lorenzo
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: a funny thing happened in the room today...

would like to pass a vote for albie to return to our room. He is family to us and it's a shame to let booters plunder our booty.
We only need someone who is clever enough to counter boot the booter. Unfortunately, if i used mine, all will be affected. Any suggestions?

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Date: 04/23/02 06:23:42 AM
Name: seven_testlcles
Subject: Re: Re: a funny thing happened in the room today...

We were able to get around that by setting up a new room named, WW2BAM. It was good for about three days with Albie coming out of his exile. Unfortunately, while a lot of us were asleep someone decided to move everyone out of WW2BAM and reinstated the old WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, now Albie and I are out in the cold again and the booters are having a field day in Who Wants to the extent that I saw enable_ur_voice lording it over as QM!!
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