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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

WW2BAM Bloopers

Have Fun!

s_l_u_t_b_0_y: System of recording time for the practical purpose of recording past events?
the_son_of_goku: camcorder
(Correct answer: calendar)

Sydney is the Capital of what place?
dynoraycer: china
(Correct answer: Canberra)

thetrueasiatic: wild boar is what in tagalog?
dynoraycer: kare-kare?
(Correct Answer: baboy ramo)

myleen2000: Oology is the study of what?
mas_guapo_ka: ovary angel_whek: bird
(Correct Answer: egg)

QM: Tom Hanks and the Wilson Volleyball what movie they starred in?
Wakko_xxx: Outcast?
(Correct Answer: Castaway)

Buto't balat lumilipad.?
desss_reee_ph: balahibo
(Correct Answer: saranggola)

QM: Ano sa ingles ang makating infection sa paa?
Sky: dandruff
(Correct Answer: athlete's foot)

QM: Tagalog word for "BAMBOO SHOOTS"?
Celest: Pusong saging
(Correct Answer: Labong)

QM: What is the world's largest fish?
Skyboy: Tuna!!
(Correct Answer:)

Celest: Pampanguenos are famous for making these colorful Christmas ornaments called what?
Impaktita: tocino
(correct answer: Parol )


qm: the___razor found in king tut's tomb was still sharp enough to shave with?
wakko_xxx: gillete
(Correct answer: bronze )

mdefinitelyyours: What is Thursday in Spanish?
christhine: biernes
(Correct answer: huwebes )

Q: What did the U.S. buy for $7.2 million in 1867 from Russia?
jermallets: cows?
(Correct Answer: State of Alaska)

Jamie_ronbinson: What is the English term for Tanso?
skyboychas : silver
(Correct Answer: bronze)

QM;What is "Scorpion"in tagalog?
lanna_05: hipon
rastafarian_jom: alupihan
(Correct Answer: ALAKDAN)

wakko_xxx: Who says, 'Yabbadabba Doo?
videl_ganda: scooby doo!
Correct Answer: Fred Flinstone

FancyFace_Only_4U: Where can you find "The Sea of Tranquility"?
megan24ph: Jordan
(Correct answer: moon)

QM: Bata pa si Nene, marunong nang manahi?
apollo_and_vermouth: karayom?
(Correct Answer: Gagamba)

T R U E A S I A T I C: Ako ay may kaibigan, kasama ko kahit saan?
mdefinitelyyours: sombrereo?
mdefinitelyyours: payong
(Correct Answer: anino)

easy_questions_lang_please: WHAT IS THE CAPITAL OF HONG KONG?
dirkk_diggler: china
(Correct Answer: Victoria)


the_flatterer_is_back: In billiards, what number is on the cue ball?
cutepnayflava: 8 impaktitang_cuteph: red
(Correct Answwer: none)

QM: Name the town in Bulacan famous for the sombreros commonly called "Sambalilo".
L_Y_N_S_K_I: Mexico
(Correct Answer: Baliuag)

pogingpinoy_1 : snow white
impaktitang_cuteph : SNOW WHITE
smiley_pnay2002 : snow white
(Correct Answer: Doc)

QM: Ang 'God knows JUDAS not pay' 'barya lang po sa Umaga' pull the string to stop, at basta driver sweet lover ay mababasa sa mga anong sasakyan sa Pilipinas?
cutepnayflava: KALESA
(Correct Answer: jeepney)

skny_she: "Gherkins" are a type of ______.
(Correct Answer: Pickles)

QM: What is EL POLLO LOCO in English?
LAHING_PIKUTIN143: chicken soup!
(Correct Answer: the crazy chicken)

QM: Tiger Woods endorsed what Brand of Watch? clue: t___r

Apollo: Two Door
(Correct answer: Tudor)

qm: name of dilbert's dog. (clue: the answer is in the q, just mix them)
neddy: dildog
(Correct Answer: dogbert )

QM: what wrinkle-free, manmade fiber turned 60 in 2001?
daysleeper_dozes_off: abaca
(Correct Answer: polyester)

qm: 1 million microseconds is how many millisecond
saintjohn: CPU
(Correct Answer: 100)

QM: what do your suprachaismatic nuclei help you to detect?
praxis_up: scent?
mi nombre es xamantha: bomb
clue: its on your wrist
baliw_sa_sulok: watch
NIKE: callus
e_t_z_h_e_l . o O ( pulse rate )
(Correct Answer: time)

QM: Trueasiatic: Ano sa english ang durungawan?
Celestial: Bintana
(Correct Answer: window)

QM: San Juan is the capital of what country?
Gingerme: Greenhills

Celest: qm: boac is the capital of w/c philippine province?
icarus: batanes, neks!
(correct answer: marinduque )


pimp daddy Buddha: Who killed Superman? (clue: D D )
Discreet indecency : dinky dog
(Correct answer: doomsday)

Spiela: What is the national airline of Ireland ? (clue: A_ L____)
Dirk : air lilipad
(Correct answer: aer lingus)

aap: what instrument is used to listen to sounds produced w/in the body
iceman: drums
(Correct ans: stethoscope)

QM: (you point to what you want to order) system prevails in carinderias or small eateries serving precooked foods
maximus: direct to the point
(Correct ans: turo turo)

QM: in 4th century _____, men over 20 yrs old were required to eat 2 pounds of meat a day to give them courage ( clue: its in greece)
hey neddy boy: egypt
(Correct answer: sparta)

daze_en_confuse: the first roll of these were introduced in 1897.
anak_pawis_lang_ako: tootsie
(Correct Answer: toilet paper)

medjas_con_kachichas: Q: the only US president to be married in the White house.clue:think sesame street) finki_fink :cookie monster
(Correct ans: Grover Cleveland)

di_kaya_ng_google: The killer whale star of "Free Willy" actually has a name. What is it?
kosme_naut: Seiko!
(Correct Answer: Keiko)

megan: What do you call the white of an egg ?
icarus: albino
(Correct answer: albumen)

QM: Ano sa tagalog ang "but".
common_sense_of_humor: puwit
(Correct answer: subalit)


Maximus: Anong candy and kasama ang balat pag kinakain?
Impaktita: Rabbit candy
(Correct answer: white rabbit)

QM: Ano sa ingles ang makating infection sa paa?
Sky: dandruff
(Correct answer: athlete's foot)

QM: Deep-fried squids are called?
Celest: Calamai
(Correct answer: calamari)

Skny_she: Name the Purple mascot ng Mcdonald's
Da_new meeh: Lady Moo
(Correct ans: Grimace)

African_herbmoj: What religion was Adolf Hitler?
Impaktita: Jews
(Correct answer: Catholic)

QM: b=Hanging Gardens, Nebuchadnezzar
king_kong: bangladesh
(Correct Answer: babylon)

QM: The shell of a turtle is called?
exorciser_18: home
(Correct ans: Carapace)

QM: Who was born in Pittsburgh in August 1928 as 3rd son of Ondrej Warhola?
jughead: pope
(Correct ans. Andy Warhol)

aap: what is rapper Eminem's real name?
True: Martian Matters
(Correct answer: Martial Matters)

Spiela: Name the missing Teletubby: Tinky Winky, Po, Laa-Laa and __?
Wakko : barney
(Correct answer: Dipsy)



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