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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What do chatters say about the WW2BAM chatroom?

Here is what they say . . .

From the desk of:

"Who wants to be a millionaire's room" speak of knowledge, wisdom and friendship. I remember the first time I visited this chatroom a year ago, I was astonished by those chatters who had answering a Q and A portion being ask by the so called QM. During an hour of stay that day, I've learned a lot regarding trivia, and some entertainment updated news. I said to myself "WHAT A ROOM" if I'm looking for an educational chatroom and friendly chatters around.

Just the following day, I'd found myself answering Q being ask by one of the assign QM, and I started being noticed by some chatters with their friendly welcome notes "a smiley icons". and from that moment I experienced being loved by "strangers" (chatters)whom I hardly knew and had become my "friends" in chat.

That was almost 2 years ago , but still here I am, as the clock ticks at 8:00 in the morning I found myself entering the room. as my days aren't complete w/out seeing those friendly chatters I've known throughout the years. and I'd see myself now taking part being one of the QM, making comments just to have fun and make one's life a day full of knowledge and happiness by just entering the room. truly I'm proud being one of the family in this room "WW2BAM" as I've won a million that can't be stolen by anyone. LONG LIVE ww2bam!

WW2BAM-- Silid ng Kaalaman
by: dina_bumblebee

Buwan ng Pebrero, taong dalawang libo at dalawa nang una kong pasukin ang silid ng ww2bam. Maraming tao ng mga panahong iyon at mainit ang pagtanggap nila sa akin. Kasalukuyang ginaganap ang isang kaiga-igayang patimpalak.

Hindi agad ako sumali sa laro. Inuna ko munang manood at magmasid. Nakita kong na nakatuon ang atensyon ng lahat sa iisang karakter. Pula ang kulay ng kanyang mga titik. Ah, QM pala ang tawag sa kanya. Pabilisan ng sagot ang mga magkakatunggali. Sinubukan kong sumagot....oooops, napagalitan ako. Bakit daw pula ang gamit ko? Magalang akong sinabihan na ang pula ay para lamang sa QM. Sa kagustuhang makasali, nagpalit ako ng kulay. Magagaling ang mga naglalaro. Kay bibilis ng mga daliri, kay tatalas ng mga isip. Hindi ko namalayan, dalawang oras na pala ang nagugol ko sa loob ng silid. Dahil sa kakaunting minuto na lamang ang nalalabi sa aking oras, minarapat ko nang lumabas sa silid. Masaya ako at punung-puno ng bagong kaalaman sa aking pag-alis. Sinabi ko sa aking sarili. babalik na lang ako sa susunod.

Nagdaan ang mga araw, linggo at buwan, unti-unti kong nakikilala at nakakausap ang karamihan ng karakter sa silid ng ww2bam. Mayroong seryosong kausap, ngunit karamihan ay baliw ding gaya ko. Sa pagdaan din ng panahon, naglakas-loob akong mag-QM. Aba, masaya pala! Hawak ng isang QM ang interes, atensyon, at oras ng iba. Gaganahan ka pang lalo kapag ang silid ay kasalukuyang puno ng mga magagaling at matatalinong manlalaro. Ngunit may mga panahong hindi maiiwasan na manggugulo at mang-iinis ang ilang di kanais-nais na mga karakter sa silid, pero tuloy ang laro. Sabi nga nila, isang bala, este, isang iggy button lang ang katapat nila.
Bakit ko binabalik-balikan ang silid? Marahil ito po ay dahil hindi nagbabago ang ww2bam. Marami pa ring tao at mainit pa rin ang kanilang pagtanggap sa bawat miyembro at bagong karakter na pumapasok sa silid. Parami nang parami ang kaiga-igayang patimpalak. At sa tuwing ako'y aalis, kakaibang saya ang aking nararamdaman, di lang dahil sa mga butil ng kaalaman na aking natamo, ngunit dahil muli ko na namang nakadaupampalad ang ilan sa mga pinaka-interesanteng karakter sa "cyberworld".

How does one best describe being a part of the ww2bam family?
By: Etzhel

It's like focusing all your positive energy into something you love doing. As if nothing in the world ever mattered… Everything practically freezes, you tend to shrug your shoulders, take a step back, pull up a chair while humming a lively note, turn your PC on, put your legs up, and BAMM!!! ahhhh Im in behbehhhh !!! You give out your best… beaming, sparkling, energy liftin' grin I mean SMILE. As in. chuckle to death noh? a facial _expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth indicating outmost pleasure ( endless LOL's … never experienced this much acute gas pains in my life )

It surely covers a wide range of feeling, from
- amusement ( badung, jagi, carlo, fwenk, jamie icarus, tame need I say more? May sarili silang mundo talaga :P),
- derision ( I wont mention names they'd probably hate me if they knew lol )
- affection ( shutz dami ko kasing kras lolz )
- adoration ( Mist are u a god? Lol grabe naman nagresearch pa ng mga QM yun ang tindi! btw mistah, ur kamasutra trivia's da best, :P)
- malice 'halay' so to speak (, ifang, jirma ,lif, my shoe size boys, fafi, dadi, fafa, papa, sofa buddy, mah lust, papsmear buddy, les labers, students et al :D)
- mere eye-poppin- jaw-lackin-awe (grabe alam pa nila yun? Mami linsy, lil kras, marrian ,kasin selber, sam, biancs, albie, anakpawis, doc, edgar, fafa duy, wakks, green mah lust, anak et al )
- knee-tremblin-carpal-tunnel-fluid-droolin disbelief, why are they so blessed with much tact ??? ( fafi , dadi, basic, red, apol, ketatamis ng dila lol binabad kaya sa confectioner's sugar? )
- annoyance ( ano ba naman yan lagg na nman? 43 yrs bago magreflect lines ko kainesh!!!)
- contentment (pag di ako makascore, mangbuset ever ng mga henyo lolz) and
- humility ( pag mali answer ko at napansin nila mag lol ever)

I guess it’s still an understatement to claim that being a part of our growin family is a blast! I’ve met so many friends virtually and even treasured most of them in real life. There’s just one thing I’m quite certain of, everytime I go visit the room though. each wb’s, wd’s and wtg’s given with outmost sincerity is unique and distinct. It goes hand in hand with ones inner beauty, it adds radiance to one’s soul, it becomes ones challenging distinction over another individual and it brings out the best in us.
Thank you ww2bam family. God bless everyone muah muah…

by: Kosme_Naut

I wonder if many people remember the TV sitcom "Cheers" but there is a line in the theme song of this show that goes through my mind whenever I go into WW2BAM. I know it's a bit silly to compare a chat room to a bar but I think that even though the venue is different, the feeling is the same. As the stress of the day begins to bog people down, they would look forward to getting home and being able to rest and relax. WW2BAM serves as a place to do just that and more. What is it about WW2BAM that keeps me coming back? 3 things (a.) the People who regularly or occasionally visit the room. (b) the Trivia games and (c) the opportunity to explore meet new people.

WW2BAM has a great bunch of regulars that are mainstay of the room. These are the people that, if you use the "Join User" tool in Yahoo messenger, 99.5% of the time you will be in WW2BAM. Chatters like Linsy, Celestial Soul, mdefinetlyyours, carpe_diem, albieson_hobiena, to name a few, are fixtures of WW2BAM. Along with chatters like aap74ph, dirkk_diggler, finki_fink, etzhel, wakko, sweet temptress, trueasiatic, epang, jermallets, icarus, fiffay, lifliffli, pimp daddy budha, megan, et al, you can feel the sense of community. Each regular chatter relates to each other in various of ways that you would think the chat room is a micro community. Though it is not always laughter and harmony, it has the sense of familiarity and normalcy.

Trivia games. The main attraction of the room. The chance to go against mental giants and have fun doing it, makes the room more that just an ordinary trivia room but more of a hang-out.
Another big plus to the room are the Quizz Masters (QM). Learned individuals, whose unselfishness, are the backbone of the room. Without them, WW2BAM is just another chatroom. There are other trivia rooms that host games and even have bots that spew out questions upon questions but what makes WW2BAM different is that the QM's know how to make the games fun. Each QM's style varies and that variety adds to the freshness of the games. Unlike Trivia Bots, whose programming limit them to a monotonous cadence of q's and strict adherance to inputed data, the QM's in WW2BAM knows how to guage the reactions of the partcipants.
Being a publicly accessable chatroom, WW2BAM gets it shares of new comers. The regular chatters of the room are quick to welcome them as they come in. Although most of them will discover that WW2BAM is not their cup-of-tea, there are those who stay and become recurrent visitors of the room and even some become regulars. It is in this influx of people that new connections are made. Though most of the connections are temporary or short lived, it is in this connections that friendships are forged and the continuity of the WW2BAM culture is nurtured and expanded. Ideas coming from fresh minds or from a different perspective affect the room in good and bad ways. But all in all, the room continues to adapt, evolve, and grow.

So, how is "Cheers" comparable to WW2BAM? Just read the lyrics and you will understand... Making your way in the world today, takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. Wouldn't you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same You wanna be where everybody knows your name...."

My Cyber Home: mdefinitelyyours

The first time I entered Who Wants to be a Millionaire was back in November 2001. I was relatively new sa chat world that time, so I would just stay in my little space sa chatters' list and observe the room. That was mdefinitelyyours2001 a year and a half ago. Today, mdef (Sam or Ate Sam to some of you) does not just stay in the room and observe, she joins sa games, sa chikahan and sa gulo.

WW2BAM is like a second home to me. And if there's one word that would describe the room, it would be FUN!! The people in the room are so warm and friendly, not to mention funny and magugulo. Well I guess that is the main reason why I am still a "reggie" of the room. But the fun doesn't end there. Masaya din ang mga monthly EBs. I guess these monthly EBs has made the chatters of the room closer to each other, a friendship that goes beyond the cyber world.

Silveria Says . . . .
By: silver_fox220

How could I forget the first time I discovered my internet family? It was Thanksgiving 2001and I was off from school. I was a senior at Emerald Ridge High School and only 17 years old. I remember trying to figure out how to use the new computer which came with Window's XP, checking my e-mail, playing some music, and surfing the internet for something to ease the boredom of having to wait 4 hours for the turkey . So I decided to look at the Filipino chat rooms . . . I got lost in a variety of rooms, such as The Discreet Room before finally entering what seemed to be a trivia room: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

It was a whirlwind of activity . . .there were questions and a barage of answers. I played along, but I was always second or third in answering. In time, my WPM and typing skills increased . . . and I owe it all to WW2BAM And so I played . . . and played . . . and played . . . before I knew it, it was time to eat the turkey for Thanksgiving. I took about 10 minutes eating, and I was back online playing I met many interesting people . . . the first chatters I met were Albie, Bookworm, Gohan, Megan, Melody, Maxi, Supersenti, Pimp, and Kosme aka Mr Hubo . Oh yeah not to mention other colorful characters like Lady Kulit and Tame.

I love being in WW2BAM. The good natured camaraderie and excellent games always keeps me coming back. Doubtless, the room itself is not perfect, and we may have disagreements and fights, but it makes me feel connected, like I belong. WW2BAM gave me my identity. Like most teenagers under the throes of hormones, emotional roller coaster, and lacking self-identity as well as self-esteem, my early days in the chatroom were not fun . . . for other chatters. I was a conceited , rude , arrogant , and vulgar misfit. I took everything seriously and felt like I had to prove my worth to be accepted. In short I was a classic pain in the ass who picked fights with everybody . I was even told I made a few cry and scared small children And to top it all off, I didn't speak Tagalog. I mean, I understood it, but having lived in the States for 9 years, I was forgetting my native language, fast. Being a member of WW2BAM gave me the family and support I never had. My father died of military medical malpractice on March 7, 1998 and I never really got over it . . . my family fell apart because it was my dad who held everyone together. As a result, I was sullen and unresponsive. I felt like no one cared. And so it was with that attitude that I took with me during my first few visits into WW2BAM. Until of course, Rene aka Carpe_Diem took me under his wing and loving care (Naks! ) and showed me the error of my ways.

I made a lot of friends in WW2BAM. I learned "Gender Identity" from Kadyo, Pimp, and Carpe. Honestly those 3 have changed gender so many times I can't remember whether to refer to them as males, females, or just "its" I learned how to be a lady (not saying I am) from Ate Megan, Ate Sam, and Ate Book; ladies of good gentle breeding. I learned to be a porn star from Moaning Star (Ate Jaime) was told to be a phone sex customer service representative by XY, I was a sex goddess understudy under the careful tutelage of Ate Epang, Kosme was always amusing, while Pimp and Carpe were privy to the inner workings of my mind and subject to my constant drama (Those two deserve awards) I was always entertained by Cooter, Maxi, Kadyo, Green, Lordy, Simon, Foogz, Dirkoy, Neddy, Rice . . may mga topak sa ulo but the staunchest of friends. The same could be said of Linsay, Jerma, Insom, Ignite, Foxy Lola, Ktine, Sis in Law Raven Cho, CutePinay, Finkay, Liflif, Franny, Heart, Red Flame Babe, minus the topak sa ulo. They're just really REALLY good friends I couldn't imagine living without. Special shout out to Pareng Aap . . yung ka heart to heart ko. To those I may have forgotten, my sincerest apologies- but know this, you may have escaped my failing memory, but your kindness and generosity have not escaped my heart. Many thanks to all who have contributed to my time in WW2BAM!
Nowadays, I am seldom in WW2BAM. You see, I've fallen ill. I've been diagnosed with Severe Iron Deficiency or rather, a serious case of Anemia. A majority of my family members have been diagnosed with it also, and as a result have contracted cancer. I find myself easily fatigued, apathetic, and lethargic as well as socially withdrawn. I also am experiencing some problems with my family . . . I miss chatting in WW2BAM regularly; hopefully I'll be better soon and I'll be bantering with you guys again. Until then, I will be missing you all. Drop me a line at Silver_Fox220@yahoo.com ok?


Chatting for me is a form of relief from the daily stress of my profession. It is one way of getting to know different kinds of people and talk about topics ranging from hobbies, business, politics and what have you. Imagine different people on different time zones chatting their hearts out to total strangers situated on the different parts of the globe, and doing that without leaving the comforts of their homes…..now isn't that something!

What makes me stay in the WW2BAM room? At first it was the games…..I was already a reggie in another room and just occasionally peep into the WW2BAM room to watch the games, listen to the music, or sometimes chat with the people there.. As the days went along, the games became more interesting and I've committed the biggest mistake that led to my addiction to the room…..I started answering (lolz). One answer led to another and the occasional peeps became regular drop by's and by the time I realized it the room has already got me hooked. One by one I got to know the people in the room, each with his or her own peculiar trait…..KK, Linsy May, XXX, Chaise, Simon, just to name a few. People who never fail to make me smile every time I see their familiar hellos and wb's. And of course there are those who can be irritating at times with their sick jokes and incessant cursing…..I myself am guilty of which in one or two occasions. But hey, you can't please everybody!
I guess if you ask me now what makes me stay in the WW2BAM room, I'd say the people, the laughter, the music and of course the games.
"Straight from the bed and into the PC"….that's how I describe my addiction to the "Who Wants" room.

Why I made WW2BAM my chat tambayan -- By: heart of innocence07

A one special chatter PM me one day asking me why is it that I made WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE chat room, my special home in the Yahoo world. Where do I even begin to say why? Well lets just start with when...he ..he..he. I believe it was almost 2 years ago (this March will be my 2nd year in ww2bam), I was bored and it was a warm spring midnight and I didn't feel like sleeping...everyone else I knew was sleeping. I searched in Philippines user rooms and I came across "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?" I thought to myself "hmmm there's a lot of people here, maybe I'll find interesting people to keep me awake and away from boredom"...guess what? yup I was right!

One of the very first person/thing I remember meeting was the room's mascot ICARUS, he bombarded me with questions that I had no idea what is the answer, (kasi bobo ako sa mga trivia...I make a better QM or Scorer lol)...I remember the first thing he said to me "if you can answer what is the capital of Hungary you can stay in the room" he gave me 10 seconds to answer it. I didn't know the answer! lol but even though...I still stuck around the room and I continued to laugh and meet interesting, funny, and friendly people.

After that midnight. I continued to go to the room often day after day. I met many of the other regular chatters and to my surprise they were so welcoming (unlike the other rooms di sila bigay pansin sa new comers)...I got so many WELCOMES and WB's and I dont think any chat room made me laugh as much as this one. Kahit bobo ako sa trivia, I still continue to come to this room because of the wonderful people (in other cases, "beasts" he..he..h.e) I've met and grown close to. I met some close online friends here who I share so many stories, secrets, and fun times with. this group of people became a family too me, ate's, kuya's, tito's, tita's, younger bro's and sisters, pets (lol) basta they're a cool, unique, set of people that make up a wonderful place to be in!

From the desk of: mcoolit_ako

I was not a regular chatter before, what I usually do back then was visit different rooms and just read the posts and sometimes "makipag-kulitan". I've seen WW2BAM way back but I really haven't got the guts to enter the room, yes i know i've missed the fun...oh well here I am now a regular chatter of this room.

What made me stay in the room was the warm welcome of the people in there and especially the overflowing infos and trivia that helps lessen my insatiable hunger for knowledge. I all started on the last week of April 2003, when a friend who usually visits the room asked me to join her. There was a warm welcome and a trivia quiz, I PMed her telling that I know some of those stuff and she told me to feel free in answering those questions, and so I did. I was able to meet the some of the "peepz" in the room on their May 2003 EB and they were all so nice and friendly. Wuhoooo! wtg! to the chatters of WW2BAM.

I like the room because its very different compared to other rooms, no trivia games and some exchange of wonderful ideas; some rooms also hosts quizzes but not like what is done in the room. I don't have to tell how wonderful are all the chatters of the room, everyone knows. WW2BAM the best!

MSN to Yahoo By: Megan

My first chatting experience was not in Yahoo but in MSN. That was 4 years ago. It was fun, met a lot of friends until some relationships went sour. I thought I'd never chat again but one day I just saw myself browsing through the Yahoo chatrooms. I hopped from one chatroom to another trying to beat the boredom I was feeling. There were the usual "chit-chats" -- hello here, hello there. Reggies talking to reggies. Newbies trying to carve a name. Until I saw this room "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". That was October 2001. Intrigued, I entered and caught a game. Thought it was different and fun. Noticed a lot of intellectuals and I was kinda "challenged"... I didn't find it hard to blend with everybody. All I said was "Can I join?" and just went ahead and typed away. I didn't knew the word "lag" then and I even thought the QM was favoring the reggies. Anyway, Yompie24 and Senti were the ones who first talked to me (really talked and not just acknowledged my presence). Since then, I stopped my chatroom hopping and started playing the games and gaining friends. And then I developed this kind of loyalty I never thought possible.

WW2BAM lets you be yourself. There is no "politics". No one bosses anybody around. Everybody is in equal footing. No one has a gavel who can kick you out-- no hosts. You will never see anyone trying to be important (with the exception of the cyberpests who has nothing better to do). In here, everybody is important. There are no leaders...there are no followers. Just a congregation of decent people who wants to have decent fun with friends.
Plus, this room has a spirit unlike the others. The creation of San Lazaro Project proved that members like to make a difference. We are not just here to kill time. Despite the distance, we can still think of ways to go beyond the cyberspace by reaching out to our fellow less fortunate kababayans. And with another project coming, I'm sure the strong bond that was created between members will stand the test of time.

With all these I never entertain the thought of chatting somewhere else. I may have gone to "rehab" for a while, but I always trace my steps back to this great room.

Our Homeroom
By: Finki & Dirk

There are many reasons why WW2BAM is my homeroom. First of all, trivia games are challenging, entertaining, and fun. While other rooms are good for chikahan (chatting), the added trivia game makes time spent in the chat room a worthwhile experience. New knowledge can be attain, while old knowledge is constantly being reviewed as questions continually flash in the screen. Answering questions are not only challenging, but it brings the competitive edge in everyone.

Secondly, the people who makes up WW2BAM, the mix of personalities makes our room unique. Brilliantly intelligent, great singers, and crazily funny people are some of the traits that keep us coming back. Friendship plays an important role, we have developed friendship with one another and trust to share our life experiences through private messages. Atmosphere of the room is always warm because of the "wb", "wd", and "wtg".

Thirdly, most important our room has heart. At first I taught it was only a trivia room, but the people of WW2BAM is always there to lend a helping hand. Not only to one another, but also through the Outreach Projects. We are a community driven to help others. Helping the community like the San Lazaro General Hospital is the reason why this room is very special. The effort of the people of WW2BAM demonstrates their kindness in supporting such projects.

WW2BAM started as a trivia room, then we build on long and lasting friendships. Now we are helping the community, which makes our chat room better than the rest. These are the reasons why; we are part of the WW2BAM community. Thanks to the people of WW2BAM, the atmosphere is relaxed and a chat room that I could call my homeroom.


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