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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tribyalista Then & Now



"Look: the constant marigold
Springs again from hidden roots.
Baffled gardener, you behold
New beginnings and new shoots
Spring again from hidden roots.
Pull or stab or cut or burn,
They will ever yet return…"

~Robert Graves

It is difficult to pinpoint precisely when "Tribyalista" or, as it was first known, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", as a chat room first emerged or was created. The people who first decided to create the room may be long gone and tired of chatting. On the other hand, they may be lurking among us, smiling like proud parents at how nicely the room has developed. In the end, however, the who, when and wherefore of the room's beginnings may not be all that important and only slightly intriguing. For everyone, the moment they first discovered or entered the room is the beginning. The beginning of a most diverting time being part of a trivia quiz… the beginning of friendships… the beginning of what they came to regard as a most remarkable chat room.

If we are to ask everyone in the room when they first entered the room, we may safely determine that the room began in the year 2001. We can also say that our standard rules of "the QM in red", "the scorer in blue" and, for that matter, the more systematic conduct of games began more than two years ago. Tribyalista celebrates its anniversary on September and at the end of 2001 the room's first website was first established in Geocities which boasted a list of the room's original members and tips for conducting quizzes. By December 7 of 2001, the first of many "EBs" (or so called "eyeballs" or face to face meetings) of the room was held at Tia Maria in Manila. Then, by the beginning of 2002, discussion boards or forums had been created in both Geocities and MSN Groups and were quickly being filled with all manner of messages; some useless and some litigious.

It has not, however, all been fair sailing for the room. The room, as with other popular chat rooms in yahoo, has had its share of trials, namely "booters" with their sophisticated "booting" programs, that have often made it difficult for many to enter and stay in the room, much less to conduct or participate in trivia quiz games. Offensive or vulgar chatters have been known to enter the room just to provoke the regulars and serious trivia quiz players but have mostly succeeded in being ignored. Despite these challenges, however, its members can, more often than not, depend upon finding their favored room alive and well. Whether newly created or surviving for long periods of time and whether with as many as forty chatters or as few as one, this wonderful room remains a permanent fixture on the list of "User Rooms" just right of the Philippines "Yahoo Public Rooms" . It has lasted two years and will no doubt last many more years and experience yet more thrilling beginnings.



"And if my bubbles be too small for you,
Blow bigger then your own: the games we play
To fill the frittered minutes of a day,
Good glasses are to read the spirit through."

~Edwin Arlington Robinson

Tribyalista may have begun as merely a yahoo chat room but it has since evolved into something much more. Two elements sustain the extraordinary life and nature of Tribyalista: The Trivia Quiz and The Friendships.

As a chat room, the trivia quiz uniquely defines and can perhaps be considered the reason for being of Tribyalista. Anyone entering the room will find trivia quizzes regularly conducted in relatively systematic fashion. These games comprise a "QM" or Quiz Master (who is invariably required to use red font) and a Scorer (who is required to use blue font).

Anyone, with a degree of fortitude against the vicious attacks of hyper-critical chatters, can be the QM. If a QM is lucky there is someone good enough to serve as Scorer. Traditionally, a game might be "Race to 5" or, if the QM has prepared well and is aspiring for the honor of "QM of the Year", an extended "Race to 10" set might ensue. While at the outset there prevailed traditional game structures or types, many QMs have developed distinctive styles or rules: mist_in_the_dark's "Perfection Game", linsy_may's "Right Minus Wrong", icarus' "Getting To Know You Game" and dina_bumblebee's "Kajologan" to name a few variations of the trivia quiz set. In fact, some questions have not always been "trivia" in a strict sense; being either more scholarly or requiring somewhat esoteric knowledge of Philippine-based showbiz gossip. In the end, the essential rule is to pass the time and enjoy a question and answer game involving a sharing of useless to somewhat useful information.

If the trivia quiz is the room's reason for being and distinctiveness, the friendships that have formed could well be the basis for cohesion and growth in Tribyalista. So called "reggies" or regulars of Tribyalista have mostly come from other chat rooms. bad_girl_epang, for example, came from the Married With Children Room and icarus_5577 came from the Discreet Men's Room (or was it Masarap Ang Bawal?). All, regardless what room they came from, have settled nicely into Tribyalista because of the friends they have made, as well as the alluring call of the trivia quiz. Indeed, the trivia quiz, more often than not, takes place amid playful banter and a never-ending series of glib remarks and jokes.

Contributing to the growth and camaraderie in Tribyalista are the message boards and a wide range of social activities. Message boards or forums were set up in Geocities and in MSN Groups (although these are no longer used) and, currently, maintained in EZBoard. Owing to the untiring efforts of bookworm18mjc, kosme_naut, pimp_daddy_buddha, megan24ph, ogre and other administrators, these forums have provided a valuable venue for regulars of the room to communicate by means of poetry and inspirational messages, good humoured and friendly remarks, as well as heated debates.

Further strengthening the nature of friendships in the room, regular EBs have allowed many of Tribyalista's members to meet and party in person. EBs have been in the form of social gatherings, as well as festive Bowling Tournaments. Morever, rallying the support of members overseas and in Manila, Tribyalista has acquired socio-economic relevance with its Outreach Programs, coordinated by kandong_king, sweet_temptress and bad_girl_epang. There is much more in store for Tribyalista in 2004 as a core committee undertakes the registration of the domain name, the creation of a new and improved website and plans for trivia contests in schools throughout Metro Manila.


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