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A journal about friendship and camaraderie among Filipino trivia enthusiast in the cyberworld.

Thursday, June 30, 2005


What's In A Name?
That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
-William Shakespeare,
Romeo and Juliet

Names serve several purposes. Most importantly they help distinguish us from one another. Imagine how difficult it would be to refer to people if we did not use names. The names of the characters in a book are frequently the first thing a reader sees when they flip a book over to read the blurb. The character names are just as much an advertisement for a book as the cover.

One thing is for certain, if the author take the time to create names that are perfect for the characters you will have a book that the readers will remember, and characters that will live forever. Characters like James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Crisostomo Ibarra, Lola Basyang, Padre Damaso, Juan Tamad, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Harry Potter are here to stay and they have become a part of our life in one way or another.

It's the same thing as creating an SN or a handle as we call it in the cyber world, screen names are the first thing that chatters look for when they enter the chat room. It takes time to create an SN, some end up with SN that are funny, someare serious, some are frilly, some are rude, even out right wierd, some don't say much, some are to obvious, others are just perfect for the character that they want to portrait while they are in the chatroom.

The chatters in the WW2BAM room have come up with unusual, sassy and unique SN, here are a few of them: basic_human_shrewdness, lolo_kengkarot tom_cruzz, destinys_shy. ferrero_r0cher, mist_in_the_dark, heart_of_innocence, pimp_daddy_buddha, baliw_sa_sulok, somedaysarebetterthanothers,
will_u_be_my_dreamgurl, hawaiian_boi, anak_pawis_lang_ako, angelina_jolens, maximus_alvaradus, bernie_barong. mami_siopao, Eyothan_Hawke, lilipad, lilipad, takure. Not to mention that one chatter can have 10 or 20 handles behind his/her name....

The SN that these people have created symbolizes and reflects some of their hidden personality, dreams, fantasy, or just fascination in coining or playing with words......Whatever your reason for creating a handle it is a sign of creativeness that is truly within each and everyone of us......here are some of the stories behind the many SN's that come and go in the chatroom, 24 hours a day.

What does your SN mean?
"seven pentacles" is a card that represents me/is meaningful to me in tarot readings. "seven pentacles" signifies a person waiting, anticipating. waiting for what? the magician of course! cryptic enough?

hayy, dami ko na ring sn. pero yung orig ko is celestial_soul5 ( yung may underscore). meaning nya is "heavenly soul" ( kinda preppy tho). and 5 is my fave number.

"daze_en_confuse" ( cguro dahil lagi akong tuliro),

"abag_abag_balintuwaran".walang meaning yan, accidental discovery ko while playing an english-tagalog game. prolly, that will answer the question "wat da pak does abag_abag_balintuwaran mean?

CIRCA 1990 -- dunno if you can still remember "Time Quest" that was broadcasted in channel 13. It's all about a bunch of youngsters who were stuck in Baghdad. They were accompanied by a lovely princess and a torpe prince and all of them are being chased by this wengweng-like abdullah guy. Their only hope is a time machine built from a tea kettle. Everytime the gang's ready to take off ( whether it's going to Jurassic Era or the year 207 , the time machine shouts "lilipad, lilipad, takureeeee!!!!!" and baboom! they're transported into a different period of time. That's the story behind my LILIPAD_LILIPAD_TAKURE sn. ^__^.



Once upon a time in a far far away land ...

ampon_lang_ako--- ibinunga dahil sa mga kalandian sa chat, nasimula ito noong unang panahon na madalas pa nakikipag cybersex ang boss ko sa mga cyber gf nya! lols! unang naging sn ko ay ** anak_ng_boss_ko_kay_cyber_gf ** at dahil itinakwil nila ako nagpa-ampon na lang ako sa EX-Gf ng boss na iniwanan nya dahil baog daw

tampon_popsicle -- dahil sa sn kong ampon, tinatawag nila akong tampon, kampon, at kung ano ano pang salitang may 'pon' sa dulo! pangalan din yan ng bandang nakita ko sa isang bar! he he he he! ginaya ko lang! mejo nakakatawa kasi eh tsaka wala akong originality eh!

Kamote_cute = kasi nangangamote ako sa pagsagot sa mga q's ng QM atsaka cute ako.


anneshey= pinagsama ko two nickname ko..Anne and Shey .
tamp0n_ghurl=...dalaga na po kasi ako kaya yan na gamit ko.. ..tampax ghurl dati yan tapos pinalitan ko ng tamp0n .. ..


i used to be a radio addict before, yung "roger..." "10-4" "QSY" (staying 'til the wee hours at 14.5840 frequency (makati-based). it's where i met this friend who has a very cute voice and who always takes the control, her name is anya. she's the reason behind my sn. yung 344, sa YM na lang nanggaling. ANYA pow, inde "anyak" or "anay"!



billy_gilman_ph... because I'm the biggest Billy Gilman Fan here in the Philippines. a.k.a. lucky_manzanas... wala lang gusto ko lang okrayin ang name.
shamey_shamey_shane... mahiyain ang pamangkin ko (sa kanya kasi talaga ang account.) Eh dahil minor, ako na ang gumamit. a.k.a. cereal_killer... the time na hindi naging maganda ang timpla ng tiyan ko having that kind of american breakfast kaya I hate cereals.

chillennium_2000... 1999 Yahoo SN ko. Ginaya ko lang ang Willennium ni Will Smith. a.k.a. brad_turkey... like lucky_manzanas, gusto ko lang okrayin ang name.

kuya_topeg... it is me. Lahat na lang ng kakilala ko Kuya Topeg ang tawag sa akin kahit na American sila. Topeg is a unique nickname variation of Christopher. Also considering the word Topak.



blues_utd - blues kasi i just love the blues...jimi hendrix
utd isnt a typo for std, btw...utd = united...as in manchester united...i'm so much into football.
on a cheesier side...blues kasi blue is the most complete color...lahat ng moods, capture nya...from the most sinister or sad [darkest blue] to the lightest or cutest [babiest blue]
ay madami pala ako sns...pag may weird combination of words, gawa ko agad sn [impossible hulk ... smokedscream ... etc] ...cloning sns/acct = a million chameleon ......etc


This has been my handle since I enter the WW2BAM chatroom early September 2001.

bookworm - is one adjective that will describe me as a person. I enjoy reading, I love books, I read anything. My work also involved books and information technology.
18 is a special date for me....
mjc - is the initial of my daughter, the apple of my eye. Well.....this is the STORY behind my handle....


Most of the sn's I use are transparent, humorous or obvious:

tahimik_ngunit_mapanghi, a play on the the tagalog term: tahimik ngunit mapanganib. this was my very first sn.
seven_testicles, an sn i used to complement my good friend's sn, seven_pentacles

carpe_diem0412, (carpe diem=sieze the day) i wanted to make a less serious sn, but capre_diem, kapre_diem and carpe_diemon were already taken, so i just reverted back to carpe diem plus my birthday.

kandong_king, anyone who views our EB pics would know what this means. It's really a long story of how this tradition of having one or two chatters sit on my lap during eb's started. But it's fun

It was Feb. 22, 2002, WW2BAM's post-Valentines Day EB. It was also my first WW2BAM EB. Picture taking time and everyone was jockeying for position when Dyanis from the Married room seeing my kandong vacant, decided to utilize that seat to get into the picture.Next came Jireh in another picture. After that. word went around that my kandong was the most comfortable seat in the house and people took the opportunity to sit on my lap by ones, twos and even threes whether there was a camera or not.

After a while I decided that to maintain the integrity of my kandong, I would only entertain two kandongers per EB and no repeat seaters, which were generally followed except for a few exceptions. Overall I have had 19 unique seatings: 18 female and 1 male (Prof. fun_duck_si_ako) and about 14 seating reservations Thus was born kandong_king.


chaiselleigh i created that name in my literary piece during HS.. bianca is my best bud's name..16 is my fave no. from alvin patrimonio's jersey
mystique- being mystical... mysterious at time kc ako... chaise pronounced as SHAZ in french.. chaise_lei actually is the short cut of CHAISELLEIGH


chikka1727....hmmm... kasi ganito yun. madaldal talaga ako, kaya yan na ang naisip ko...chikka, short for chikkadora... tapos 17 kasi, dati may significance sa akin yun. hahahaha! 27 bday at fave number ko.Ü yan ang pinakamadalas kong ginagamit...
cuddly_psyche, chanos_oreochromis, chaka yung stichopofuscus...madalang kong ginagamit, pero pag di ko magamit ang chikka, yun gamit ko.

cuddly_psyche...psych major na cuddly ...

stichopofuscus.---isang species ng sea cucumbers ata yun, na nakatuwaan ko din nung nagreport ako about sea cucumbers nung marine science class ko.


why my_chinaeyes? hmmm..sana..di ito mababasa ng asawa ko ha..tabi tabi po...mr.my_chinaeyes..lol...
noong bata ako..sobra ako singkit..as in...ewan ko ba nung lumaon...di na gaano? then...may suitor ako...sa isang sulat nya...he described my eyes..as...chinaeyes..(kinikilig ako..) so..yun...kilala ng asawa ko yun....naku po...tabi tabi po ulit..bigote_master..hahahahaha

so...nung nag register ako sa yahoo for the first time..yan ang naisip ko na gamitin..o davahhhhhhhh! kahit di na ako singkit....chinaeyes pa din ako..WALANG KOKONTRA!!!



council_of_idiots was born when i got into a heated argument with someone from work.
at the time, i also was fond of using the term, "it takes a village to raise an idiot," which is my response to hillary clinton's book "it takes a village to raise a child." anywhey, back to the argument. right in the middle of the argument this person had the audactity to give me the strangest grounds for contention (which i knew he threw in there as a bait to stall any negotations or attempt to resolve the issue) and i had to fire back, "now what council of idiots spawned that moronic idea?" voila! an sn was born! since then, i've used council of idiots as a reminder not to take myself seriously during the trivia games.



Obviously, "dina bumblebee" is a distortion of the name of the oh-so-luscious actress, Dina Bonnevie. The idea came to mind when I saw a "vic sotto" SN in the chat room and decided to bring to life his ex-wife in the chat scene.
The actress is the embodiment of someone who has grown old gracefully. Sana ganyan din ako when I reach my 40s. Malayo pa yon ha!!!



GOOD_EPANG / GOOD_GIRL_EPANG - i use these SNs when i am not in a horny mood .. lolz

BAD_EPANG / BAD_GIRL_EPANG - hehe, syempre opposite ng mood ko sa good_epang

VIRGIN_EPANG - pag feel ko ma "wtg virgin". hmp, dami nga kumontra pero sus, pag bigyan nyo nako.. sa chatroom na nga lang ako virgin e! lolz

EPANG_sa_room242 - ahhmm, memorable kasi sakin room 242 nung feb 14 e (wink! wink!)... sus, make a wild guess nalang

PIED_DE_PEPPER - i use this pag gusto ko mag join sa game (or pag may tinataguan... pssst! di ikaw yun, wag praning!) where did i get this sn? actually, pied_de_pepper is the name of my foot lotion! (a little epang trivia.. pwe!)

KISHMIKWIK - i use this when i am in a not-so-mahalay mood (as if!)

MIF_1212 - hmmm... secret


Ang sn ko bow, ay head bang pala un lol ... nuttin izpisscial abawt my sn rili except that... t'was practically the next best thing that popped up in my papa's head on one rainy sept nite around 9:20 pm while me mom is huffin en puffin hard en d doc's coaching her to push harder, she ended up with a c section, lol....it's my real name cute no? nyehehhehehe ang conceited ba?


fair ravenclaw talaga yan pinaikli ko lang.
ravenclaw is one of the four houses in Hogwarts. :
CHO (chang) was the love interest of Harry Potter and her house is ravenclaw.

fiffay - was derived from the story of jack and the beanstalk. naheard ko kasi yung story while I am thinking of a sn. I got it from the expression of the giant (Fie Fay Fo Fum). I modify it a little bit and whola "fiffay" comes out.


hmmm... wel as yu ken si, dis 3 handols ar may peborit colors. medyo inartehan ko lang dating coz maarte akow weh ) nyahahha... dyok lang, para maiba lang ang dating Why F instead of P? ... kasi aym estil kampyused wid mah letors EP and FI eh.

hmm...long story...explain ko na lang yung number 2. active na kasi yung foxy_grandma na handle so nilagyan ko na lang ng 2 (ang babaw ko )

well, my SN says it all, Im looking for half breed pinays kasi half breed pinoy ako. Totoo yan....



i got this from a Jessica Simpson song, at the time I was listening to it, i was in my very first relationship... yup young first love.... and i could relate to the song so i created dis sn. 7 bcoz 7 is my favorite number

Dawnna59 -just another variation to spell my name...unique and different from the original spelling. 59...many think it was a slip of the finger that my finger meant to hit the 6 but slipped and hit the 5 das wrong! 5 bcoz my first name consist of 5 letters and 9 bcoz my surname consist of 9 latters

It was given to me by my ex gf...because everytime we have a fight, no matter how mad I get, I always tend to be cool. even if it's her fault..hehehe kasi po mahal na mahal ko ex ko eh.


insomniacf source: insomniac + f
insomnia - [L, fr. insomnis sleepless.] prolonged and usually abnormal
inability to obtain adequate sleep
insomniac - person who suffers from insomnia
f - abbreviation for female
female - of or relating to being the sex that bears young or produces eggs
f pwede rin:
fairy (bading? JOZKODAY! )
faithful (for sure)
farouche (shy daw! :D shy nga ba ako hibang?)
far-out (minsan lang)
feisty (waaaaaaah! hibang eto ba ako???)
felicitous (oh di ba felicity? ngeks hindi yung mapapangasawa dapat ni angelo na kapartner ni inah sa pangako sayo! ano ba yan??? ang kurneh ko!)
femme fatale (oooooops...teka not applicable!!! hahaha! )
ferocious (sa pagkain lang po. PBBL di ba hibang?)
fickleminded (wag ka na magcomment please!)
fiddle-footed (prone to wander...hmmmm... di ba layasera toh? perfect!)
finicky (hmmmm... sa palengke....pero hindi ako marunong tumawad )
flexible (parang si lastikman!)
flip (baliw! )
foppish (baliw pa rin! )
frank (hmmmm... iilang tao lang nakakaalam nito, hmmmm... ngayon marami na)
freak (baliw pa rin ulit! )
friendly (kayo na lang humusga)
fearfully-inclined-to-shift-gears (nyehehehehe! hmmmm... private joke )
kaya lang hindi na ako insomniac ngayon.... tulugin na ) dapat magpalit na ako...INSOMNIACF_DATI
yan po istorya ng handle ko (now you wish you did not ask noh mr. hu??? )


ivetteom is my original sn in the room, and i thought of that name for my daughter (if ever i'll have one), i want a unique name and Ivette with an I is not common yet, O is my maiden name and M is my last name now.

pretty baliw, is my sn for the 2 months now, but have been in my cell logo since february, that was the month i became baliw...that was the month i join the who wants room, pretty, coz, i know i am always pretty (walang kokontra..)


what does your SN mean? its the opposite meaning ...

JERMALLETS is an acronym of my highschool girlfriends... ako po yung M...lols..baduy noh?


Ang handle ko na jethernandez ay galing sa pangalan ng presidente ng homeowners
association ng street namin na merong anak na dati kong hinahalay... si MANG JET
. at yung apelyido ng ka opis mate kong malibog na HERNANDEZ. hehehehehe...so
what does jethernandez mean? MALIBOG at MAHALAY!! bwahaha!!


jireh - galing sa Jehovah Jireh ibig sabihin God is my provider..(blasphemous ba?)..kc labs ako ni Lord lahat ng kelangan ko binibigay Nya..khit gano pa katagal kc i believe God's time is always on time ung 74 yr yan kung kelan ako niluwal s mundo...
bespren_ni_niel - kilala nyo si senti..sya un bespwen tawag ko s knya kc bait sya sakin poreber pwamis..


kenchilicious -- nung una ako natutong mag-chat, baguhang immigrate lang kami sa US. Ang paggawa ng rellenong manok ang specialty ko at yun ang binebenta namin kapag wala na kaming pera. (i posted the recipe sa blog ko)

nokmarapsa -- variation ng nauna kong sn na lumabas nung august of that year kasi linggo ng wika.

at konti lang ang nakakaalam na ako din si xxxbanana_extractxxx -- nakikibagay sa kanila sago at gulaman... hehehe...

oo nga pala, ako din yung extrang_pasahero_sa_bangbus dahil sa bang bus craze noon


The sn I used the longest and have several variations is Justin Case. I cam upon this sn from an old TV movie about a private detective with the name Justin Case. It struck me as funny and when I was searching for a new sn, this one came to mind.

Kosme naut is obviously a play on cosmonaut. I have a certain fascination with space and I want to make it sound more whimsical, so I cam up with kosme_naut. Kosme ... This sn started as kosme_naut but some good for nothing a-hole put an adult picture on it and posted it in some adult site, so i shorten it to kosme. I have several sn's that basically are distorted words and Kosme_naut seemed to be the one that is most memorable...

Eyothan_Hawke ... another play on words based on the actor Ethan Hawke... hehehe ... This is the sn I basically used just as an eye catcher... I guess you can call it my "halay" tendencies coming out sn.

my fascinations on word plays took me to create the following sns.. gene_erick (generic), islaw_mosyun (slow motion), eddie wagnah ( eh di wag na), al_beader (i'll be there), aladin perra ( ala din pera), tino_torette just to name a few..

I also derived some sns from my interest in myths and legends. Sns like arondight ( Sir Lancelot's Sword) and pax_avalon ( pax, roman peace and avalon, mystical resting place of King Arthur).

Interest in the supernatural also led to sn creations. wharloch (warlock) and spectre are most notable.

The longest sns I have used are x3mly_this_terbd_in_dv_dwal and braindead_man_walking

Those are just some of the sns I have created and used from time to time


It started when I was around 4 yrs old, there was this character sa Pinoy Komiks named PLA PLA. She kicked ass like I did <<<<>>> Le Gecla

linsy_may = coz yan ang name ny pinaka cute kong cousin at nagandahan talaga ako how it sounds! Eh cute din naman ako sabi ng Olds ko no..hahhaha!!!

dea_shane = dream name ng Papi (my father) kung girl daw ang magiging sister ko (unluckily,bumalik sakin ang name, hahahha) DEA means goddess sa Latin, at yan po ang pinalit na name noong binili ng RWE ang TEXACO, Germany, where my father works as Consultant, but now was baught by SHELL na naman..sus ang gulo(hahhaha). Why Shane? basta daw(waaaaaa)

ebel_elite = Ebel kasi ang watch ko sa work. Why elite? kasi yan ang tawag sakin ng Papi ko (he's pronouncing it ELIT, sabi naman ng Mami o, ELIT KULIT..waaaaa!!!)



megan24ph - megan: kasi matagal ko nang gamit yan sa MSN when i'm "hiding".

24 - birthday ko (wish it's my age..oh well...)

"ph" kasi ang yahoo eh, ni suggest yan kasi nilagay kong country Philippines, 'never thought i'd stick to this sn na kasi isip ko dati temporary lang eh (pang one day lang sana..) want to change it to megan24nj or megan924, what do you think? oh well..it doesn't matter.. people call me megan anyway.. not megan24ph


mcoolit_ako: yung pagiging makulit ko ay kse d naman yung kulit na nakakainis mas makulit ako in person sa room minsanan lang kse asa lugar naman ang pangungulit eh.

pasaway (da_hell_momma_raised): nakuha ko yang sn na yan sa isang shirt ko, i really find it eye catching.

tao_ba_ako_inay: eto expression naming magkakabarkada to lalo na pag medyo d maganda ang lukot ng mukha mo pag nakita ka nila, sisigaw sila tao ba ako inay? (minsan english pa "am i a human mom?")

pero di nyo ba napapansin sa dalawang sn ko sa taas istarring momma/inay well obviously lab na lab ko nanay ko maski minsan mahirap magpalaki ng magulang.

inspired by MAYSA LEAK who does the vocals for the acidjazz group Incognito. i just adore her cool, mysterious & sultry voice. can relate ba ako? hehehe. i dropped her last name - parang porno ang dating ng combination eh and added GRL. for girl interrupted.


Kasi SN ng asawa ko ski_bum_3ple_diamond..mahilig kasi syang mag ski.

My name is Lyn kaya pinagdugtong ko... naging lynskibum, sabi ng asawa ko kaya ski_bum_3ple diamond kasi daw wala daw syang ginawa kung di mag ski ng mag ski....naging bum.


My sn lory7499- kasi eto ang nick ko na gamit ng aking namayapang lolzbels...huwaaaaa! oo sya lng nagamit nito kaya maswerte ka ineng ka natatawag mo ako sa ngalang ito, nways ung numbers dyan it came from my student number see sa school these numbers are ur lifeline in exams and all even in enrolling! mabuhay iskolar ng bayan!

leng_5983 - this is my real nick at home n in skul. leng leng telelng is the whole of it, the number( aba mahilig sa numero ang motherbels nyo di ba halata?) is my birthday but since no one is so interested to ask now lang nasabi ang dahilan nito oks.

ricetoppings - eto sa dahilang nagtagsawa ako sa rice in a box sa skul at sa inaraw araw na ginawa ng Dyos eto ang pagkain ko sa lunch, as in lolbels kung may hasang lng ako amoy beef and mushroom na itetch awardness talaga kaso napagtanto kong medyo errr mukha na ako beef n mushroom.

qbbismypayburit - kasi naadik ako sa keso at fixation sa qbb na brand see in special!

BabyArki dahil yan sa boyfriend ko pareho kami ng sn kaso kanay ung ArkiBaby naman see galing noh?


mena_suvaru came from mena suvari, shes an actress in that movie "Loser". The time I was watching the movie I kind of relate myself to her character I'm not saying I'm a loser... but at that time... I felt like I was.

Nothing special with my sn. Its just the Hispanic version of my real two names: Michael Lloren.


It's an original idea to convey the state of being there but not visible, of being felt but not tangible.

I represent neither the male nor the female gender. I just am .


OGRE is my nickname spelt backwards. I got my nickname by getting the first 2 letters of my first name.

i.e. ERnesto and the first 2 letters of my surname i.e. GOnzales. ayan alam nyo na ang secret ko...

pimp daddy buddha

i know some people heard why i chose this sn. the truth behind the name is actually very secret and important, but here's an aspect of the name that i will share with you:

pimp = in the past, i've done a lot of things that i am not very proud of. it was a stage in my life that i thought i wanted to escape, but realized that my past is not one i should escape from but one i should accept and remind myself so that i can avoid repeating the same sins.

daddy = in learning to forgive myself because of my very sinful past, i was told that i should learn to forgive others, and the father (daddy) is the best role model to learn about forgiveness. a father, a really good father, forgives his children no matter the transgression.

buddha = i have constantly struggled to remove myself from the material world, and thought that buddha showed the way. it is by not thinking about one's self, when one learns to transcend what attaches him/her to this world, that makes one finally free from pain. sounds pretentious? sounds like b.s.? i leave it up to you



Mine is tigerlilypotsky yahoooo
Tiger - kasi mataray ako at masungit sa mga strangers lalo na sa mga di ko kilala. Sabi din kasi ni lalabs trust no one daw eh.

Lily - because I love flowers. Its a way to melt my heart. Tulips or white roses will do. FYI. 'yan ang real name ko ewan ko ba naman kasi kung anong nakain ng nanay ko at pangalanan daw ba ako ng Lily eh sa di naman bagay such ; yan din nga pala tawag sa akin ng nanay ko pag galit sya sa akin especially pag naasar sa akin.. nyahahaha kaya if anyone's calling me Lily tatanong ko agad kung siya ang nanay ko.

Tigerlily - favorite kong cartoon character; yong Indian ba yon na friend nila Peter Pan na masungit na kamukha ni Pocahontas [na may medalyon na asawa ni Morgana na asawa ni Boris na inlove kay Lorna an tunay na ina ni Yuri ] nahawa na naman ako kay Jugga ; this sn is taken already na din kaya di na pwede. kaya isip pa ako

Potsky - this is my nick; mga kaofcmate ko sa ETPI at sa Infocom addresses me this way pati boss ko at mga managers namin right now; actually it all started nung yong technician namin si Sir Willy eh magkatunog name namin so sabi ng boss ko ako daw Lilypot and si Sir Willy yong Willy. As time goes on naging Lilypot till Lilypotsky for long and Potsky for short.



i made this sn coz i was so funny enough to wait for a snowflakes to fall on LA..... then my friends told me im like a prosti why? coz i never wear t shirt...only boxer shorts which is more comfortable for me they told me that i have a perfect body to satisfy a woman so i got the idea and create this alias.


CaNtLiVeWiThOuTmYpAnTy- kase i cant live without 'em talaga lalo na yung black lace kowahaha tsaka malamig d2 sa Canada baka manigas ang ano ko... i mean katawan ko sa lamig.

LeMoNdRoPz24- noong nagcha-chat ako sa realpinoy ito na ang handle ko so dinala ko lang sa yahoo.

x0X_rhei_rhei_x0x- tawag sa akin ng mga friends ko RhEi.

BuBbLe_TeA- my favorite drink... lalo na yung green apple flavor tapos daming tapioca yum!


The SN is meant to describe the character chatting

santa santita - meaning, kunwari saintly pero santita pala, parang merong 2 opposite facets ng personality ng tao.


Silver- is my favorite color aside from pink. It is also my favorite jewelry . . . I always felt gold looked like hardened pee well actually, I thought gold was the symbol for excessive greed and hubris while Silver just had the right touch of elegance to it. Silver is also the color of my car . . . or any future cars I may acquire.

Fox- is a wily, highly intelligent and resourceful creature. Outside of their species, they come across as shy and timid; however, within their family group, they are playful and sociable animals . . . with the older ones taking responsibility for the rest of the group who are dependent on them for survival, nurturing and caring for each others' young ones. Aside from being smart, foxes are also known for being alert and adaptive to anything nature throws at them- hence the term "outfoxed" when it comes to overcoming all odds. They are also very graceful and nimble (which sadly I'm not)

Silver Fox- is an animal more commonly known as the Arctic Fox. Its fur is a reddish brown in the summer, and snowy white with silver streaks in the winter- a survival adaptation by camouflage.


"simon" is a character i use from Vampire the Masquerade, a game i used to play in college.

"woo" is because i've been a John Woo fan even before he hit big in hollywood.

the 69... well... i used to be a very, very bad boy.



BTW, i took this one from an 80's tune which we used during a shower party while passing a bottle of (you guess it right) to the person to our left. when the music stopped, the person still holding the bottle had to demonstrate how to use it and believe me, it wasn't me.

passthesushi - i love sushi but was too lazy to think of something to attach to that nic, so passthe na rin lang

wasabeontop - syempre partner ng sushi
Year was 2001, Month of August... bored ako sa dating chatroom na tinatambayan ko, so nag surf ako sa Yahoo for another chatroom na pwedeng dayuhan. I saw the room *Who wants to be a millionaire* and went in. Mga ka chat ko noon were T80 (magaling sa movies taga Canada yata siya) and Bluebees. Halos wala pang tao sa chatroom noon, and from what I've learned eh kakagawa lang ng room just that week.

Handle ko was brainless_si_ako. Kasi at that time, I was experiencing some personal dilemmas, kaya brain less ako. After a couple of weeks, pinalitan ko to Videl_ganda. fanatic ako sa cartoons, lalo na DBZ. yung *ganda* part, wala akong ibang maisip na handle to go with that kasi Videl was already taken. Pero it doesn't necessary mean na nagbubuhat ako ng sarili kong chair and show everyone na cute ako (konti lang ) ..thus... Videlski was born. For a short while, ginamit ko ren yung Bulma_ganda.. pero parang walang appeal, and it sounds like Vulva_ganda .. sina Marc naman, handles nila was Gohan and Vegetta, and si Neil eh Trunks. I've used this handle ever since, pero lately gumawa ako ng iba based from what others would call me:

Videlicious - thanks to Deanne aka cutepinayflava, yan ang tawag niya saken

Aymishu - common slang sa chatroom, although it doesn't mean na may nami miss ako

Voracious4 - it started when some of us chatters would go on a *field trip* and roam around different chatrooms, and came upon a room called *voracious vixens* or something like that. Eh itong si Lolo Kengkai-san, nagumpisa siyang mag roll call na sabay, let's Volt in, kaya gumawa kami ng handles na Voracious 1,2,3..etc.. ako yung 4 figure niyo nalang kung sinu sino yung 1,2,3,5 at mga bago ngayon na Voracious .5 and Voracious7up .


zared -artist ng painting na nakita ko sa isang magazine

zenki -cartoons na pinapanood ko dati sa channel 2

kotzen-cd na pinapakinggan ko nung ginawa ko tong sn na to

z" kalaban ng power rangers ... si lord zed !!!!


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