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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Poems of Apollo & Seven Pentacles

For Apollo_C_Vermouth

Subject: For Apollo_C_Vermouth
Name: Seven_Pentacles
Date Posted: Feb 13, 03 - 4:18 PM

Apollo's ephemeral kiss upon
The nymph's expectant face, with open arms
Aspiring to enfold ennobled charms,
But in a twinkling you, the sun, are gone.

Like the lush, though brief, light of Endymion
The rapid flow of sand through glass with you,
Ethereal moments - so precious few -
Is that robust gush from World's empyrean!

This reign, with aeolian gasps to rouse the trees,
In its wake, does make refulgent colors
And subdues the thirst of parched flowers.
Yet, I glimpse our fate scrawled on Sybil's leaves,
Blown by the noble Zephyrus with ease,
And, in haste, gather what I can of these.

Subject: oh dear,...
Name: seven_pentacles
Date Posted: Feb 13, 03 - 9:05 PM

oh dear,
my love-struck state
makes me too grim
and utter words more suited
for some requiem!

when what i sought to say
yet failed to convey
in my standard solemn way is...

Dearest, Happy Valentine's Day!
...i really need to see a therapist about this inclination to rhyme

Subject: in defense of love's noble name...
Name: annoyed_na_mouse
Date Posted: Feb 15, 03 - 7:55 AM
you are annoying, seven_pentacles!

for you:
**in defense of love's noble name**
see aphrodite lament
such sallow sentiment.
while erato seeks redress
for every senseless verse;
of "love" tritely unveiled
and foolishly declared!

"lovers", forgive me hence,
my impudent offence;
in earnest, i defendand aspire to amend
harm to love's noble name,
uttered in shameless vain!

ergo, i will make haste
to save love from disgrace.
nay, i must move with stealth
to keep eros from death;
for when love turns mundane,
surely, it has been slain!

Subject: for my Seven Pentacles
Name: Apollo_C_Vermouth
Date Posted: Feb 15, 03 - 3:24 PM

" i may have

such small hands;

never realizing

how much


touch of your lovely face

has warmed

this needing soul.

never fully


your refreshing

sudden rain.


in amoroso,



or sweetlupercalia

i can only understand,

you were thinking,

you'd say

you have such small hands,

happy valentine's, dearest.


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