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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Journal - 2003 WW2BAM Outreach Project

" Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.
You only need a heart full of grace, and a soul generated by love."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

By: Kandong King

"Why don’t we do something this Christmas for the less fortunate among us?" That was Melody’s (sweet_temptress98) query to me in the middle of our November EB in Hard Rock Café. And that was the start of an unforgettable and heart warming Outreach Program for the WW2BAM chat room. It did not start out smoothly at first; there was not too much of a response from the message posted by Mel in the WW2BAM forum. Maybe because few people read it or everyone else was busy for the coming holidays. The more enthusiastic responses came from one chatter who peppered me with PM’s asking how she could help and where she could send her donation and megan24_ph who insisted on helping.

So we thought the idea died for lack of interest. But God works in strange ways a message I posted in the chat room as a joke: "Please join us for our Christmas EB at the Sukho Thai Restaurant on Dec. 17. There will games, raffles, prizes and food for all. Those who cannot attend, please be there in spirit. SEND MONEY! "

The response was overwhelming!! Generous chatters from all over the world sent more than 30,000 pesos for the Christmas EB. With the expert financial management of good_epang, we were able to purchase substantial prizes ( Printer, Scanner and Web cam) and smaller prizes so that no one of the more than 35 attendees went home empty handed ( Mice, Headsets, Internet Cards, CD wallets etc.). And we still had 14,800 pesos left-over.
The 14,800 pesos left-over serve as seed money for the outreach project and to rekindle the interest of the WW2BAM community.

Then things started to really gain ground when several chatters led by apollo_vermouth, seven_pentacles, kosme_naut, megan24ph, bookworm and others who wanted to remain anonymous, generously gave and offered to solicit from others in their area.

Melody's Post:

Subject: THANK YOU!!! try s0m3thing else...
Name: Melody Date Posted: Oct 11, 02 - 9:40 PM

Message: I juz wanna THANK ALL OF U... who joined our EB's... and all those hu didnt show up... MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO!!! sa inyong suporta... hope di po kayo magsawa... and 1 more thing....what if we gonna organize a group and elect officers...and plan sum activities... not juz havin' an EB...in that way, we can extend our group in helping less fortunates... what do you think guyz??? newaize, itz juz a thot...


Subject: Re: THANK YOU!!! try s0m3thing else...
Name: carpe diem
Date Posted: Oct 11, 02 - 10:16 PM

Message: At maraming salamat sa iyo Melody sa walang sawa mong pagod at abono sa pag-organize ng mga EB...ikaw ngayon ay pinararangalan naming EB Queen I think you have a good idea in trying to form the room into a more cohesive and organized group by having responsible officers run it's activities...as of now we are a very loose group without any goal purpose or guiding hand. Pursuing other worthwhile activities outside the chatroom will also allow us to keep one foot on solid ground and not be just a cyber-reality organization. Christmas season is almost upon us...maybe we can embark on a project to provide needy children with used pc's and turn them into AOL's like us j/k This is just one idea, maybe others can suggest other projects we can embark on.If we can all work together to make this a gentler, kinder room, i am ready to swallow my pride and come out of my self-imposed rehab.

The Journey Begins

Name: Melody

Date Posted: Feb 7, 03 - 7:21 PM

Message: Greetings to all!!! yesterday i went to San Lazaro Hospital with NARSBABE, we've formally submitted a request letter there asking them if we can donate some medicines to their pavillions...but they are asking if we can give medical equipment like suction machines, nebulizers, and other medical supplies needed for their pavillions. We were informed that the government's failed to give them support since 1997, and they are just waiting for donations from NGOs... So, when they knew about our PROJECT, they were very excited and our donations will be very accepted daw... This coming week, i'll be checking all the money we have and i will make a list and fax it to them before we can go there and donate...
--==Sweet ==--
--==canned thoughts==--

Name: megan24ph
Date Posted: Feb 8, 03 - 7:53 PM

Message: good job, melody! pahinga ka lang sis. wag mong pilitin kung may sakit ka pa. sana nga may maitulong tayo kahit papano sa san lazaro... are we going to give them the money para sila mismo bumili or tayo ang bibili ng equipments? mas maganda siguro if we buy the equipments ourselves. para alam na natin ang binigay natin. saka sure na tayo na magagamit ang donation natin. pag binigay nyo na equipment, pa picture kayo ha para meron tayo souvenir kada donation. guys, tuloy pa rin po ang pagtanggap ng donations. send nyo lang po sa akin or kay kosme kung taga US kayo at kung taga pinas and the rest of the world, kindly contact melody, kandong king, ivette, nursebabe, epang.. etc. tulad ng nasabi na dati... kahit maliit ang donation, pag pinagsama sama lumalaki na rin. let us try our best to help kahit minsan lang... let us share with our less fortunate brothers in the phils a small part of the blessings we have been receiving from Him.

--==I expect to pass through life but onnce. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again
William Penn

Subject: mayroon pang gustong mag donate?
Name: Kosme Naut
Date Posted: Feb 13, 03 - 9:38 AM

Message: Hello All, just wanted you guys to know that a person contacted me and wishes to offer up some donation. I gave that person the info as to where to send it. This person wishes to be anonymous. I will update you once the donation is sent... Kosme

Subject: KABAYAN-YAMATO Filipino Community
Name: Sitaw

Date Posted: Feb 13, 03 - 7:20 AM

Message: Hello mga dears, I've learned from Kandong King that you..nice people of ww2bm ay mayron ding outreach program..sama as here..as the president of KABAYAN-YAMATO Filipino Community here..on behalf our group, we would like to extend our help...I'll try to be in touch...
In Christ, Sitaw

Subject: KABAYAN-YAMATO Filipino Community
Name: Kandong King
Date Posted: Feb 14, 03 - 2:09 PM

Message: Wow sugar, president ka pala...does that mean na First Gentleman ako? anyway Catherine, that is a very noble and generous offer. we thank you in advance and i will work in getting the necessary documents and paper work in time for your February 23, general meeting. For everyone's information, Catherine has offered to present our project as one of the beneficiaries of their charitable project to their general assembly this coming Feb. 23. She has requested that we provide her with a list of our officers and pics of the pedia ward and patients as part of her presentation. To facilitate this I suggest that a de facto group of officers be appointed composed of the following people pending a formal election: Melody Epang Nursebabe Ivette Mdef Megan- East coast rep Kosme- West coast rep Apollo- Middle East Rep Book and Seven P- down under reps Icarus- for the ga* ooops..never mind. Please post your suggestions and ideas too. I would prefer to work as PR, and liaison officer with the Kabayan-Yamato group and work closer with the lovely Miss Catherine *wink* wink* (kilig) -------------------


Subject: OutReach Program in San Lazaro
Name: Snick3rs aka Am_not Date Posted: Feb 18, 03 - 12:24 AM

Message: TO ALL PEEPZ of HU WANTS 2b A Milyonaryo! Good day PEEPZ! OUTREACH PROGRAM n SAN LAZARO HOSPITAL on FEBRUARY 28,2003: MEETING PLACE : MCDO GLORIETTA @ 11am til 12NN... after the acitvity there will be a party at HARD ROCK CAFE, 8PM SEE YOU ALL THERE PEEPZ... contact melody/sweet for further info @ 0918-907-0518/0919-5690518 maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.... -ian-


Name: Melody Date Posted: Feb 20, 03 - 10:37 AM
Message: here's the lists of items we're going to donate to SAN LAZARO HOSPITAL & to the patients of PAVILLION 8 (pedia ward with measles and severe pneumonia) and PAVILLION 10B ( which is the TB ward for adult patients)...

* Nebulizer Machines - 4 units
* Suction Machines - 2 units
* Suction Catheter - 4 boxes
* Nebulizer Kit - 2 boxes
* Oral Thermometer - 4 boxes
* Disposable Syringes- 20 boxes MEDICINES
* Amoxicillin capsules 250 mg. - 5 boxes
* Amoxicillin syrup 125 mg. - 50 bottles
* Mefenamic acid 250 mg. - 4 boxes
* Paracetamol syrup 125 mg. - 50 bottles
* Ambroxol capsules - 4 boxes
* Ambroxol syrup - 50 bottles
* Salbutamol syrup - 50 bottles and...
* Electric fans - 2 units (still thinkin' about it...parang kulang kc kung 2 lang...kaso kapos na sa budget...)
That's it... ( hay, kakafagod...)

--==canned thoughts==-- --==Sweet ==--

Replies: Subject: WOW!!!
Name: megan24ph
Date Posted: Feb 8, 03 - 7:53 PM Message: Andaming nabili !! Ang galing naman.. Way to go Mel!! . Sa mga gusto pang mag-donate, wag na po kayong mahiya .. Nakikita na po natin ang nagagawa natin. Sana po ituloy natin to. Mabuhay ang WW2BAM family!!!


Recap of Donations

Name: Kandong King
Date Posted: Feb 12, 03 - 7:52 AM

Message: Here is a recap of donations received for the outreach program and a summary of todays's meeting attended by Epang, Melody and Kandong King. Tentative date will be February 29, 2003. Beneficiaries have been expanded to include the respiratory disease ward aside from the original pediatric ward. More weight was given to the purchase of equipment such as nebulizers and suction machines to be able to benefit more people. Medicine would be acquired thru institutional donations at a later time.
Here is a summary of what we received and what we will be buying. A more comprehansive list is forthcoming. Carried over from savings of xmas eb 14,807.00

Megan, Mena and anonymous 7217.40
Bookworm 1226.40
Kosme and Batang Kalye 3971.00
Alona Gen 500.00
Mdef 500.00
Celes 3168.00
Apollo and Seven Pentacles 6900.00
Kantit 2500.00
St. Epang* 1100.00
TOTAL 41889.80

less proposed expenses:
Equipment and Supplies-- 32,900.00
Medicine 8,964.75
----------------------------------------- 41,889.75
balance .05

Contributions in kind:
Kandong King 86- 15 ml bottles of Ambroxol Mucolytic 38- 15 ml bottles of Salbutamol Anti-ashma expectorant more medicine forthcoming from nursebabe.
notes: *kinapos yung pera sa proposed expenses kaya pininuan na lang ni Epang Bait, Ganda at Sexy.
** melody has the list and will post them when it's finalized. we'll be getting most of the supplies at wholesale less 25%.
Maraming salamat sa lahat ng may mabuting puso !
Way to go... WW2BAM !!!

Subject: kakapagod...pero masarap ang feeling...
Name: Melody Date Posted: Feb 24, 03 - 7:18 PM

Message: ...momma book hay...oo nga po...nakakafagod nga sobra... pero masarap naman po ang feelings ...ang gaan gaan ng pakiramdam mo pag alam mong makakatulong ka sa mga tao...and di lamang panay pansarili lamang ang nasa isip... cguro nga po...maari natin gawin ito, 2x a year... para di nakakafagod...and di mafagod mag donate ang ating mga kabayan... ate megz ... mas madami pa sana tayo makuha sa susunod na project natin... --
==canned thoughts==-- --==Sweet ==-- -------------------

Name: celes
Date Posted: Feb 24, 03 - 9:43 PM

Message: EXCELLENT JOB!! I wanna THANK lolo carpe, melody, ate efeng, nurse, ate ivette, ate megan, kuya neybz, catherine, KABAYAN and sa lahat ng nagbigay ng support sa outreach project.This project will not be feasible without your help. Keep up the good work !Take care everyone P.S. To those people I wasn't able to include in the list above, I would like to extend my THANKS for your support. May God bless you all !!!

Subject: Update On Kabayan-Yamato Filipino Community
Name: Kandong King

Date Posted: Feb 24, 03 - 11:55 AM


It's getting better everyday I just got news that the Kabayan-Yamato Filipino Community in their General Assembly has approved in princple the motion to assist us in our project. Preliminary discussions has brought forth this tentative plans: 1. Kabayan will work with WW2BAM on a joint venture basis with the San Lazaro Hospital Project. 2. Kabayan's participation will be in the form of financial assistance, operations will be handled by WW2BAM. 3. Kabayan will match any contribution that WW2BAM will be able to get on their own. e.g. if WW2BAM collects 45,000 pesos in donations for the next project; Kabayan will donate 45,000 pesos. 4. Kabayan will designate a reperesentative here in the Philippines to liase with our representative here (at the moment it will be me) for coordination in the project. 5. Kabayan will be ready to implement the agreement as early as next month. These are just tentative plans and will be subject to approval by the respective assmblies. FYI, Kabayan-Yamato Filipino Community is an organization of Filipino ex-pats in Japan dedicated to raising funds for worthy projects in the Philippines. I will try to get more information about them so we can know our new partners more. Suggestions, comments and criticism are welcome. Mabuhay ang samahang WW2BAM at Kabayan-Yamato

The Tribyalista Outreach Projects are charitable activities organized by Filipino chatters from the WW2BAM Room (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) housed at Yahoo chatroom. That was our old name, now we have form a formal organization called www.tribyalista.com. In 2003, we successfully launched our 1st Outreach Project at San Lazaro Hospital through the commitment and passion of the chatters through out the world but the hard work has been efficiently carried out by the Philippine based chatters. This year we are on the planning stage of our 2nd Outreach project.

"In helping others, we shall help ourselves,
for whatever good we give out
completes the circle and comes back to us."
~ Flora Edwards


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