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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Rumor - whow2bam is dying!!


Name: Kosme Naut Date Posted: Sep 4, 02 - 9:51 AM


Be aware of it's history and it's evolution. The room has faced a lot of stuff this past year, though I have not witnessed it all, I was there for most of the part. It's easy to say get more QM's, why don't people who complain about no qm become qm's themselves? Obviously, some people don't stay long enough in WW2BAM to realized that there is more to the room than Trivia Games. True regulars of this room connect with each other. I for one have gained lots of net friends in here. Tell me.. Where you there when Albieson_Hobiena single handedly faced a booter that has been terrorizing the room? Where you there to support Albie when he was forced out of the room? Are you concerned enough to the welfare of the room and the regulars that you would create a temporary refuge when mentally unstable people argue like children while jerks egg them on, distubing the peace of the room? That is what Seven_Km_Zone did. Are you concerned about the room that when one of us is attacked you would throw your hat in with us like Angelina Jolens,Gayle_d_Princess and Santa_Santita_ako when someone was attacking pax_avalon? So tell me about your concern for the room? --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Name: megan24ph

Date Posted: Sep 4, 02 - 11:07 AM

Message: I agree with you Kosme, this room has faced a lot of challenges this past year and despite them it still stands proudly/strongly pa rin because of the help of ALL the chatters--and I mean ALL. This room did not reach its status because of a handful of individuals (although we notice some people's concern stand out from the rest). But I would like to give credit to ALL of us who regularly chat in our room. I dont think it's a good idea to share with everybody what we did in this room to make it what it is now kasi it's like "pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko". Basta for me, tayong LAHAT ang bumubuo ng room na to. Tayong lahat ang kalaban ng makukulit at mga booters. We fight them hand in hand. Kanya kanyang characters, kanya kanyang contribution sa room. Tama nga si wala_nga, hindi na lang dapat pinatulan ang original posting dito. I remember the same concern months ago. We love this room, we love the people here. Kung ikaw Kosme, you gained lots of Net friends here.. ako naman, dito ako nagkaroon ng Net "anak" at Net "kapatid". Saka dito lang may nagvo volunteer magpa stalk sa akin(lolzzz). Hayyy.. tapusin na nga usapin dito and let's go back to regular programming na lang . HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WHO WANTS!! --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---



Name: blue_by_you

Date Posted: Oct 11, 02 - 8:25 PM



TO ALL ...WW2BAM CHATTERS . . . Hello again roomies! I just want everyone to know that I am very impressed the way things are going around the room ( ok, except for the booters, ksps,tame and the other nuisances i forgot to mention). I want to express my admiration and respect to all the qms,players, scorers, songers etc. for all your efforts of keeping the room alive ( WAY TO GO). There's been a lot of new games evolving from all simple trivia game. Word games, tomana games, songs or verse game, and of course trivias and jologs as well. i'd lik e to THANK EVERYONE for your efforts. Let's keep the room spirit alive.I encourage everyone to be a part of the WW2BAM family by coming up with more ideas/strategies to spice up games. More power to WHOWTBAM!


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