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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Google The Great

Name: mist_in_the_dark
Date Posted: May 2, 03 - 7:19 PM

Who doesn't understand that google is the oxygen of our trivia room life? There may be hundreds of ways to search for that elusive information we are looking for but google stands alone as our best friend. It almost never fails in times of need. I love google!

But I am writing this piece for a different reason - to express my anti-google sentiment. I would like to think that in a room where intellect is respected, intellect rules. What good is it to win a game through google? Does it make one feel great? Does it prove one's worth? Does it earn respect? Some will answer
these in the affirmative. After all, nothing beats the look of your own name after WTG or the sound of CONGRATULATIONS.

What may not be obvious is that google answers are almost always ... *drumrolls* ... obvious! We can fake it by quick cut and paste searching, ? after answers, asking for clues when you already "know", etc. We can get away with those. But PATTERNS are hard to fake. The longer we stay in these rooms, the clearer our "blueprints" become. It's hard to astray far from that blueprint. It kills me to see some answer only the most difficult questions but can't manage average ones. You will earn a rolled-up eyeball response, that much is certain.

That said, I will finish this essay on a positive pro-google note. Google is my best friend too. But I use it in a positive way. When I see an interesting question from a quizzer that I don't know, I likely won't attempt to answer it anymore but I may google that subject later on and read a synopsis of it (a single webpage usually will provide enough info). That way, I gain information that will stick better cause I gain some details of that subject. Future questions may touch on it again and THEN I am ready to answer.


Subject: Re: Google The Great
Name: galit sa googlers
Date Posted: May 5, 03 - 12:22 AM
Very well said, mist. I hope this serves as a reminder to all. Kahit sa anumang bagay, mas masarap ang pakiramdam kapag pinaghirapan ang karangalan, diba?

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Subject: Re: Re: Google The Great
Name: idol si mist
Date Posted: May 6, 03 - 5:45 AM
yan po ang idol ko! hindi pa naggoogoogle yan! (teklang marunong ba mag-google ang bot?)
wtg mist_in_the_dark!
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