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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Favorite Chatters

Name: Spring
Date Posted: 03/20/02
Message: I know this will sound like a popularity contest but I'm sure you will indulge me with this... Just want to know who are your favorite chatters in our room and why. You can list as many as you want..... I'll put up my list later...

Date: 03/20/02 02:31:33 PM
Name: cantlivewithoutmypanty

WeLl, My FaVe ChAtTeRs ArE...

pimp_daddy_buddha... my bp (the best bestfriend i've ever had)
celestial_soul5.....my litol (always makes my day)
cutepnayflava.......my mwek (kakambal ni litol na sira)
finki_fink.......... my kabsat (anyamet!)
linsy_may........... my schatz (maganda na, mabait pa)
maximus_alvaradus... aka maximina bukangkang
mistah_foogz........ aka preggy with built-in dildo
mico_lorenzo........ aka my secret crush (according to mr hu)
dirkk_diggler....... aka asawa ni fenke
iceman_0928......... aka da man
mike_03_24.......... aka enzo (galing magplay ng guitar)
mr_hu_em_ay......... aka ang sumpungin na chatter
ogre_2001au......... aka shrek (ambait-bait mo)
ubang1902........... aka uveyng (hayyyyyyy)
wizky_2001.......... aka voter na lasenggo

duday...am_not...sis insom...sis mdef...sis megan...kadyo10...skny...robbie...cno pa ba?
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Date: 03/20/02 09:53:27 AM
Name: ay em hu

Ok Spring 2000, I will list down my favorite chatters but first let me explain how I arrived with this list. I basically try to find a common trait with all the chatters whether they are on the list or not.Note that they are not in any particular order, just the way they come to my mind as I create this list.

* ca_473 - I like chatting with her cause we have fun chatting and when we also have those serious chats as well. She is very smart and has a great sense of humor.

* Megan - My sister from the very beginning. She introduced me to this room and is there whenever I have issues to work out. We have known each other for almost 3 years now and we are not getting any younger :P:P:P

* Linsy_may - You can always count on her to make you feel welcome when you enter the room. She was one of the first to accept me in WW2bam

* Melody - What can I say about her that would explain her. She can always spot me with whatever handle I am using and I can count her to devulging my identity all the time :P:P:P

* Silver_Fox - For people who only chat with her on the main screen, they see her as smart and at times a smart ass. However, my ice cream buddy, has a very mature outlook. I am glad I am one of the few who is blessed to know that side of her.

* Celestial_Soul - My neybor. Another one who makes you feel welcome then shoots you down with wise cracks. I like her sense of humour and she does have a sensitive side.

* Glydes - You can always count on her to be responsive. Even if she is a qm and I will try to distract her on PM, she just takes it in stride.

* Bookworm - Our often unheralded web master. I like the fact that she trust me enough to ask for my opinions for the web site.

* Epang - You can always count on Epang to liven up the room.

* Jermallets - What can I say, she is another one that makes me laugh. Dangerous combination when she and Epang are in the room.

* Mdefinelyyours - she is one of those person that will go along with the flow and does know how to have fun.

* Insomniacf - She has this sensitivity that really shows. Well at least to me

* Etzel - One of the nicest people around. Enough said!!!

* Maysagrl - As a QM she is one of the best. Her personality is great and she does have a great sense of humour.
* Redearth - A very sensitive young lady but very mature in mind. We will have to play volleyball or table tennis one day...

* Cutepnayflava - She has this bubbly personality that is very endearing..
* Impaktitang_cute - Another person that makes me feel welcome in the room. Then after a while, shoots me down!!! :P:P:P
* Cantlivewithoutmypanty- A very smart and very good QM. She does have a great sense of humour and is very friendly...
* Skny_she - Her sense of humour has me in stitches all the time. She is very friendly too but she has this fiesty side as well.
* Videl_ganda - Another friendly chatter that makes me welcome in the room.
*Finki_fink - another person who can wise crack with the rest of them...
* aap - She still an enigma to me but she does crack me up.
* Ivetteom - another friendly lady thaty makes me feel welcomed.
* Anneshey - sweet girl with a great sense of humour and very friendly as well...
Hmmmm ... nope I did not forget about the guys. hehehe.. just not chat with them much. So let me just group them on the list...

Guys that makes me laugh...

Pimp_daddy_buddha, Carpe_diem, Maximus_alvaradus, Icarus, kadyo_t, son_of_goku, Iceman, Truasiatic, Slutty, Little_jughead, river & supersenti

Guys I enjoy playing against on trivia game (aside from the list above).
Albieson_Hobiena, apollo_c_vermuth, skybochas, rastafarian_jom waaa!!! isa pa!!! si ogre din !!! langya tanda na ako makaka limutin na!!!!

There are a lot of great people in the room. Some, I have yet to get to know. So maybe someday I will ammend this list to include them... mr hu em ay.......


Date: 03/20/02 02:23:28 PM
Name: megan24ph

Grabe naman.. nilahat mo na yata ah.. Sana hiningi mo na lang kay sis Book ang list of chatters.. he he.. joke.. pero knowing you, alam kong ganyan kahaba ang list mo WITH matching explanation pa. Ako naman...I like everybody--wala naman akong ayaw eh (pwera booters).. pero I have favorites talaga:

Impak - o yan first in line.. kakatuwa kasi. feeling ko alam nya kung sino ako kahit anong handle gamitin ko... kasi she has a way of making you feel welcome kahit bago ka. pareho lang ang treatment niya sa old chatters at sa new chatters. WTG sis!
Jerma - galing mangantyaw (ha ha)! di ba masarap ang feeling if the chatters always acknowledge what you say in the room?.. yan si jerma! tapos tawagin ba naman akong "idol".. he he.. (galing na morale booster whew!)
Celest - very smart! at mahusay na "messenger" .. alang palya.. whew!
Glydes - yan ang laging partner ko pag ako ang QM -- siya ang scorer noong bago pa lang ako sa room....
Mdef - very smart din! Saka I like her style in the room.. Cool lang siya! (hindi katulad ko.. ha ha)
Videl - smart din and very friendly.. I have a feeling na masarap siyang kabarkada..
Sitaw - bago ko pa lang nakikita (2 nights pa lang yata) pero kakatuwang kasama sa room.. (sino kaya siya?)

Mr_hu_em_ay - sige na nga.. first in line na rin! he he.. joke ulit. Tagal ko nang kilala si Abet.. Hindi naman 3 years.. 2 years lang.. sus. Galit-bati kami nyan.. pero at the end kami pa rin magkakampi.
Stinky (Carpe) - he listens and he listens well. Magaling mag advice.. Sana makinig ako .. ha ha .. Tigas ulo ni guntoter no? he
Albie - my virtual dance partner. Saka very gentleman.. He only has better things to say to his fellow chatters.. Napaka cool.. wag po sanang maimpluwensiyahan ni .. ano... (lolz)
Skyboychas - sus.. ano bang masasabi ko dito?.. ha ha.. okay.. okay.. very smart! ang bilis mag-type.. waaaaaa .. at biktima ng pangangantyaw (ha ha).. pasensiya na po.. napapagtripan lang. didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. si Jerma kasi eh
Robroy - ang aking kababayan.. pag kausap ko yan, naho homesick ako .. pero isa sa fave ko pa rin kahit naho homesick ako.. he knows what I miss most in our hometown at yun ang kinukuwento nya... hintay ko pagbabalik mo sa NY ha... punta tayong Pinoy Resto..

Ogre - I know I can tell him EVERYTHING. I trust that guy so much.. whew! Siya lang may alam about my plan of "...........".
Supersenti - Very caring kaso masakit mangurot ... joke.. Napaka sensitive na tao (hindi kabayo ha.. kayo talaga)..
Kapatid Pimp - ang aking cute at thoughtful na kapatid. Pero minsan ko na lang makita sa room ..
Maximus - makulit sa room.. pero tahimik sa personal.. very sincere ang kabaitan (I'm glad I had the chance to meet him in person). Yung mga may crush kay Maxi.. di kayo nagkamali!!
Iceman - suplado yan sa akin when I was still planning to go to LA.. grabe.. pero when we met in LA, bait bait pala and very accommodating. Hindi napagod magpasyal sa akin kahit sumakit na binti sa kakalakad.. whew! nagkasakit pa nga eh.. waaaaaa.. Thanks ulit Iceman*.. di ko po yon malilimutan!
Special mention to: Skny, Anak Goku, Finks, Book, Little Juggy, Kadyo (kahit sinabihan akong palaaway), xy, foogz, true, wiz, linsy_may, cant....
So yun po.. the above people touched my virtual life in a way na di nagawa ng iba.. Thank you po ulit....


Name: finki_fink/vluwi_vlu/furfli_farfol
Date Posted: Mar 30, 02 - 11:04 PM

hmm... oks ito ha. hu ar mah peborit tsaters? hmmm....
dirkk_diggler: syempre mah most peborit, ang aking colocoy mah loves. he's mah man! nyahahah ... baliw yan eh, preho ko. kahit daming hinahalay sa room na fafas, alam ko ako pa rin unli inday labidabs niya. nyahhaaha
mistah_foogz/ da_foogly_meister/justanother_sn/prigidigidi: isa pa yang daming handol sus! tagteammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! (puriber) wib nown ets ader por a beri long taym, en wi noe ets ader beri well na baluktot dila nito sa tagalog eh, kaya ang sarap ibenta! nyahahah
celestial_soul5: mah bebe emem! ay labyu bebe kow na sufer kulit at sweet en smart! kulit nito sa fone eh, heto nga at kausap ko ngayon!
pimp_daddy_buddha: mah kuya femfen! ayb nown kuya ian por a beri beri long taym olwedi. he's da best kuyakoy eber!
supersenti_in_cali: a beri gud prend! tested en pruben! nyaheheheh. michu nilo!
cantlivewithoutmypanty: mah kabsat! ay michu too!
cutepnayflava: kamballllll! we heb da seym taste, dats way lagi siyang napagkakamalang ako, and ako as sya. nyahaha
impaktitang_cuteph: titangggg ....psst....huy! mo rin! ay lab et pag sya QM. ngongo ngeym na eh! nyahahha
j_lissa: isa pa tong makulit na tanong ng tanong kung nasan gitara kow! nyahahha ... sis cute ba natin? nyahahaha
skyboychas: manong sirib!!! ang galing pang maggitara at kumanta! kaya daming laglag bahag sa yo eh!
dynoracer: bangsit! nagdigos kan dynoni? nyahahha
mr_hu_am_ay: ay kol him mr hu ar yu. sya resepsyonis ng room, at gleng pa kumanta ng kanyang peborit at walang kamatayang "I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing" ahehehe ... sya coach ko sa pagkanta eh nyahaha!
little_jughead: jugaluga! kanya daw si Kirsten Kreuk (nyahahh tama ba esfelengin kow?) at sa kin naman si Tom Welling! nyahahha ... isa pa tong kewl at kulit! ay lab yur mayusek! (pwera jologs)
maximus_alvaradus: mamang max ) ... yan si matsing na makulit! nyahahah kasabwat ko to sa pang aasar kina ano eh.... hehehe kanta na!
epang: epskieeeeeee! la lang! kita ko palang name mo natatawa na ako eh :P
mdefinitelyyours: ate mdef! na sweet , smart at bait :D sana kagaya mo rin ako. nyahahha
onceupopucantstop: pringgolsssssssssssss melodu! tara may aawayin tayo! nyaheheheh
will_you_be_my_dreamgirl: he's mah tot tot. pasalubong ko na bunot at walis tambo ah!
linsy_may: hindi nakakalimot mag WB kahit busy wid her fafa wizkitot
wizky: sali na kita, fafa ka ni sis linsy eh! nyahhhaah loko lang pow!
wakko_xxx: wakwak na antukin pero kewl!
redearth: mah sistah! michu! beri pani gurl en purty fa
skny_she: manyakis na vavae!
cjasia: mah fwend! cute na sweet pa! messenger namin 'to ni iskoolmeyt magna eh.
icarus: tita aycah! katuwa lang ang katarayan at kabadaffan niya! nyahahaha
iceman_0928: aysmanyakkkkk! kulit din ito eh.
anneshey: mah purty little sis
gingerme: mommy luya! mwuah!
s_l_u_t_b_0_y: devvy! tweedle_dum!
kuya ogre da pogre, lolo goku, kuya azriel na mabait, sis deadlyasfatal, enzo gleng mag gitara, megan, etzhel, kuya capre, ate insom, ivette, videl,plepprayd, lanna, jaime en selber laber.
...sus dami ko nameng peborit. sana sinabi ko "LAHAT" nalang! nyahhahahahaha! *bow*


Date Posted: Mar 31, 02 - 9:30 AM
Message: Ok ok.. may mga favorite din naman ako no! actually, lahat ng lalaki sa room favorite ko e lolz.

In alphabetical order :

apollo_c_vermouth ahhmm eh kasi.. crush daw nya ako eh (hehehe kaya pala fave chatter ko lolz) though lam ko naman kung sino love nya lolz... at ehem ehem, sinasabihan din na flawless ako (sus, ang labo kasi ng mata nyan e.. waaaaa!)
celestialsoul5 sipag mag QM, sipag din mag score. hmmmm, kunin ko din ikaw scorer namin ha? nyahaha. hey, thanks pala for you know what! (wink! wink!)
etzhel - kahit lagging lag yan sa room... kumi kiss pa din yan
finki_fink on ko lang vc ko and listen to her sing, sus, buo na araw ko or should i say, sira na araw ko lolz. in fairness, galing naman sya mag guitar e. fenki, strum me ur fingers pls . ohhh, pero tigilan nyo na ni maxi yung "mamang max" and "fenki fenki", tangnaloob!
gingerme65 - ohh we’ve known each other for at least 8 months now... a good friend. ka birthday pa nya si nini (sus, ano konek? :P) at saka sya taga tanggol ko sa mga nag sasabing mataba ako hehe, isa pang malabo mata!!! or baka talagang friend ko lang sya
icarus_5577 ohh yesss!!! syempre naman, my day wouldn't be complete without an alaska from icarus. i am his favorite topic for his jokes.. ichokey, he looks funnier in person than his jokes in the chatroom lolz
iceman_0928 although i don’t see this guy much anymore.. i can still feel his presence in the EB’s.. hmmmm i wonder why? lolz.. thanks ice!
little_jughead "sinong nanay moooo???!!".. enough with the burping no!
maximus_alvaradus abah, minsan masaya kasi pag may baduy sa room! yan si max, alam lahat ng kabaduyan and kalumaan. lolz mdefinitelyyours sus, ka duet ko yan sa vc... she sings "seiko seiko wallet, ang wallet na ma swirti"... i sing "k k k katie"... she helps me keep my sanitary or should i say my "purity" in the room. wtg sister mdef!
mistah_foogz he is mah fwet lolz. ahmmm, he is a lot nicer to me now... hindi na nya ako masyado inaalaska... puro nalang sya "hahahahahahaha" sa mga nang aalaska sakin, waaaa same na din yun e
mr_hu_em_ay mr_sandamakmak_na_sn... he always forces me to sing on vc waaaa.. kaya fave ko sya coz laki bilib sa talent ko lolz
ogre_2001au kaka kilig errr I mean, nakaka suka panoodin yung foreplay nila ni iceman sa room lolz... this guy calls me "idol".. dunno why hmmm baka idol sa ka manyakan? waaaaaaaa
pimp_daddy_budda (my nini)- i always have this smile on my face when he is in the room, you know... yung "colon" and "d" sa YM? ganito o >>> :D.. he says "wtg behbeh" kahit mali sagot ko, ngek.. in the kingdom of yahoo, he is my only nini (familiar line ba apollo? peram ha? )
seven_pentacles (my louise)- schoolmate ko yan e.. so at least pag may umapi sa alma mater namin, may kakampi ako... she laughs at my corny jokes kaya ok when she’s around hehehe and she helps me make fun of icarus (in PM.. lolz)!
s_l_u_t_b_0_y without this guy, di nyo ma appreciate presence ni icarus... bagay sila e! One is a closet queen and the other is... ah eh, the closet! lolz.. when he is in the room, feeling ko may "substance" ako ;-wink
sweet_temptress89 (my pak) she gets all my green jokes.. hmmm bakit kaya? eh ang alam ko virgin pa sya e (sabi nya!!) lolz
sus sobrang dami na pala.. sige, dito na yung iba sa ibaba (ko) lolz
skyboychas (nerd na baduy na maka luma.. lolz)
ako_si_dakilang_saiyanman, the P&G guys (true, antipaks, good_kisser, bawal_umihi), supersenti_in_cali (ang tinga sa ipen ko!), nagorno_ekek (for his french lessons and sizzling stories.. lolz ), river_123321 (my kumpare.. taga tanggol ko din yan minsan.. as in minsan.. like once lang yata!.. lolz ), skny_she (para may na vie-view ako na nag sho show .. ooops!), amparo_paru_paro, cutepnayflava, dynoracer, insomniacf, carpe_diem (lagi nya kasi ako kinikindatan ), duyduydotcom (next!!!), ejay_nice, wakko_xxx (ang sungit mag QM! kakatakot maging scorer nya waaaaaa pero cute naman e )
cherryelle (taga bara ko kay icarus), linsy_may (my taga lol and wb hon), maysagrl (my official cheerleader lolz), cantlivewithoutmypanty (great QM and a new found PM mate lolz), impatiktang_cuteph (for her ngongo games na si finki naman lagi nakaka kuha!!! isa din sa alaskador tapos biglang sasabihin "jk lang" lolz) silverfox (very smart.. ok ka team pag G-spots vc Burats)
waaaaaaa dami pa e.. pigilan nyo nako please ... dami kasi talaga e.. yung iba baka di ko palang kasi natitikman ehek nakikilala pala.. ang daldal ko.


Name: celes
Date Posted: Mar 29, 02 - 2:09 PM
Well, this one took me a while, coz all the ppl in d chat room are funny, nice, smart and i like them . Here's my list :

CUTEPNAYFLAVA=What can I say? She's my BRU and I we really get along well becoz she's really nice and gets along easily with anyone ( although sabi nya, mataray daw sha ). Tsaka,marami shang alam na tsismis tungkol sa akin hihihi . And btw, she labs her kalbo mwekmwekmwekmwek! hahahaha ^__^
FINKI_FINK=She's my ATE FENKAY . Super sweet at super bait sa akin. Lagi ko shang kinukulit kasi pero ndeh sha nagsasawa sa akin kasi makulit din sha hihihi! Bebe nya kasi ako .And she always tucks me in at nite .Hey ate fenkay, dont forget the pabo in the sabungan . ^__^
CANTLIVEWITHOUTMYPANTY=She's my ATE TART .Very caring,thoughtful and loving ate.I'm her litol tart. Tsaka,madali ko shang napapatawa,ewan ko kung bakit hehehe!^__^
LINSY_MAY= My ATE HON . Mabait,very thoughtful and sweet .Tahimik at panay lol lang yan ( I wonder why hehehe!)She loves to play our fave songs.And she's the type that you can talk with almost everything .btw,thank you for calling me ur bunso hihihi! Isa pa ito, madali kong mapatawa ( now I am wondering why??)^__^
IMPAKTITANG_CUTEPH= TITANG kow!!! Very witty( sha ang counterpart ni max baklahura nyahahaha!!) At the same time, loyal na friend at mapagkakatiwalaan ever (penge fafa ha? hahaha!) Biro lang po .I love her ngongo games ( kahit wala akong masagot :p).^__^
SKNY_SHE=Si LOBS ko! (akala nila lobster..ngak!) Anyways,baliw din sha gaya ko tsaka makiri mejo gaya ko (kapal ko talaga!)Kwela sha at masarap kausap.Keep it up lobs ^__^
LANNA_05= I juz knew her recently, pero AUNTIE LANNA ko sha hehehe (thanks to bru ).bait at sipag magtext at sha ang nakakausap ko pag gabi hehehe! Lapit lang sha kasi ^__^
J_LISSA=Nakakatuwa sha . Tsaka lagi shang present( although she tried na magrehab...wa-epek!) and marunong din shang mangasar like the others .^__^
GINGERME65= My MAMA . Kwela and loving mama ko sha. Sipag magtext and I can talk to her almost about everything that's happening to me.I like her advices w/ regards to matters of the heart hihihi .^__^
ETZHEL= My ATE KRAS. Nakasanayan ko na shang tawaging ate kras hehehe! Pane din sha at d same time, halay hihihi! Juk lang ate
JERMALLETS=UBE BABES! Hehehe! We simply like ube and natutuwa ako sa kanya kasi natutuwa sha sa fonts ko. Bukod sa ube fonts ko, likes din nya yung gulaman fonts ko .Ube, gusto mo din ba ng kalamay on the side?( arte ako,gusto ko koloretik fonts ko
SILVER_FOX220=Si BUNSO . Very smart and mature for her age( ako dapat ang bunso, literally and mentally speaking hehehe!).Maganda and witty, what can I say?way to go,bunso !^__^
MEGAN24PH=Megs is nice and smart ^__^.Doncha worry megs, pag may message for you, cguradong makakarating.
BOBA_BUT_BEAUTY= Si ate ko na maganda and wag kayong maniwala na boba sha coz she's smart. She's a mind reader, sa sandaling paguusap namin, alam nya takbo ng isip ko hehehe^__^.
INSOMNIAC_F= My ate insom na bihira ko ng makita .Bz sha kasi but anywas, she's nice and really friendly.Quiet din sha katulad ni ate hon ( mag-sis nga talaga kayo ^__^).
Sweetmelodu(my potpot), si antipatika,Ate efeng , si ate gayle na ate siops, si ate bookworm, si ate khar na magaling mangasar lol(ay labyu hahah!), ate ignite, my friendly and sweet ate ,si ktine, my lil sis na smart and pretty ,si videl ganda hihihi!si sept na may plawer -plawer sa greetings kaso tinanggal nya, si magna(ay lab yu lol! ganda boses!),si inday w/her beloved pagong,Horace aka BUGOK(ay lab yu too! heheh!). Cno pa ba nakaligtaan ko..wahhh!!!Yun lang po sa gerls ^__^ ^__^ ^__^
FAFAtayin category hehehe!

PIMP_DADDY_BUDDHA= O bongga! Una na naman sa billing ang isang ito nyehehe! Well, sha ang KUYA KEFWENG and MATRONANG VADAFF ko hehehe! He's funny and always cracks me up esp. when he calls me TYANAK hahaha!Pero, kuya ko talaga sha and he's mabait and good to me ^__^.Yan and description ko sa kanya.Heto yung description nya sa sarili nya (i-post ko daw hahaha!):
pimp_daddy_buddha = he is the man that i want to be when i grow up( to think babae ako, vadaff sha nyehehe!)... a real gentleman(meaning gentle sa lalaki)... funny... naughty (sa fafa lang sha noti)... a good listener( pag porn songs)... can give us world peace if we only listen to his ramblings about making wearing clothes a crime punishable by flogging( what a perv!!)... handsome-a( hay salamat, inamin nya!).... sings well and plays a mean accordion mwekmwekmwek.
ICEMAN0928= My ader kuya ^__^.We've got sumthing in common pagdating sa lovesongs at movies . I can say, maganda ang taste nya ( parehas ng taste ko eh hehehe!). Kwela din sha at alaskador like others .
MAXIMUS_ALVARADUS= BAKLAHURA!!!! Hehehe!^__^. Sanay na sha sa pangaasar ko, unggoy kasi sha (juk lang max bakulaw!). Jolog king sha and he cracks up everyone with his jokes and jolog q's ^__^.
DIRKK_DIGGLER= Kuya DIRKOY ni ate FENKAY.Genuine ang kakulitan nya at talagang matutuwa ka sa kanya. Nope, hindi pa rin kita ililibre kahit boypren ka ni ate fenkay hahahaha!Pero ,he's very caring and very thoughtful kuya ^__^.
SKYBOYCHAS= EYDUL!!!!. He's very smart,magaling kumanta at mag play ng guitar, kwela din at mabait (pautang ,ha?)^__^ ( tsismoso nga lang hehehe! Biro lang po!).
PAX_AVALON=he's my KUYA NEYBOR na receptionist sa room coz he always welcomes new and old chatters in a very warm and friendly manner.I really like his poetries ( may sarili syang site ^__^). Very talented and friendly .
MICO_LORENZO=Si Micoy Puge!!!Yan na ang nakasanayang tawag ko sa kanya kasi, puge sha talaga hihihi^__^. he's nice kahit may pagkaantipatiko( alam naman nayng antipatiko sha hehehe!). he's also and funny ^__^.
KADYO= Si TATANG WENGWENG (tawagin daw baa kong wengweng, tse!).Isa pang kwela at nakakatuwang chatter esp. when he sings "QUE PASA". ^__^.
OGRE_2001AU= KUYA OGOG! he's a very nice kuya op mine and he's a "headbanger" like me coz he also like labsongs. You want me to play the remix of "Right Next to Me"?^__^.
THE_SON_OF_GOKU= Si LOLO UGOK!Tawagin daw ba akong lola eh mas gurang shang hamak sa akin. Ok shang qm coz he ask DBZ cartoon qs ^__^.I consider him a "headbanger" coz he likes lovesongs too .
JUGHEAD= Juggaluga! Hehehe. He's the burp king and CARTOON king. Hay, buhay na nya ang cartoons at alang makakatalo sa kanya pagdating sa cartoons ^__^. I like the songs he plays on vc ( except the songs by boybands...vadaff ka talaga!!!)
MERLIN_POTTER= Bihira ko shang makita( kasi laging nakabantay ang boss nyang si balot lol!),pero sa mga instances na nagkikita kami sa room, I really like talking with him about stuff like work, school etc.He's friendly and nice ^__^.
CJASIA2001= He's a nice guy and very friendly sa lahat.He's always asking me if I want to hear a certain and he'll gladly play it on vc (thank you po!). Sana wag kang madadala,ok? ^__^
AZRIEL8= My thoughtful and sweet kuya na laging nagpapaalala sa akin to be good ^__^ ( aside from the fact na baliw ako at pilya hehehe!).
HANAPKOTISAYNAPNAI= My food buddy hehehe! Lagi yang nangi-inggit kasi laging masarap ang baon for lunch ( penge kuya?!ayaw?damot!!)
Senti, the kabayo ever!!,si onecrazycanuckz,the kuya tokwa op mayn at empre ang MIA na si flip tokwa na katokwahan ni kuya nedd, si ubang (na pakner ni ate lissa ), si tatang true,ang mahilig sa bloopers( tawagin daw ba akong "lola",di bale tatang naman kita hehehe!), si dynowee na 7 am palang, kumakanta na(ang aga naman nun! pwede 9 am na lang )
si dudes aka DUDAY, another MIA pero nakakamiss sha nyeheehe! Ayan ha duday ,pwera halay yan lol!, also, si greenmanwalking,he's smart and funny too,si kuya apol at lolo duyduy na may PhD sa ww2bam coz gelng cla sa games .
I forgot Ate Mdef and Si Anneshey, two sweet and pretty people in the room ^__^.


Subject: Re: Fave Chatters
Name: jermallets
Date Posted: Apr 3, 02 - 3:09 AM
i like almost everybody in this room...but like others..i have mah favorites, too...here they are!!!

LOLS...wala akong maisip...puro males yata faves ko...hihihi..joke lang...

1. Mdef= she's prim and proper and very smart.. i like the way she handles icarus... bwehehehe...nakakatawa silang mag-asaran...lols
2. Epang= who wouldnt like epang???? she's my idol like what icarus says.
3. celestial soul+ my ubebabes...hihihi..kasing kulit ko sya...
4. good kisser= she's very kikay in person.. no dull moment with her
5. Megan= she's my idol!!!!.. i dont know...i really like her coz she's smart
6. santa- santita= she listens well and gives very mean advices...heheheh
7. Seven Pentacles= i miss this young lady.... although something happened along the way... i still like her a lot..
8. Boba but beauty= one really pretty and nice lady... i think we have alot of something in common
dami pa...pero next time na lang......lo batt na ko...hehehehe

MISTAH FOOGZ.... carpe diem.... river.... icarus...senti....pimp...true...lols... (sino pa ba?) mr hu...
engr.marvz.... dynoraycer... skyboychas...gohan..maxi pad with wings..iceman...wuggy.... kadjut....(next time na lang yung iba) ..wala na kong maisip...low batt na talaga ako....



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