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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Epang & Crush ng Bayan

Oh Eps...Bad_Girl_Epang, What Fun!

Behold, the free spirit arrive,
As all "who knows" will come alive,
Deride and taunt and tease and jive.
Gay banter will allay dismay.
Indeed, even sour ica may
Rejoice, giggle and laugh away,
Lolz! to see naughty epang play!

Everything nice, sugar and spice...
Pimp_daddy has been hypnotised!
Apollo, slutboy, ejay nice,...
Nagorns and others are enticed.
Gawd! even i've been mesmerised!

What antics bad_girl_epang brings.
Heaven and hell and bedlam rings.
And what great jeu d'esprit will spring
The moment epang does her thing!

Far and wide, you will never see...
Unfailing joviality - o' so
Nice to see... dear o'dear Epang's glee!

Date Posted: Apr 25, 02 - 7:31 AM

"oh it's a jolly holiday with epang" epang makes my heart feel light;
when my day is making gewang-gewang,
epang makes the sun shine bright o' happiness is bloomin' all around her,
the room has never had such fun;
when epang shows her strut, and this and that,
i laugh, giggle, chuckle and it aches, this tiyan.
oh it's a jolly holiday with you 'pang,a jolly jolly holiday with you." --
thank you, sherman brothers epang, dont ask me again...
i'd say "bukengkeng ko sa iyo"

Posted By: mother_superior_jumps_the_gun
Date Posted: Jan 21, 02 - 9:10 PM

Subject: re: epang
Name: good_girl_epang
Date Posted: Jan 23, 02 - 6:13 PM
wow thank you my mother chupa-rior... t
ill our next jologs game... ingat sa jabongga at sa mga cuscusin! rest assured,
wala na akong kukurikapu! musta naman baktol mo? nilinis mo na ba? lolz!
ahhh basta, takne! pugak! bukengkeng! again, thanks! tatsako! muwah! ----------
Name: number_one_fan Date Posted: Apr 23, 02 - 7:34 AM

First of all, this is not a love letter. This is just an open letter to Epang... hoping she gets to read this.
I am Epang’s avid "watcher" - a watcher because I go to the room to yes, sometimes play a game and watch Epang exchange banter with the other chatters like icarus, jughead, maximus, et al. Epang is one of the chatters in the room I enjoy watching.. whenever I enter the WW2BaM room, I immediately look for bad_girl_epang.. I have this "cheshire cat-smile" when she is online.. Epang makes me smile and literally ROTFL (especially with her green jokes, oops!)

This may be hard to believe (because I am a guy) but I do have high regards for Epang and I know some do too because I often see some girls and even guys call her "idol".

I heard Epang is leaving (not leaving the room I hope). I will miss your "good moaning" and "potah" .. he-he-he
Thank you Eps and Bon Voyage idol ;-wink

Subject: Re: Re: Oh Eps... Ahhh yes, its me!
Date Posted: Apr 25, 02 - 3:44 AM
Message: hi number 1. thanks ha?! i'm not leaving WW2BAM... will just be gone for a few weeks. wait till i have settled in.. naku! ikaw una kong hahalayin.. hmmm pero teka .. sino ka ba?

Crush Ng Bayan...
Name: Silver_Fox220
Date Posted: Feb 13, 03 - 12:24 AM
Crush Ng Bayan 2003 has come to a close. My thanks to all the people who voted!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce that Pimp and Epang are 2003’s Crush Ng Bayan with 30 pts for Pimp and 33 for Epang respectively.
Runners up are:

I’ve decided to disqualify myself because its not ethically correct for a comelec to included in the competition in the first place! Thank you to Kadyowho is responsible for the original idea. Thank you for all the constructive criticism.Thank you to the people who were supportive and gave me ideas and cheered me up when I was frustrated by the people who kept voting in the forum instead of e-mailing it to me (you know who you are guys, salamat!)


Subject: Acceptance Speech
Name: Pemp
Date Posted: Feb 13, 03 - 3:01 AM


hu hu hu (hiccup hiccup) *awkwardly balancing the tiara, crown and holding up sash that reads "crush ng bayan (the letter "g" has been crossed out and replaced with "n" in the word "bayan")*

i dunno where to begin i guess i would have to start with thanking some peoples. ehrr, pers op ol, i would like to thank the judges (judge dredd and judge commodore, even though they have nothing to do with this contest), the sponsors (bravenet, yahoo, msn, WWTBAM, MTB, abs.cbn, voltron, and whatever banner is currently flashing in your YM and this forum while you are reading this), the organizers (silver fox, and ... silver fox?), and last but not least the people who voted for me - the 2 devoted people who meticulously voted for me 15 times each ). of course i would like to thank my parents for their support in allowing me to express myself (and for dressing me up as a doll when i was a kid). even though he was my competitor, i would like to thank icarus for teaching me how to do the ketchup dance so I can wow the judges during the talent portion of this contest. he was such a patient teacher and he let me wear his halter top and micro mini during the talent portion. thanks icarus!!!(thinks: wetaminit, i think i already won this contest last year... *checks wallet for my picture wearing the crown, tiara and sash* i better not say it, they might take away the crown from me ). inayyyyy, itaaayyyyy, i won!!! i won!!! behhh to icarus - see you in the next contest icarus - ms. san juan 2003!

*walking awkwardly, as i try to balance on 5" heels. waving my princess diana wave. blowing kisses to the crowd*
thank you... thank you... thank you

*sponsor‘s voice: our show would also like to thank manang biday for the nice maria clara dress worn by all contestants this evening for the evening wear, band aid for all the bathing suits worn during the swimsuit portion, and for the drunk japanese guys in tia maria's who volunteered to judge the singing/talent contest held there. we would also like to thank all the people who were scorers in WWTBAM who helped tabulate the results for silver fox. and of course, let us not forget to thank "goodness, that this is all over.)
thanks y'all



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