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A journal about friendship and camaraderie among Filipino trivia enthusiast in the cyberworld.

Thursday, June 30, 2005


What's In A Name?
That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
-William Shakespeare,
Romeo and Juliet

Names serve several purposes. Most importantly they help distinguish us from one another. Imagine how difficult it would be to refer to people if we did not use names. The names of the characters in a book are frequently the first thing a reader sees when they flip a book over to read the blurb. The character names are just as much an advertisement for a book as the cover.

One thing is for certain, if the author take the time to create names that are perfect for the characters you will have a book that the readers will remember, and characters that will live forever. Characters like James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Crisostomo Ibarra, Lola Basyang, Padre Damaso, Juan Tamad, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Harry Potter are here to stay and they have become a part of our life in one way or another.

It's the same thing as creating an SN or a handle as we call it in the cyber world, screen names are the first thing that chatters look for when they enter the chat room. It takes time to create an SN, some end up with SN that are funny, someare serious, some are frilly, some are rude, even out right wierd, some don't say much, some are to obvious, others are just perfect for the character that they want to portrait while they are in the chatroom.

The chatters in the WW2BAM room have come up with unusual, sassy and unique SN, here are a few of them: basic_human_shrewdness, lolo_kengkarot tom_cruzz, destinys_shy. ferrero_r0cher, mist_in_the_dark, heart_of_innocence, pimp_daddy_buddha, baliw_sa_sulok, somedaysarebetterthanothers,
will_u_be_my_dreamgurl, hawaiian_boi, anak_pawis_lang_ako, angelina_jolens, maximus_alvaradus, bernie_barong. mami_siopao, Eyothan_Hawke, lilipad, lilipad, takure. Not to mention that one chatter can have 10 or 20 handles behind his/her name....

The SN that these people have created symbolizes and reflects some of their hidden personality, dreams, fantasy, or just fascination in coining or playing with words......Whatever your reason for creating a handle it is a sign of creativeness that is truly within each and everyone of us......here are some of the stories behind the many SN's that come and go in the chatroom, 24 hours a day.

What does your SN mean?
"seven pentacles" is a card that represents me/is meaningful to me in tarot readings. "seven pentacles" signifies a person waiting, anticipating. waiting for what? the magician of course! cryptic enough?

hayy, dami ko na ring sn. pero yung orig ko is celestial_soul5 ( yung may underscore). meaning nya is "heavenly soul" ( kinda preppy tho). and 5 is my fave number.

"daze_en_confuse" ( cguro dahil lagi akong tuliro),

"abag_abag_balintuwaran".walang meaning yan, accidental discovery ko while playing an english-tagalog game. prolly, that will answer the question "wat da pak does abag_abag_balintuwaran mean?

CIRCA 1990 -- dunno if you can still remember "Time Quest" that was broadcasted in channel 13. It's all about a bunch of youngsters who were stuck in Baghdad. They were accompanied by a lovely princess and a torpe prince and all of them are being chased by this wengweng-like abdullah guy. Their only hope is a time machine built from a tea kettle. Everytime the gang's ready to take off ( whether it's going to Jurassic Era or the year 207 , the time machine shouts "lilipad, lilipad, takureeeee!!!!!" and baboom! they're transported into a different period of time. That's the story behind my LILIPAD_LILIPAD_TAKURE sn. ^__^.



Once upon a time in a far far away land ...

ampon_lang_ako--- ibinunga dahil sa mga kalandian sa chat, nasimula ito noong unang panahon na madalas pa nakikipag cybersex ang boss ko sa mga cyber gf nya! lols! unang naging sn ko ay ** anak_ng_boss_ko_kay_cyber_gf ** at dahil itinakwil nila ako nagpa-ampon na lang ako sa EX-Gf ng boss na iniwanan nya dahil baog daw

tampon_popsicle -- dahil sa sn kong ampon, tinatawag nila akong tampon, kampon, at kung ano ano pang salitang may 'pon' sa dulo! pangalan din yan ng bandang nakita ko sa isang bar! he he he he! ginaya ko lang! mejo nakakatawa kasi eh tsaka wala akong originality eh!

Kamote_cute = kasi nangangamote ako sa pagsagot sa mga q's ng QM atsaka cute ako.


anneshey= pinagsama ko two nickname ko..Anne and Shey .
tamp0n_ghurl=...dalaga na po kasi ako kaya yan na gamit ko.. ..tampax ghurl dati yan tapos pinalitan ko ng tamp0n .. ..


i used to be a radio addict before, yung "roger..." "10-4" "QSY" (staying 'til the wee hours at 14.5840 frequency (makati-based). it's where i met this friend who has a very cute voice and who always takes the control, her name is anya. she's the reason behind my sn. yung 344, sa YM na lang nanggaling. ANYA pow, inde "anyak" or "anay"!



billy_gilman_ph... because I'm the biggest Billy Gilman Fan here in the Philippines. a.k.a. lucky_manzanas... wala lang gusto ko lang okrayin ang name.
shamey_shamey_shane... mahiyain ang pamangkin ko (sa kanya kasi talaga ang account.) Eh dahil minor, ako na ang gumamit. a.k.a. cereal_killer... the time na hindi naging maganda ang timpla ng tiyan ko having that kind of american breakfast kaya I hate cereals.

chillennium_2000... 1999 Yahoo SN ko. Ginaya ko lang ang Willennium ni Will Smith. a.k.a. brad_turkey... like lucky_manzanas, gusto ko lang okrayin ang name.

kuya_topeg... it is me. Lahat na lang ng kakilala ko Kuya Topeg ang tawag sa akin kahit na American sila. Topeg is a unique nickname variation of Christopher. Also considering the word Topak.



blues_utd - blues kasi i just love the blues...jimi hendrix
utd isnt a typo for std, btw...utd = united...as in manchester united...i'm so much into football.
on a cheesier side...blues kasi blue is the most complete color...lahat ng moods, capture nya...from the most sinister or sad [darkest blue] to the lightest or cutest [babiest blue]
ay madami pala ako sns...pag may weird combination of words, gawa ko agad sn [impossible hulk ... smokedscream ... etc] ...cloning sns/acct = a million chameleon ......etc


This has been my handle since I enter the WW2BAM chatroom early September 2001.

bookworm - is one adjective that will describe me as a person. I enjoy reading, I love books, I read anything. My work also involved books and information technology.
18 is a special date for me....
mjc - is the initial of my daughter, the apple of my eye. Well.....this is the STORY behind my handle....


Most of the sn's I use are transparent, humorous or obvious:

tahimik_ngunit_mapanghi, a play on the the tagalog term: tahimik ngunit mapanganib. this was my very first sn.
seven_testicles, an sn i used to complement my good friend's sn, seven_pentacles

carpe_diem0412, (carpe diem=sieze the day) i wanted to make a less serious sn, but capre_diem, kapre_diem and carpe_diemon were already taken, so i just reverted back to carpe diem plus my birthday.

kandong_king, anyone who views our EB pics would know what this means. It's really a long story of how this tradition of having one or two chatters sit on my lap during eb's started. But it's fun

It was Feb. 22, 2002, WW2BAM's post-Valentines Day EB. It was also my first WW2BAM EB. Picture taking time and everyone was jockeying for position when Dyanis from the Married room seeing my kandong vacant, decided to utilize that seat to get into the picture.Next came Jireh in another picture. After that. word went around that my kandong was the most comfortable seat in the house and people took the opportunity to sit on my lap by ones, twos and even threes whether there was a camera or not.

After a while I decided that to maintain the integrity of my kandong, I would only entertain two kandongers per EB and no repeat seaters, which were generally followed except for a few exceptions. Overall I have had 19 unique seatings: 18 female and 1 male (Prof. fun_duck_si_ako) and about 14 seating reservations Thus was born kandong_king.


chaiselleigh i created that name in my literary piece during HS.. bianca is my best bud's name..16 is my fave no. from alvin patrimonio's jersey
mystique- being mystical... mysterious at time kc ako... chaise pronounced as SHAZ in french.. chaise_lei actually is the short cut of CHAISELLEIGH


chikka1727....hmmm... kasi ganito yun. madaldal talaga ako, kaya yan na ang naisip ko...chikka, short for chikkadora... tapos 17 kasi, dati may significance sa akin yun. hahahaha! 27 bday at fave number ko.Ü yan ang pinakamadalas kong ginagamit...
cuddly_psyche, chanos_oreochromis, chaka yung stichopofuscus...madalang kong ginagamit, pero pag di ko magamit ang chikka, yun gamit ko.

cuddly_psyche...psych major na cuddly ...

stichopofuscus.---isang species ng sea cucumbers ata yun, na nakatuwaan ko din nung nagreport ako about sea cucumbers nung marine science class ko.


why my_chinaeyes? hmmm..sana..di ito mababasa ng asawa ko ha..tabi tabi po...mr.my_chinaeyes..lol...
noong bata ako..sobra ako singkit..as in...ewan ko ba nung lumaon...di na gaano? then...may suitor ako...sa isang sulat nya...he described my eyes..as...chinaeyes..(kinikilig ako..) so..yun...kilala ng asawa ko yun....naku po...tabi tabi po ulit..bigote_master..hahahahaha

so...nung nag register ako sa yahoo for the first time..yan ang naisip ko na gamitin..o davahhhhhhhh! kahit di na ako singkit....chinaeyes pa din ako..WALANG KOKONTRA!!!



council_of_idiots was born when i got into a heated argument with someone from work.
at the time, i also was fond of using the term, "it takes a village to raise an idiot," which is my response to hillary clinton's book "it takes a village to raise a child." anywhey, back to the argument. right in the middle of the argument this person had the audactity to give me the strangest grounds for contention (which i knew he threw in there as a bait to stall any negotations or attempt to resolve the issue) and i had to fire back, "now what council of idiots spawned that moronic idea?" voila! an sn was born! since then, i've used council of idiots as a reminder not to take myself seriously during the trivia games.



Obviously, "dina bumblebee" is a distortion of the name of the oh-so-luscious actress, Dina Bonnevie. The idea came to mind when I saw a "vic sotto" SN in the chat room and decided to bring to life his ex-wife in the chat scene.
The actress is the embodiment of someone who has grown old gracefully. Sana ganyan din ako when I reach my 40s. Malayo pa yon ha!!!



GOOD_EPANG / GOOD_GIRL_EPANG - i use these SNs when i am not in a horny mood .. lolz

BAD_EPANG / BAD_GIRL_EPANG - hehe, syempre opposite ng mood ko sa good_epang

VIRGIN_EPANG - pag feel ko ma "wtg virgin". hmp, dami nga kumontra pero sus, pag bigyan nyo nako.. sa chatroom na nga lang ako virgin e! lolz

EPANG_sa_room242 - ahhmm, memorable kasi sakin room 242 nung feb 14 e (wink! wink!)... sus, make a wild guess nalang

PIED_DE_PEPPER - i use this pag gusto ko mag join sa game (or pag may tinataguan... pssst! di ikaw yun, wag praning!) where did i get this sn? actually, pied_de_pepper is the name of my foot lotion! (a little epang trivia.. pwe!)

KISHMIKWIK - i use this when i am in a not-so-mahalay mood (as if!)

MIF_1212 - hmmm... secret


Ang sn ko bow, ay head bang pala un lol ... nuttin izpisscial abawt my sn rili except that... t'was practically the next best thing that popped up in my papa's head on one rainy sept nite around 9:20 pm while me mom is huffin en puffin hard en d doc's coaching her to push harder, she ended up with a c section, lol....it's my real name cute no? nyehehhehehe ang conceited ba?


fair ravenclaw talaga yan pinaikli ko lang.
ravenclaw is one of the four houses in Hogwarts. :
CHO (chang) was the love interest of Harry Potter and her house is ravenclaw.

fiffay - was derived from the story of jack and the beanstalk. naheard ko kasi yung story while I am thinking of a sn. I got it from the expression of the giant (Fie Fay Fo Fum). I modify it a little bit and whola "fiffay" comes out.


hmmm... wel as yu ken si, dis 3 handols ar may peborit colors. medyo inartehan ko lang dating coz maarte akow weh ) nyahahha... dyok lang, para maiba lang ang dating Why F instead of P? ... kasi aym estil kampyused wid mah letors EP and FI eh.

hmm...long story...explain ko na lang yung number 2. active na kasi yung foxy_grandma na handle so nilagyan ko na lang ng 2 (ang babaw ko )

well, my SN says it all, Im looking for half breed pinays kasi half breed pinoy ako. Totoo yan....



i got this from a Jessica Simpson song, at the time I was listening to it, i was in my very first relationship... yup young first love.... and i could relate to the song so i created dis sn. 7 bcoz 7 is my favorite number

Dawnna59 -just another variation to spell my name...unique and different from the original spelling. 59...many think it was a slip of the finger that my finger meant to hit the 6 but slipped and hit the 5 das wrong! 5 bcoz my first name consist of 5 letters and 9 bcoz my surname consist of 9 latters

It was given to me by my ex gf...because everytime we have a fight, no matter how mad I get, I always tend to be cool. even if it's her fault..hehehe kasi po mahal na mahal ko ex ko eh.


insomniacf source: insomniac + f
insomnia - [L, fr. insomnis sleepless.] prolonged and usually abnormal
inability to obtain adequate sleep
insomniac - person who suffers from insomnia
f - abbreviation for female
female - of or relating to being the sex that bears young or produces eggs
f pwede rin:
fairy (bading? JOZKODAY! )
faithful (for sure)
farouche (shy daw! :D shy nga ba ako hibang?)
far-out (minsan lang)
feisty (waaaaaaah! hibang eto ba ako???)
felicitous (oh di ba felicity? ngeks hindi yung mapapangasawa dapat ni angelo na kapartner ni inah sa pangako sayo! ano ba yan??? ang kurneh ko!)
femme fatale (oooooops...teka not applicable!!! hahaha! )
ferocious (sa pagkain lang po. PBBL di ba hibang?)
fickleminded (wag ka na magcomment please!)
fiddle-footed (prone to wander...hmmmm... di ba layasera toh? perfect!)
finicky (hmmmm... sa palengke....pero hindi ako marunong tumawad )
flexible (parang si lastikman!)
flip (baliw! )
foppish (baliw pa rin! )
frank (hmmmm... iilang tao lang nakakaalam nito, hmmmm... ngayon marami na)
freak (baliw pa rin ulit! )
friendly (kayo na lang humusga)
fearfully-inclined-to-shift-gears (nyehehehehe! hmmmm... private joke )
kaya lang hindi na ako insomniac ngayon.... tulugin na ) dapat magpalit na ako...INSOMNIACF_DATI
yan po istorya ng handle ko (now you wish you did not ask noh mr. hu??? )


ivetteom is my original sn in the room, and i thought of that name for my daughter (if ever i'll have one), i want a unique name and Ivette with an I is not common yet, O is my maiden name and M is my last name now.

pretty baliw, is my sn for the 2 months now, but have been in my cell logo since february, that was the month i became baliw...that was the month i join the who wants room, pretty, coz, i know i am always pretty (walang kokontra..)


what does your SN mean? its the opposite meaning ...

JERMALLETS is an acronym of my highschool girlfriends... ako po yung M...lols..baduy noh?


Ang handle ko na jethernandez ay galing sa pangalan ng presidente ng homeowners
association ng street namin na merong anak na dati kong hinahalay... si MANG JET
. at yung apelyido ng ka opis mate kong malibog na HERNANDEZ. hehehehehe...so
what does jethernandez mean? MALIBOG at MAHALAY!! bwahaha!!


jireh - galing sa Jehovah Jireh ibig sabihin God is my provider..(blasphemous ba?)..kc labs ako ni Lord lahat ng kelangan ko binibigay Nya..khit gano pa katagal kc i believe God's time is always on time ung 74 yr yan kung kelan ako niluwal s mundo...
bespren_ni_niel - kilala nyo si senti..sya un bespwen tawag ko s knya kc bait sya sakin poreber pwamis..


kenchilicious -- nung una ako natutong mag-chat, baguhang immigrate lang kami sa US. Ang paggawa ng rellenong manok ang specialty ko at yun ang binebenta namin kapag wala na kaming pera. (i posted the recipe sa blog ko)

nokmarapsa -- variation ng nauna kong sn na lumabas nung august of that year kasi linggo ng wika.

at konti lang ang nakakaalam na ako din si xxxbanana_extractxxx -- nakikibagay sa kanila sago at gulaman... hehehe...

oo nga pala, ako din yung extrang_pasahero_sa_bangbus dahil sa bang bus craze noon


The sn I used the longest and have several variations is Justin Case. I cam upon this sn from an old TV movie about a private detective with the name Justin Case. It struck me as funny and when I was searching for a new sn, this one came to mind.

Kosme naut is obviously a play on cosmonaut. I have a certain fascination with space and I want to make it sound more whimsical, so I cam up with kosme_naut. Kosme ... This sn started as kosme_naut but some good for nothing a-hole put an adult picture on it and posted it in some adult site, so i shorten it to kosme. I have several sn's that basically are distorted words and Kosme_naut seemed to be the one that is most memorable...

Eyothan_Hawke ... another play on words based on the actor Ethan Hawke... hehehe ... This is the sn I basically used just as an eye catcher... I guess you can call it my "halay" tendencies coming out sn.

my fascinations on word plays took me to create the following sns.. gene_erick (generic), islaw_mosyun (slow motion), eddie wagnah ( eh di wag na), al_beader (i'll be there), aladin perra ( ala din pera), tino_torette just to name a few..

I also derived some sns from my interest in myths and legends. Sns like arondight ( Sir Lancelot's Sword) and pax_avalon ( pax, roman peace and avalon, mystical resting place of King Arthur).

Interest in the supernatural also led to sn creations. wharloch (warlock) and spectre are most notable.

The longest sns I have used are x3mly_this_terbd_in_dv_dwal and braindead_man_walking

Those are just some of the sns I have created and used from time to time


It started when I was around 4 yrs old, there was this character sa Pinoy Komiks named PLA PLA. She kicked ass like I did <<<<>>> Le Gecla

linsy_may = coz yan ang name ny pinaka cute kong cousin at nagandahan talaga ako how it sounds! Eh cute din naman ako sabi ng Olds ko no..hahhaha!!!

dea_shane = dream name ng Papi (my father) kung girl daw ang magiging sister ko (unluckily,bumalik sakin ang name, hahahha) DEA means goddess sa Latin, at yan po ang pinalit na name noong binili ng RWE ang TEXACO, Germany, where my father works as Consultant, but now was baught by SHELL na naman..sus ang gulo(hahhaha). Why Shane? basta daw(waaaaaa)

ebel_elite = Ebel kasi ang watch ko sa work. Why elite? kasi yan ang tawag sakin ng Papi ko (he's pronouncing it ELIT, sabi naman ng Mami o, ELIT KULIT..waaaaa!!!)



megan24ph - megan: kasi matagal ko nang gamit yan sa MSN when i'm "hiding".

24 - birthday ko (wish it's my age..oh well...)

"ph" kasi ang yahoo eh, ni suggest yan kasi nilagay kong country Philippines, 'never thought i'd stick to this sn na kasi isip ko dati temporary lang eh (pang one day lang sana..) want to change it to megan24nj or megan924, what do you think? oh well..it doesn't matter.. people call me megan anyway.. not megan24ph


mcoolit_ako: yung pagiging makulit ko ay kse d naman yung kulit na nakakainis mas makulit ako in person sa room minsanan lang kse asa lugar naman ang pangungulit eh.

pasaway (da_hell_momma_raised): nakuha ko yang sn na yan sa isang shirt ko, i really find it eye catching.

tao_ba_ako_inay: eto expression naming magkakabarkada to lalo na pag medyo d maganda ang lukot ng mukha mo pag nakita ka nila, sisigaw sila tao ba ako inay? (minsan english pa "am i a human mom?")

pero di nyo ba napapansin sa dalawang sn ko sa taas istarring momma/inay well obviously lab na lab ko nanay ko maski minsan mahirap magpalaki ng magulang.

inspired by MAYSA LEAK who does the vocals for the acidjazz group Incognito. i just adore her cool, mysterious & sultry voice. can relate ba ako? hehehe. i dropped her last name - parang porno ang dating ng combination eh and added GRL. for girl interrupted.


Kasi SN ng asawa ko ski_bum_3ple_diamond..mahilig kasi syang mag ski.

My name is Lyn kaya pinagdugtong ko... naging lynskibum, sabi ng asawa ko kaya ski_bum_3ple diamond kasi daw wala daw syang ginawa kung di mag ski ng mag ski....naging bum.


My sn lory7499- kasi eto ang nick ko na gamit ng aking namayapang lolzbels...huwaaaaa! oo sya lng nagamit nito kaya maswerte ka ineng ka natatawag mo ako sa ngalang ito, nways ung numbers dyan it came from my student number see sa school these numbers are ur lifeline in exams and all even in enrolling! mabuhay iskolar ng bayan!

leng_5983 - this is my real nick at home n in skul. leng leng telelng is the whole of it, the number( aba mahilig sa numero ang motherbels nyo di ba halata?) is my birthday but since no one is so interested to ask now lang nasabi ang dahilan nito oks.

ricetoppings - eto sa dahilang nagtagsawa ako sa rice in a box sa skul at sa inaraw araw na ginawa ng Dyos eto ang pagkain ko sa lunch, as in lolbels kung may hasang lng ako amoy beef and mushroom na itetch awardness talaga kaso napagtanto kong medyo errr mukha na ako beef n mushroom.

qbbismypayburit - kasi naadik ako sa keso at fixation sa qbb na brand see in special!

BabyArki dahil yan sa boyfriend ko pareho kami ng sn kaso kanay ung ArkiBaby naman see galing noh?


mena_suvaru came from mena suvari, shes an actress in that movie "Loser". The time I was watching the movie I kind of relate myself to her character I'm not saying I'm a loser... but at that time... I felt like I was.

Nothing special with my sn. Its just the Hispanic version of my real two names: Michael Lloren.


It's an original idea to convey the state of being there but not visible, of being felt but not tangible.

I represent neither the male nor the female gender. I just am .


OGRE is my nickname spelt backwards. I got my nickname by getting the first 2 letters of my first name.

i.e. ERnesto and the first 2 letters of my surname i.e. GOnzales. ayan alam nyo na ang secret ko...

pimp daddy buddha

i know some people heard why i chose this sn. the truth behind the name is actually very secret and important, but here's an aspect of the name that i will share with you:

pimp = in the past, i've done a lot of things that i am not very proud of. it was a stage in my life that i thought i wanted to escape, but realized that my past is not one i should escape from but one i should accept and remind myself so that i can avoid repeating the same sins.

daddy = in learning to forgive myself because of my very sinful past, i was told that i should learn to forgive others, and the father (daddy) is the best role model to learn about forgiveness. a father, a really good father, forgives his children no matter the transgression.

buddha = i have constantly struggled to remove myself from the material world, and thought that buddha showed the way. it is by not thinking about one's self, when one learns to transcend what attaches him/her to this world, that makes one finally free from pain. sounds pretentious? sounds like b.s.? i leave it up to you



Mine is tigerlilypotsky yahoooo
Tiger - kasi mataray ako at masungit sa mga strangers lalo na sa mga di ko kilala. Sabi din kasi ni lalabs trust no one daw eh.

Lily - because I love flowers. Its a way to melt my heart. Tulips or white roses will do. FYI. 'yan ang real name ko ewan ko ba naman kasi kung anong nakain ng nanay ko at pangalanan daw ba ako ng Lily eh sa di naman bagay such ; yan din nga pala tawag sa akin ng nanay ko pag galit sya sa akin especially pag naasar sa akin.. nyahahaha kaya if anyone's calling me Lily tatanong ko agad kung siya ang nanay ko.

Tigerlily - favorite kong cartoon character; yong Indian ba yon na friend nila Peter Pan na masungit na kamukha ni Pocahontas [na may medalyon na asawa ni Morgana na asawa ni Boris na inlove kay Lorna an tunay na ina ni Yuri ] nahawa na naman ako kay Jugga ; this sn is taken already na din kaya di na pwede. kaya isip pa ako

Potsky - this is my nick; mga kaofcmate ko sa ETPI at sa Infocom addresses me this way pati boss ko at mga managers namin right now; actually it all started nung yong technician namin si Sir Willy eh magkatunog name namin so sabi ng boss ko ako daw Lilypot and si Sir Willy yong Willy. As time goes on naging Lilypot till Lilypotsky for long and Potsky for short.



i made this sn coz i was so funny enough to wait for a snowflakes to fall on LA..... then my friends told me im like a prosti why? coz i never wear t shirt...only boxer shorts which is more comfortable for me they told me that i have a perfect body to satisfy a woman so i got the idea and create this alias.


CaNtLiVeWiThOuTmYpAnTy- kase i cant live without 'em talaga lalo na yung black lace kowahaha tsaka malamig d2 sa Canada baka manigas ang ano ko... i mean katawan ko sa lamig.

LeMoNdRoPz24- noong nagcha-chat ako sa realpinoy ito na ang handle ko so dinala ko lang sa yahoo.

x0X_rhei_rhei_x0x- tawag sa akin ng mga friends ko RhEi.

BuBbLe_TeA- my favorite drink... lalo na yung green apple flavor tapos daming tapioca yum!


The SN is meant to describe the character chatting

santa santita - meaning, kunwari saintly pero santita pala, parang merong 2 opposite facets ng personality ng tao.


Silver- is my favorite color aside from pink. It is also my favorite jewelry . . . I always felt gold looked like hardened pee well actually, I thought gold was the symbol for excessive greed and hubris while Silver just had the right touch of elegance to it. Silver is also the color of my car . . . or any future cars I may acquire.

Fox- is a wily, highly intelligent and resourceful creature. Outside of their species, they come across as shy and timid; however, within their family group, they are playful and sociable animals . . . with the older ones taking responsibility for the rest of the group who are dependent on them for survival, nurturing and caring for each others' young ones. Aside from being smart, foxes are also known for being alert and adaptive to anything nature throws at them- hence the term "outfoxed" when it comes to overcoming all odds. They are also very graceful and nimble (which sadly I'm not)

Silver Fox- is an animal more commonly known as the Arctic Fox. Its fur is a reddish brown in the summer, and snowy white with silver streaks in the winter- a survival adaptation by camouflage.


"simon" is a character i use from Vampire the Masquerade, a game i used to play in college.

"woo" is because i've been a John Woo fan even before he hit big in hollywood.

the 69... well... i used to be a very, very bad boy.



BTW, i took this one from an 80's tune which we used during a shower party while passing a bottle of (you guess it right) to the person to our left. when the music stopped, the person still holding the bottle had to demonstrate how to use it and believe me, it wasn't me.

passthesushi - i love sushi but was too lazy to think of something to attach to that nic, so passthe na rin lang

wasabeontop - syempre partner ng sushi
Year was 2001, Month of August... bored ako sa dating chatroom na tinatambayan ko, so nag surf ako sa Yahoo for another chatroom na pwedeng dayuhan. I saw the room *Who wants to be a millionaire* and went in. Mga ka chat ko noon were T80 (magaling sa movies taga Canada yata siya) and Bluebees. Halos wala pang tao sa chatroom noon, and from what I've learned eh kakagawa lang ng room just that week.

Handle ko was brainless_si_ako. Kasi at that time, I was experiencing some personal dilemmas, kaya brain less ako. After a couple of weeks, pinalitan ko to Videl_ganda. fanatic ako sa cartoons, lalo na DBZ. yung *ganda* part, wala akong ibang maisip na handle to go with that kasi Videl was already taken. Pero it doesn't necessary mean na nagbubuhat ako ng sarili kong chair and show everyone na cute ako (konti lang ) ..thus... Videlski was born. For a short while, ginamit ko ren yung Bulma_ganda.. pero parang walang appeal, and it sounds like Vulva_ganda .. sina Marc naman, handles nila was Gohan and Vegetta, and si Neil eh Trunks. I've used this handle ever since, pero lately gumawa ako ng iba based from what others would call me:

Videlicious - thanks to Deanne aka cutepinayflava, yan ang tawag niya saken

Aymishu - common slang sa chatroom, although it doesn't mean na may nami miss ako

Voracious4 - it started when some of us chatters would go on a *field trip* and roam around different chatrooms, and came upon a room called *voracious vixens* or something like that. Eh itong si Lolo Kengkai-san, nagumpisa siyang mag roll call na sabay, let's Volt in, kaya gumawa kami ng handles na Voracious 1,2,3..etc.. ako yung 4 figure niyo nalang kung sinu sino yung 1,2,3,5 at mga bago ngayon na Voracious .5 and Voracious7up .


zared -artist ng painting na nakita ko sa isang magazine

zenki -cartoons na pinapanood ko dati sa channel 2

kotzen-cd na pinapakinggan ko nung ginawa ko tong sn na to

z" kalaban ng power rangers ... si lord zed !!!!

Favorite Chatters

Name: Spring
Date Posted: 03/20/02
Message: I know this will sound like a popularity contest but I'm sure you will indulge me with this... Just want to know who are your favorite chatters in our room and why. You can list as many as you want..... I'll put up my list later...

Date: 03/20/02 02:31:33 PM
Name: cantlivewithoutmypanty

WeLl, My FaVe ChAtTeRs ArE...

pimp_daddy_buddha... my bp (the best bestfriend i've ever had)
celestial_soul5.....my litol (always makes my day)
cutepnayflava.......my mwek (kakambal ni litol na sira)
finki_fink.......... my kabsat (anyamet!)
linsy_may........... my schatz (maganda na, mabait pa)
maximus_alvaradus... aka maximina bukangkang
mistah_foogz........ aka preggy with built-in dildo
mico_lorenzo........ aka my secret crush (according to mr hu)
dirkk_diggler....... aka asawa ni fenke
iceman_0928......... aka da man
mike_03_24.......... aka enzo (galing magplay ng guitar)
mr_hu_em_ay......... aka ang sumpungin na chatter
ogre_2001au......... aka shrek (ambait-bait mo)
ubang1902........... aka uveyng (hayyyyyyy)
wizky_2001.......... aka voter na lasenggo

duday...am_not...sis insom...sis mdef...sis megan...kadyo10...skny...robbie...cno pa ba?
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Date: 03/20/02 09:53:27 AM
Name: ay em hu

Ok Spring 2000, I will list down my favorite chatters but first let me explain how I arrived with this list. I basically try to find a common trait with all the chatters whether they are on the list or not.Note that they are not in any particular order, just the way they come to my mind as I create this list.

* ca_473 - I like chatting with her cause we have fun chatting and when we also have those serious chats as well. She is very smart and has a great sense of humor.

* Megan - My sister from the very beginning. She introduced me to this room and is there whenever I have issues to work out. We have known each other for almost 3 years now and we are not getting any younger :P:P:P

* Linsy_may - You can always count on her to make you feel welcome when you enter the room. She was one of the first to accept me in WW2bam

* Melody - What can I say about her that would explain her. She can always spot me with whatever handle I am using and I can count her to devulging my identity all the time :P:P:P

* Silver_Fox - For people who only chat with her on the main screen, they see her as smart and at times a smart ass. However, my ice cream buddy, has a very mature outlook. I am glad I am one of the few who is blessed to know that side of her.

* Celestial_Soul - My neybor. Another one who makes you feel welcome then shoots you down with wise cracks. I like her sense of humour and she does have a sensitive side.

* Glydes - You can always count on her to be responsive. Even if she is a qm and I will try to distract her on PM, she just takes it in stride.

* Bookworm - Our often unheralded web master. I like the fact that she trust me enough to ask for my opinions for the web site.

* Epang - You can always count on Epang to liven up the room.

* Jermallets - What can I say, she is another one that makes me laugh. Dangerous combination when she and Epang are in the room.

* Mdefinelyyours - she is one of those person that will go along with the flow and does know how to have fun.

* Insomniacf - She has this sensitivity that really shows. Well at least to me

* Etzel - One of the nicest people around. Enough said!!!

* Maysagrl - As a QM she is one of the best. Her personality is great and she does have a great sense of humour.
* Redearth - A very sensitive young lady but very mature in mind. We will have to play volleyball or table tennis one day...

* Cutepnayflava - She has this bubbly personality that is very endearing..
* Impaktitang_cute - Another person that makes me feel welcome in the room. Then after a while, shoots me down!!! :P:P:P
* Cantlivewithoutmypanty- A very smart and very good QM. She does have a great sense of humour and is very friendly...
* Skny_she - Her sense of humour has me in stitches all the time. She is very friendly too but she has this fiesty side as well.
* Videl_ganda - Another friendly chatter that makes me welcome in the room.
*Finki_fink - another person who can wise crack with the rest of them...
* aap - She still an enigma to me but she does crack me up.
* Ivetteom - another friendly lady thaty makes me feel welcomed.
* Anneshey - sweet girl with a great sense of humour and very friendly as well...
Hmmmm ... nope I did not forget about the guys. hehehe.. just not chat with them much. So let me just group them on the list...

Guys that makes me laugh...

Pimp_daddy_buddha, Carpe_diem, Maximus_alvaradus, Icarus, kadyo_t, son_of_goku, Iceman, Truasiatic, Slutty, Little_jughead, river & supersenti

Guys I enjoy playing against on trivia game (aside from the list above).
Albieson_Hobiena, apollo_c_vermuth, skybochas, rastafarian_jom waaa!!! isa pa!!! si ogre din !!! langya tanda na ako makaka limutin na!!!!

There are a lot of great people in the room. Some, I have yet to get to know. So maybe someday I will ammend this list to include them... mr hu em ay.......


Date: 03/20/02 02:23:28 PM
Name: megan24ph

Grabe naman.. nilahat mo na yata ah.. Sana hiningi mo na lang kay sis Book ang list of chatters.. he he.. joke.. pero knowing you, alam kong ganyan kahaba ang list mo WITH matching explanation pa. Ako naman...I like everybody--wala naman akong ayaw eh (pwera booters).. pero I have favorites talaga:

Impak - o yan first in line.. kakatuwa kasi. feeling ko alam nya kung sino ako kahit anong handle gamitin ko... kasi she has a way of making you feel welcome kahit bago ka. pareho lang ang treatment niya sa old chatters at sa new chatters. WTG sis!
Jerma - galing mangantyaw (ha ha)! di ba masarap ang feeling if the chatters always acknowledge what you say in the room?.. yan si jerma! tapos tawagin ba naman akong "idol".. he he.. (galing na morale booster whew!)
Celest - very smart! at mahusay na "messenger" .. alang palya.. whew!
Glydes - yan ang laging partner ko pag ako ang QM -- siya ang scorer noong bago pa lang ako sa room....
Mdef - very smart din! Saka I like her style in the room.. Cool lang siya! (hindi katulad ko.. ha ha)
Videl - smart din and very friendly.. I have a feeling na masarap siyang kabarkada..
Sitaw - bago ko pa lang nakikita (2 nights pa lang yata) pero kakatuwang kasama sa room.. (sino kaya siya?)

Mr_hu_em_ay - sige na nga.. first in line na rin! he he.. joke ulit. Tagal ko nang kilala si Abet.. Hindi naman 3 years.. 2 years lang.. sus. Galit-bati kami nyan.. pero at the end kami pa rin magkakampi.
Stinky (Carpe) - he listens and he listens well. Magaling mag advice.. Sana makinig ako .. ha ha .. Tigas ulo ni guntoter no? he
Albie - my virtual dance partner. Saka very gentleman.. He only has better things to say to his fellow chatters.. Napaka cool.. wag po sanang maimpluwensiyahan ni .. ano... (lolz)
Skyboychas - sus.. ano bang masasabi ko dito?.. ha ha.. okay.. okay.. very smart! ang bilis mag-type.. waaaaaa .. at biktima ng pangangantyaw (ha ha).. pasensiya na po.. napapagtripan lang. didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. si Jerma kasi eh
Robroy - ang aking kababayan.. pag kausap ko yan, naho homesick ako .. pero isa sa fave ko pa rin kahit naho homesick ako.. he knows what I miss most in our hometown at yun ang kinukuwento nya... hintay ko pagbabalik mo sa NY ha... punta tayong Pinoy Resto..

Ogre - I know I can tell him EVERYTHING. I trust that guy so much.. whew! Siya lang may alam about my plan of "...........".
Supersenti - Very caring kaso masakit mangurot ... joke.. Napaka sensitive na tao (hindi kabayo ha.. kayo talaga)..
Kapatid Pimp - ang aking cute at thoughtful na kapatid. Pero minsan ko na lang makita sa room ..
Maximus - makulit sa room.. pero tahimik sa personal.. very sincere ang kabaitan (I'm glad I had the chance to meet him in person). Yung mga may crush kay Maxi.. di kayo nagkamali!!
Iceman - suplado yan sa akin when I was still planning to go to LA.. grabe.. pero when we met in LA, bait bait pala and very accommodating. Hindi napagod magpasyal sa akin kahit sumakit na binti sa kakalakad.. whew! nagkasakit pa nga eh.. waaaaaa.. Thanks ulit Iceman*.. di ko po yon malilimutan!
Special mention to: Skny, Anak Goku, Finks, Book, Little Juggy, Kadyo (kahit sinabihan akong palaaway), xy, foogz, true, wiz, linsy_may, cant....
So yun po.. the above people touched my virtual life in a way na di nagawa ng iba.. Thank you po ulit....


Name: finki_fink/vluwi_vlu/furfli_farfol
Date Posted: Mar 30, 02 - 11:04 PM

hmm... oks ito ha. hu ar mah peborit tsaters? hmmm....
dirkk_diggler: syempre mah most peborit, ang aking colocoy mah loves. he's mah man! nyahahah ... baliw yan eh, preho ko. kahit daming hinahalay sa room na fafas, alam ko ako pa rin unli inday labidabs niya. nyahhaaha
mistah_foogz/ da_foogly_meister/justanother_sn/prigidigidi: isa pa yang daming handol sus! tagteammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! (puriber) wib nown ets ader por a beri long taym, en wi noe ets ader beri well na baluktot dila nito sa tagalog eh, kaya ang sarap ibenta! nyahahah
celestial_soul5: mah bebe emem! ay labyu bebe kow na sufer kulit at sweet en smart! kulit nito sa fone eh, heto nga at kausap ko ngayon!
pimp_daddy_buddha: mah kuya femfen! ayb nown kuya ian por a beri beri long taym olwedi. he's da best kuyakoy eber!
supersenti_in_cali: a beri gud prend! tested en pruben! nyaheheheh. michu nilo!
cantlivewithoutmypanty: mah kabsat! ay michu too!
cutepnayflava: kamballllll! we heb da seym taste, dats way lagi siyang napagkakamalang ako, and ako as sya. nyahaha
impaktitang_cuteph: titangggg ....psst....huy! mo rin! ay lab et pag sya QM. ngongo ngeym na eh! nyahahha
j_lissa: isa pa tong makulit na tanong ng tanong kung nasan gitara kow! nyahahha ... sis cute ba natin? nyahahaha
skyboychas: manong sirib!!! ang galing pang maggitara at kumanta! kaya daming laglag bahag sa yo eh!
dynoracer: bangsit! nagdigos kan dynoni? nyahahha
mr_hu_am_ay: ay kol him mr hu ar yu. sya resepsyonis ng room, at gleng pa kumanta ng kanyang peborit at walang kamatayang "I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing" ahehehe ... sya coach ko sa pagkanta eh nyahaha!
little_jughead: jugaluga! kanya daw si Kirsten Kreuk (nyahahh tama ba esfelengin kow?) at sa kin naman si Tom Welling! nyahahha ... isa pa tong kewl at kulit! ay lab yur mayusek! (pwera jologs)
maximus_alvaradus: mamang max ) ... yan si matsing na makulit! nyahahah kasabwat ko to sa pang aasar kina ano eh.... hehehe kanta na!
epang: epskieeeeeee! la lang! kita ko palang name mo natatawa na ako eh :P
mdefinitelyyours: ate mdef! na sweet , smart at bait :D sana kagaya mo rin ako. nyahahha
onceupopucantstop: pringgolsssssssssssss melodu! tara may aawayin tayo! nyaheheheh
will_you_be_my_dreamgirl: he's mah tot tot. pasalubong ko na bunot at walis tambo ah!
linsy_may: hindi nakakalimot mag WB kahit busy wid her fafa wizkitot
wizky: sali na kita, fafa ka ni sis linsy eh! nyahhhaah loko lang pow!
wakko_xxx: wakwak na antukin pero kewl!
redearth: mah sistah! michu! beri pani gurl en purty fa
skny_she: manyakis na vavae!
cjasia: mah fwend! cute na sweet pa! messenger namin 'to ni iskoolmeyt magna eh.
icarus: tita aycah! katuwa lang ang katarayan at kabadaffan niya! nyahahaha
iceman_0928: aysmanyakkkkk! kulit din ito eh.
anneshey: mah purty little sis
gingerme: mommy luya! mwuah!
s_l_u_t_b_0_y: devvy! tweedle_dum!
kuya ogre da pogre, lolo goku, kuya azriel na mabait, sis deadlyasfatal, enzo gleng mag gitara, megan, etzhel, kuya capre, ate insom, ivette, videl,plepprayd, lanna, jaime en selber laber.
...sus dami ko nameng peborit. sana sinabi ko "LAHAT" nalang! nyahhahahahaha! *bow*


Date Posted: Mar 31, 02 - 9:30 AM
Message: Ok ok.. may mga favorite din naman ako no! actually, lahat ng lalaki sa room favorite ko e lolz.

In alphabetical order :

apollo_c_vermouth ahhmm eh kasi.. crush daw nya ako eh (hehehe kaya pala fave chatter ko lolz) though lam ko naman kung sino love nya lolz... at ehem ehem, sinasabihan din na flawless ako (sus, ang labo kasi ng mata nyan e.. waaaaa!)
celestialsoul5 sipag mag QM, sipag din mag score. hmmmm, kunin ko din ikaw scorer namin ha? nyahaha. hey, thanks pala for you know what! (wink! wink!)
etzhel - kahit lagging lag yan sa room... kumi kiss pa din yan
finki_fink on ko lang vc ko and listen to her sing, sus, buo na araw ko or should i say, sira na araw ko lolz. in fairness, galing naman sya mag guitar e. fenki, strum me ur fingers pls . ohhh, pero tigilan nyo na ni maxi yung "mamang max" and "fenki fenki", tangnaloob!
gingerme65 - ohh we’ve known each other for at least 8 months now... a good friend. ka birthday pa nya si nini (sus, ano konek? :P) at saka sya taga tanggol ko sa mga nag sasabing mataba ako hehe, isa pang malabo mata!!! or baka talagang friend ko lang sya
icarus_5577 ohh yesss!!! syempre naman, my day wouldn't be complete without an alaska from icarus. i am his favorite topic for his jokes.. ichokey, he looks funnier in person than his jokes in the chatroom lolz
iceman_0928 although i don’t see this guy much anymore.. i can still feel his presence in the EB’s.. hmmmm i wonder why? lolz.. thanks ice!
little_jughead "sinong nanay moooo???!!".. enough with the burping no!
maximus_alvaradus abah, minsan masaya kasi pag may baduy sa room! yan si max, alam lahat ng kabaduyan and kalumaan. lolz mdefinitelyyours sus, ka duet ko yan sa vc... she sings "seiko seiko wallet, ang wallet na ma swirti"... i sing "k k k katie"... she helps me keep my sanitary or should i say my "purity" in the room. wtg sister mdef!
mistah_foogz he is mah fwet lolz. ahmmm, he is a lot nicer to me now... hindi na nya ako masyado inaalaska... puro nalang sya "hahahahahahaha" sa mga nang aalaska sakin, waaaa same na din yun e
mr_hu_em_ay mr_sandamakmak_na_sn... he always forces me to sing on vc waaaa.. kaya fave ko sya coz laki bilib sa talent ko lolz
ogre_2001au kaka kilig errr I mean, nakaka suka panoodin yung foreplay nila ni iceman sa room lolz... this guy calls me "idol".. dunno why hmmm baka idol sa ka manyakan? waaaaaaaa
pimp_daddy_budda (my nini)- i always have this smile on my face when he is in the room, you know... yung "colon" and "d" sa YM? ganito o >>> :D.. he says "wtg behbeh" kahit mali sagot ko, ngek.. in the kingdom of yahoo, he is my only nini (familiar line ba apollo? peram ha? )
seven_pentacles (my louise)- schoolmate ko yan e.. so at least pag may umapi sa alma mater namin, may kakampi ako... she laughs at my corny jokes kaya ok when she’s around hehehe and she helps me make fun of icarus (in PM.. lolz)!
s_l_u_t_b_0_y without this guy, di nyo ma appreciate presence ni icarus... bagay sila e! One is a closet queen and the other is... ah eh, the closet! lolz.. when he is in the room, feeling ko may "substance" ako ;-wink
sweet_temptress89 (my pak) she gets all my green jokes.. hmmm bakit kaya? eh ang alam ko virgin pa sya e (sabi nya!!) lolz
sus sobrang dami na pala.. sige, dito na yung iba sa ibaba (ko) lolz
skyboychas (nerd na baduy na maka luma.. lolz)
ako_si_dakilang_saiyanman, the P&G guys (true, antipaks, good_kisser, bawal_umihi), supersenti_in_cali (ang tinga sa ipen ko!), nagorno_ekek (for his french lessons and sizzling stories.. lolz ), river_123321 (my kumpare.. taga tanggol ko din yan minsan.. as in minsan.. like once lang yata!.. lolz ), skny_she (para may na vie-view ako na nag sho show .. ooops!), amparo_paru_paro, cutepnayflava, dynoracer, insomniacf, carpe_diem (lagi nya kasi ako kinikindatan ), duyduydotcom (next!!!), ejay_nice, wakko_xxx (ang sungit mag QM! kakatakot maging scorer nya waaaaaa pero cute naman e )
cherryelle (taga bara ko kay icarus), linsy_may (my taga lol and wb hon), maysagrl (my official cheerleader lolz), cantlivewithoutmypanty (great QM and a new found PM mate lolz), impatiktang_cuteph (for her ngongo games na si finki naman lagi nakaka kuha!!! isa din sa alaskador tapos biglang sasabihin "jk lang" lolz) silverfox (very smart.. ok ka team pag G-spots vc Burats)
waaaaaaa dami pa e.. pigilan nyo nako please ... dami kasi talaga e.. yung iba baka di ko palang kasi natitikman ehek nakikilala pala.. ang daldal ko.


Name: celes
Date Posted: Mar 29, 02 - 2:09 PM
Well, this one took me a while, coz all the ppl in d chat room are funny, nice, smart and i like them . Here's my list :

CUTEPNAYFLAVA=What can I say? She's my BRU and I we really get along well becoz she's really nice and gets along easily with anyone ( although sabi nya, mataray daw sha ). Tsaka,marami shang alam na tsismis tungkol sa akin hihihi . And btw, she labs her kalbo mwekmwekmwekmwek! hahahaha ^__^
FINKI_FINK=She's my ATE FENKAY . Super sweet at super bait sa akin. Lagi ko shang kinukulit kasi pero ndeh sha nagsasawa sa akin kasi makulit din sha hihihi! Bebe nya kasi ako .And she always tucks me in at nite .Hey ate fenkay, dont forget the pabo in the sabungan . ^__^
CANTLIVEWITHOUTMYPANTY=She's my ATE TART .Very caring,thoughtful and loving ate.I'm her litol tart. Tsaka,madali ko shang napapatawa,ewan ko kung bakit hehehe!^__^
LINSY_MAY= My ATE HON . Mabait,very thoughtful and sweet .Tahimik at panay lol lang yan ( I wonder why hehehe!)She loves to play our fave songs.And she's the type that you can talk with almost everything .btw,thank you for calling me ur bunso hihihi! Isa pa ito, madali kong mapatawa ( now I am wondering why??)^__^
IMPAKTITANG_CUTEPH= TITANG kow!!! Very witty( sha ang counterpart ni max baklahura nyahahaha!!) At the same time, loyal na friend at mapagkakatiwalaan ever (penge fafa ha? hahaha!) Biro lang po .I love her ngongo games ( kahit wala akong masagot :p).^__^
SKNY_SHE=Si LOBS ko! (akala nila lobster..ngak!) Anyways,baliw din sha gaya ko tsaka makiri mejo gaya ko (kapal ko talaga!)Kwela sha at masarap kausap.Keep it up lobs ^__^
LANNA_05= I juz knew her recently, pero AUNTIE LANNA ko sha hehehe (thanks to bru ).bait at sipag magtext at sha ang nakakausap ko pag gabi hehehe! Lapit lang sha kasi ^__^
J_LISSA=Nakakatuwa sha . Tsaka lagi shang present( although she tried na magrehab...wa-epek!) and marunong din shang mangasar like the others .^__^
GINGERME65= My MAMA . Kwela and loving mama ko sha. Sipag magtext and I can talk to her almost about everything that's happening to me.I like her advices w/ regards to matters of the heart hihihi .^__^
ETZHEL= My ATE KRAS. Nakasanayan ko na shang tawaging ate kras hehehe! Pane din sha at d same time, halay hihihi! Juk lang ate
JERMALLETS=UBE BABES! Hehehe! We simply like ube and natutuwa ako sa kanya kasi natutuwa sha sa fonts ko. Bukod sa ube fonts ko, likes din nya yung gulaman fonts ko .Ube, gusto mo din ba ng kalamay on the side?( arte ako,gusto ko koloretik fonts ko
SILVER_FOX220=Si BUNSO . Very smart and mature for her age( ako dapat ang bunso, literally and mentally speaking hehehe!).Maganda and witty, what can I say?way to go,bunso !^__^
MEGAN24PH=Megs is nice and smart ^__^.Doncha worry megs, pag may message for you, cguradong makakarating.
BOBA_BUT_BEAUTY= Si ate ko na maganda and wag kayong maniwala na boba sha coz she's smart. She's a mind reader, sa sandaling paguusap namin, alam nya takbo ng isip ko hehehe^__^.
INSOMNIAC_F= My ate insom na bihira ko ng makita .Bz sha kasi but anywas, she's nice and really friendly.Quiet din sha katulad ni ate hon ( mag-sis nga talaga kayo ^__^).
Sweetmelodu(my potpot), si antipatika,Ate efeng , si ate gayle na ate siops, si ate bookworm, si ate khar na magaling mangasar lol(ay labyu hahah!), ate ignite, my friendly and sweet ate ,si ktine, my lil sis na smart and pretty ,si videl ganda hihihi!si sept na may plawer -plawer sa greetings kaso tinanggal nya, si magna(ay lab yu lol! ganda boses!),si inday w/her beloved pagong,Horace aka BUGOK(ay lab yu too! heheh!). Cno pa ba nakaligtaan ko..wahhh!!!Yun lang po sa gerls ^__^ ^__^ ^__^
FAFAtayin category hehehe!

PIMP_DADDY_BUDDHA= O bongga! Una na naman sa billing ang isang ito nyehehe! Well, sha ang KUYA KEFWENG and MATRONANG VADAFF ko hehehe! He's funny and always cracks me up esp. when he calls me TYANAK hahaha!Pero, kuya ko talaga sha and he's mabait and good to me ^__^.Yan and description ko sa kanya.Heto yung description nya sa sarili nya (i-post ko daw hahaha!):
pimp_daddy_buddha = he is the man that i want to be when i grow up( to think babae ako, vadaff sha nyehehe!)... a real gentleman(meaning gentle sa lalaki)... funny... naughty (sa fafa lang sha noti)... a good listener( pag porn songs)... can give us world peace if we only listen to his ramblings about making wearing clothes a crime punishable by flogging( what a perv!!)... handsome-a( hay salamat, inamin nya!).... sings well and plays a mean accordion mwekmwekmwek.
ICEMAN0928= My ader kuya ^__^.We've got sumthing in common pagdating sa lovesongs at movies . I can say, maganda ang taste nya ( parehas ng taste ko eh hehehe!). Kwela din sha at alaskador like others .
MAXIMUS_ALVARADUS= BAKLAHURA!!!! Hehehe!^__^. Sanay na sha sa pangaasar ko, unggoy kasi sha (juk lang max bakulaw!). Jolog king sha and he cracks up everyone with his jokes and jolog q's ^__^.
DIRKK_DIGGLER= Kuya DIRKOY ni ate FENKAY.Genuine ang kakulitan nya at talagang matutuwa ka sa kanya. Nope, hindi pa rin kita ililibre kahit boypren ka ni ate fenkay hahahaha!Pero ,he's very caring and very thoughtful kuya ^__^.
SKYBOYCHAS= EYDUL!!!!. He's very smart,magaling kumanta at mag play ng guitar, kwela din at mabait (pautang ,ha?)^__^ ( tsismoso nga lang hehehe! Biro lang po!).
PAX_AVALON=he's my KUYA NEYBOR na receptionist sa room coz he always welcomes new and old chatters in a very warm and friendly manner.I really like his poetries ( may sarili syang site ^__^). Very talented and friendly .
MICO_LORENZO=Si Micoy Puge!!!Yan na ang nakasanayang tawag ko sa kanya kasi, puge sha talaga hihihi^__^. he's nice kahit may pagkaantipatiko( alam naman nayng antipatiko sha hehehe!). he's also and funny ^__^.
KADYO= Si TATANG WENGWENG (tawagin daw baa kong wengweng, tse!).Isa pang kwela at nakakatuwang chatter esp. when he sings "QUE PASA". ^__^.
OGRE_2001AU= KUYA OGOG! he's a very nice kuya op mine and he's a "headbanger" like me coz he also like labsongs. You want me to play the remix of "Right Next to Me"?^__^.
THE_SON_OF_GOKU= Si LOLO UGOK!Tawagin daw ba akong lola eh mas gurang shang hamak sa akin. Ok shang qm coz he ask DBZ cartoon qs ^__^.I consider him a "headbanger" coz he likes lovesongs too .
JUGHEAD= Juggaluga! Hehehe. He's the burp king and CARTOON king. Hay, buhay na nya ang cartoons at alang makakatalo sa kanya pagdating sa cartoons ^__^. I like the songs he plays on vc ( except the songs by boybands...vadaff ka talaga!!!)
MERLIN_POTTER= Bihira ko shang makita( kasi laging nakabantay ang boss nyang si balot lol!),pero sa mga instances na nagkikita kami sa room, I really like talking with him about stuff like work, school etc.He's friendly and nice ^__^.
CJASIA2001= He's a nice guy and very friendly sa lahat.He's always asking me if I want to hear a certain and he'll gladly play it on vc (thank you po!). Sana wag kang madadala,ok? ^__^
AZRIEL8= My thoughtful and sweet kuya na laging nagpapaalala sa akin to be good ^__^ ( aside from the fact na baliw ako at pilya hehehe!).
HANAPKOTISAYNAPNAI= My food buddy hehehe! Lagi yang nangi-inggit kasi laging masarap ang baon for lunch ( penge kuya?!ayaw?damot!!)
Senti, the kabayo ever!!,si onecrazycanuckz,the kuya tokwa op mayn at empre ang MIA na si flip tokwa na katokwahan ni kuya nedd, si ubang (na pakner ni ate lissa ), si tatang true,ang mahilig sa bloopers( tawagin daw ba akong "lola",di bale tatang naman kita hehehe!), si dynowee na 7 am palang, kumakanta na(ang aga naman nun! pwede 9 am na lang )
si dudes aka DUDAY, another MIA pero nakakamiss sha nyeheehe! Ayan ha duday ,pwera halay yan lol!, also, si greenmanwalking,he's smart and funny too,si kuya apol at lolo duyduy na may PhD sa ww2bam coz gelng cla sa games .
I forgot Ate Mdef and Si Anneshey, two sweet and pretty people in the room ^__^.


Subject: Re: Fave Chatters
Name: jermallets
Date Posted: Apr 3, 02 - 3:09 AM
i like almost everybody in this room...but like others..i have mah favorites, too...here they are!!!

LOLS...wala akong maisip...puro males yata faves ko...hihihi..joke lang...

1. Mdef= she's prim and proper and very smart.. i like the way she handles icarus... bwehehehe...nakakatawa silang mag-asaran...lols
2. Epang= who wouldnt like epang???? she's my idol like what icarus says.
3. celestial soul+ my ubebabes...hihihi..kasing kulit ko sya...
4. good kisser= she's very kikay in person.. no dull moment with her
5. Megan= she's my idol!!!!.. i dont know...i really like her coz she's smart
6. santa- santita= she listens well and gives very mean advices...heheheh
7. Seven Pentacles= i miss this young lady.... although something happened along the way... i still like her a lot..
8. Boba but beauty= one really pretty and nice lady... i think we have alot of something in common
dami pa...pero next time na lang......lo batt na ko...hehehehe

MISTAH FOOGZ.... carpe diem.... river.... icarus...senti....pimp...true...lols... (sino pa ba?) mr hu...
engr.marvz.... dynoraycer... skyboychas...gohan..maxi pad with wings..iceman...wuggy.... kadjut....(next time na lang yung iba) ..wala na kong maisip...low batt na talaga ako....


Dreaming of a Pinoy Christmas, atbp.

Name: dina_bumblebee0901
Date Posted: Dec 2, 02 - 5:56 PM

In response to Pimp's suggestion, I am re-sharing an article I read in one of our news dailies.

STILL dreaming of a white Christmas? Unless Pinatubo belches another load, you're in for a reality check. This is the tropics, we're smack in the middle of the equatorial belt and we put on sunscreen and skin whiteners to feel decently dressed up.

Forget about Santa Claus sliding down the chimney. Except in Baguio, we only have smokestacks blighting the landscape, and can you imagine the jolly fat guy shimmying down those ozone busters? He'd be toast. Rudolf and Prancer and Blitzen and Dancer? Ummm, we don't mean to be a Grinch, but they'd make for fine pulutan the moment they venture out in the open.

Marahil ito po ay dahil hindi nagbabago ang ww2bam. Marami pa ring tao at mainit pa rin ang kanilang pagtanggap sa bawat miyembro at bagong karakter na pumapasok sa silid. Parami nang parami ang kaiga-igayang patimpalak. At sa tuwing ako'y aalis, kakaibang saya ang aking nararamdaman, di lang dahil sa mga butil ng kaalaman na aking natamo, ngunit dahil muli ko na namang nakadaupampalad ang ilan sa mga makukulay na karakter sa mundo ng chat.

But far from being a Scrooge or a Muggle in these days of seasonal cheer, we'd like to suggest a more homegrown celebration -- scaled down, sure, but with all the trimmings, glitter and cholesterol overload of Christmases past. Not to mention uniquely Pinoy as well. So find the familiar in this grab bag of ideas guaranteed not to bust your budget, burst an artery or drive you to Prozac.

1. Tiangges all over the place (the better to load up on aguinaldos, and don't forget to haggle!)

2. The Pampanga parol (or its substitutes, made of capiz, cellophane, papel de Hapon, old newspapers or Dixie cups)

3. Escayola belen, the bigger the better, with a manger made of sawali and nipa.

4. Bah, ham (bug)! Make it a Majestic, available by the kilo in wet markets.

5. Puto bumbong at tsaa (preferably taken after Misa de Gallo).

6. Piping hot bibingka with salted eggs and native cheese.

7. Tsokolate eh paired with suman

8. Potluck family dinner (check what the rest are bringing so you don't end up with endless bilaos of pancit or three versions of fruit salad)

9. Queso de bola -- if you shirk from the expensive imported versions, they've got edible local versions

10. Misa de Gallo, never mind if they're sometimes held the midnight before

11. Damit pamasko: must be new and in na in

12. Castañas, fresh from the street peddlers' steaming cauldron of sand

13. Fruitcake (or its poorer but more appreciated cousins: brownies, food for the gods, carrot cake, lemon squares, chocolate chip cookies, etc.)

14. Pancit (of all kinds: bihon, Malabon, luglog, habhab, canton, molo, etc.)

15. Puto (sapin-sapin, maja blanca, with salted eggs and cheese, puto ube, etc.)

16. Halaya (home-cooked ube, thick and chewy, with a dash of dayap just like Ima used to make)

17. Leche flan (with burnt caramel on the bottom)

18. Sinamay angels, rubbing wings with the papier mache Santa and reindeer made of rattan twigs

19. Christmas tree (green, plastic or white-painted twigs, with complement of wrapped gifts, walang laman ang iba)

20. Christmas lights: pin lights and rice lights in all colors and shapes, sometimes lighting up the whole house

21. Carols (live, as in the roving brass band or the parish choir, or canned, as in synchronized with the blinking lights on your Christmas tree)

22. Street kids jangling tansan tambourines and chanting, "Piso lang po" when your car gets stuck in traffic

23. Improvised Christmas wreaths (of sinamay, papier mache, resin berries, silk leaves and flowers, walis tingting accents and gold or silver paints)

24. Balikbayans (relatives, friends, boxes na amoy Amerika pa!)

25. Tricycle loads of inaanaks clutching the toy of the moment (Harry Potter accessories, Zoids, PowerPuff Girls, etc.)


Name: abyan mo Date Posted: Jan 30, 02 - 4:45 AM

Item 1: TOOTHPICK - to remind us to pick out the good qualities in others.
Item 2 : RUBBERBAND - to remind us to be flexible, things might not always go the way u want, but it will work out.
Item 3: BAND AID - to remind us to heal hurt feelings, ours or someone else's.
Item 4: PENCIL - to remind us to list our blessings everyday.
Item 5: ERASER - to remind us that everyone makes mistakes and it's ok.
Item 6: CHEWING GUM - to remind us to stick with it and we can accomplish anything thru the grace of God.
Item 7: CANDY KISS - to remind us that everyone needs a kiss or a hug evryday.
Item 8: TEA BAG - to remind us to relax and go over the lists of blessings that God showered upon us.


I asked God to grant me patience. God said, No.
Patience is a by-product of tribulations; it isn't granted, it is earned.
I asked God to give me happiness. God said, No. I give you blessings. happiness is up to you.

I asked God to spare me pain. God said, No.
Suffering draws yo apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me.

I asked God to make my spirit grow. God said, No.
You must grow on your own, but i will prune you to make you fruitful.

I asked God for all things that i might enjoy life. God said, No. I will give you life so that you may enjoy all things.

I asked God to help me LOVE others, as much as he loves me. God said... Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.

Stop telling God how big your storm is.
Instead tell your storm how big your GOD is.


Name: Stinky
Date Posted: Jun 18, 03 - 1:46 PM

1. Don't worry about what people think, they don't do it very often.
2. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.
3. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
4. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before.
5. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.
6. For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program.
7. If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.
8. A conscience is what hurts when all of your other parts feel so good.
9. Eat well, stay fit, die anyway.
10. Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.
11. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.
12. Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.
13. Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.
14. By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends.
15. Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator.


Date Posted: May 8, 02 - 9:27 AM

ADULT: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.
BEAUTY PARLOR: A place where women curl up and dye.
CANNIBAL: Someone who is fed up with people.
CHICKENS: The only creatures you eat before they are born and after they are dead.
COMMITTEE: A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.
DUST: Mud with the juice squeezed out.
EGOTIST: Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.
GOSSIP: A person who will never tell a lie if the truth will do more damage.
INFLATION: Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.
MOSQUITO: An insect that makes you like flies better.
RAISIN: Grape with a sunburn.
SECRET: Something you tell to one person at a time.
TOOTHACHE: The pain that drives you to extraction.
TOMORROW: One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.
YAWN: An honest opinion openly expressed.
WRINKLES: Something other people have. You have character lines!


Google The Great

Name: mist_in_the_dark
Date Posted: May 2, 03 - 7:19 PM

Who doesn't understand that google is the oxygen of our trivia room life? There may be hundreds of ways to search for that elusive information we are looking for but google stands alone as our best friend. It almost never fails in times of need. I love google!

But I am writing this piece for a different reason - to express my anti-google sentiment. I would like to think that in a room where intellect is respected, intellect rules. What good is it to win a game through google? Does it make one feel great? Does it prove one's worth? Does it earn respect? Some will answer
these in the affirmative. After all, nothing beats the look of your own name after WTG or the sound of CONGRATULATIONS.

What may not be obvious is that google answers are almost always ... *drumrolls* ... obvious! We can fake it by quick cut and paste searching, ? after answers, asking for clues when you already "know", etc. We can get away with those. But PATTERNS are hard to fake. The longer we stay in these rooms, the clearer our "blueprints" become. It's hard to astray far from that blueprint. It kills me to see some answer only the most difficult questions but can't manage average ones. You will earn a rolled-up eyeball response, that much is certain.

That said, I will finish this essay on a positive pro-google note. Google is my best friend too. But I use it in a positive way. When I see an interesting question from a quizzer that I don't know, I likely won't attempt to answer it anymore but I may google that subject later on and read a synopsis of it (a single webpage usually will provide enough info). That way, I gain information that will stick better cause I gain some details of that subject. Future questions may touch on it again and THEN I am ready to answer.


Subject: Re: Google The Great
Name: galit sa googlers
Date Posted: May 5, 03 - 12:22 AM
Very well said, mist. I hope this serves as a reminder to all. Kahit sa anumang bagay, mas masarap ang pakiramdam kapag pinaghirapan ang karangalan, diba?

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Subject: Re: Re: Google The Great
Name: idol si mist
Date Posted: May 6, 03 - 5:45 AM
yan po ang idol ko! hindi pa naggoogoogle yan! (teklang marunong ba mag-google ang bot?)
wtg mist_in_the_dark!
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Sonnets From A Charioteer

First Sonnet - A Time
(11 February 2002)

In sorrowing songs of time deprived,
I discover the you and me disguised.
And as I watch the woody nightshade climb,
I know we be, you and me combined,
Amid soulful rhythm and sweetest rhyme.
Each wistful word and tender tune pity --
Us, who with only airs and verse embrace,
With kindly odes to life's inequity;
For denying Thisbe, her Pyramus.
But what is the sense of time after all?
A time for Pyramus and his Thisbe?
If mingling of their breaths, by time, mean we,
Through the crevice of a cool, callous wall,
That time is here; a time for you and me.


Second Sonnet - Disenchantment
(18 February 2002)

Oh what denial of glazed enchantment!
What betrayal of my contentment
To discover the great magician is -
Nought but a trickster; a diddler; a dud!
His alluring spell nought but one great ruse
And the precious stones and nuggets of gold
That flowed from his mouth just common pebbles;
Mere, mediocre tunes from sidewalk fiddlers.
Yet, enthralling wizard that he is,
I baulk to see him 'neath his glittered guise.
Just like a foolish, moony, witless chit
Who would insist that unicorns exist;
And like one in deepest trance, it would seem,
I resist rude nudge to wake from this dream.


Third Sonnet - The Sea
(26 February 2002

To me, you are the vast and endless sea;
Aqueous, deep, blue-green unnerving sky.
You can be violent, restless, ever frothy;
Gentle and soothing too, I'll not deny.
I am the constant beach, always waiting
For you to crash upon my agog whole,
With your tender touch, in turn, wild heaving
And thrashing that livens my breathless soul.
Lapping up your murmur, caressing hand,
I haply take your corals, shells - your gifts.
Yet with each lash, you pull at vitreous sand,
And, in great rage, you leave me - palled with rifts!
I chase you, never wanting to let go.
Engulfed, I cleave to you in deepest throe.


Fourth Sonnet - Sybil’s Leaves
(14 February 2003)

Apollo's ephemeral kiss upon
The nymph's expectant face, with open arms
Aspiring to enfold ennobled charms,
But in a twinkling you, the sun, are gone.
Like the lush, though brief, light of Endymion
The rapid flow of sand through glass with you,
Ethereal moments - so precious few -
Is that robust gush from World's empyrean!
This reign, with Aeolian gasps to rouse the trees,
In its wake does make refulgent colors
And subdues the thirst of parched flowers.
Yet, I glimpse our fate scrawled on Sybil's leaves,
Blown by the noble Zephyrus with ease,
And, in haste, gather what I can of these.


Fifth Sonnet - Day and Night
(28 October 2003)

Grateful I, for signs of day that remind
Me of the tender sorrow your death brings
That you have departed and left behind
The gift of sturdy trees and joys of springs!
Glad am I, to feel your touch ‘mid the breeze
And hear your loving songs from larks unseen;
To feel you near in the rustle of leaves
And, through these things, recall where we have been.
But fleeting day gives way to odious night
To give the illusion you have survived;
To make me want to clutch at ghosts in flight
And make me bleed from confidence contrived.
I cannot stop the sky from turning dark
All I can do is brave the wretched murk.


Sixth Sonnet - Remember me not
(7 November 2003)

Remember me not, only as winter
For I was the woebegone autumn too;
Often brooding and in sullen temper
Often sulking like yellow-green willow.
Better yet, think of me as fine summers;
As the sun touching you with balmy hands,
Just as tepid as mineral waters
That fervently caresses parched lands.
Mostly, think of me as springtime jasmine
With sweet perfume that imbues the cool air
Or as playful, smiling daisies, wherein -
Dwell a spirit free of sorrow and care.
No, do not think of me as I am now
With a hostile winter upon my brow.


Seventh and Final Sonnet - Mere Words
(10 December 2003)

We dream to flee a common existence
For in the deepest shadows of our thoughts
We become the heroes and the heroines
And, there, prevail with less regard for oughts.
Within other-world tales of our making -
Which, as mere words, expel the mundane -
There obtain adventures for the taking
And odes to love that, at first, seem inane.
But dreams become unruly and behold
What begins as amorous verse and song
Becomes a chronicle of death foretold
That never has adequate denouement!
And it must be time to wake when mere words,
Which make our dreams, do pierce our hearts as swords.
Name: Seven_Pentacles
Date Posted: Dec 16, 03 - 9:11 PM

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


EB means Eye Ball. . .a face to face meeting, a get together, a date? whatever it means...in the WW2BAM's room it is the time where the chatters meet, eat, get drunk, socialize and have fun. The WW2BAM Chatroom have been fortunate to have people who have the time, dedication and energy in organizing monthly EB's. We would like to thank the EB organizers headed by Melody, True, Epang and Ivette. Thank you very much.... especially for the "abono" For the past 2 1/2 year the WW2BAM chatters have monthly EB's, welcome home EB's for overseas chatters and also Despidada EB's.

2001/2002 EB Diary
  • December 21, 2001 - 1st WW2BAM EB and Welcome Home EB for Apollo held at Tia Maria, Jupiter St, Makati
  • January 4, 2002 - EB with Icarus at Sukhothai Glorietta.Drinks and dancing in Tia Maria, Jupiter, Makati.
  • January 25, 2002 - EB and Happy Birthday Ejay at HardRock Cafe.
  • February 2 - Welcome Home EB for Ogre & Despidida for Ejay at Hard Rock CAfe.
  • March 22, 2002 - Welcome Home EB for Supersenti
  • April 26, 2002 - Hard Rock Cafe, Makati EB Despidada for Epang who is going to Malaysia.
  • August 30, 2002 - Welcome EB for skny_she and Banana at Hard Rock Cafe.
  • September 20, 2002 - Happy 1st Anniversary WW2BAM, at Hard Rock CAfe.
  • October 11, 2002 - Welcome Home EB for Anneshey
  • November 1, 2002 - Welcome to Sydney Epang...EB in Sydney, Bookworm, Ogre and Wug at Star City
  • November 22, 2002 - Welcome Home EB for Kosme at Hard Rock Cafe, Makati.
  • December 14, 2002 - 1st WW2BAM Christmas Party at Sukhothai, Megamall. It was attended by 35 chatters.


    2003 EB

    More and more newbies and regular chatters are attending the monthly EBs and they have also tried different venues this year.

  • January 17, 2003 - New Years' EB in Bargo
  • January 31, 2003 - January EB in Hard Rock Cafe
  • February 28, 2003 - February EB at Hard Rock Cafe,Makati
  • March 14, 2003 - March EB and Happy Bday EB to Ivette & Kaze at Aubar.The EB was attended by 36 chatters, first time attendees are: lord, roach, smiling & legna.
  • April 11, 2003 - April EB and Happy Birthday Aprilians!
  • May 9, 2003 - May EB and Happy Birthday May celebrants!
  • June 20, 2003 - June EB in IO Jupiter,Makati and Welcome Home to last_of_ the_mohicans and illimin8.
    The EB was attended by 16 chatters.
  • August 22, 2003 - August EB and Despedida EB for Mel who is going to the US.
  • Sept 26, 2003 - Happy 2nd Bday WW2BAM, held at Giligan's Island Attended by 38 chatters.
    First time attendees are nagorno, avril, spiela,jason, jamie, chikka and duday.
  • Nov 7, 2003 - November EB and Halloween EB for Kadyo. Attended by 25 chatters
  • December 13, 2003 - WW2BAM 2nd Christmas Party. Attended by 49 chatters.


2004 - 2005 EB

  • Dec . 10, 2004 - Christmas EB Regine's Hotel, Penthouse (Kalayaan corner Makati Ave).
  • January 21, 2005 - January EB - Makati Republic
  • June 17, 2005 - WW2BAM Grand EB, Gerry's Grill Makati.

Journal - 2003 WW2BAM Outreach Project

" Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.
You only need a heart full of grace, and a soul generated by love."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

By: Kandong King

"Why don’t we do something this Christmas for the less fortunate among us?" That was Melody’s (sweet_temptress98) query to me in the middle of our November EB in Hard Rock Café. And that was the start of an unforgettable and heart warming Outreach Program for the WW2BAM chat room. It did not start out smoothly at first; there was not too much of a response from the message posted by Mel in the WW2BAM forum. Maybe because few people read it or everyone else was busy for the coming holidays. The more enthusiastic responses came from one chatter who peppered me with PM’s asking how she could help and where she could send her donation and megan24_ph who insisted on helping.

So we thought the idea died for lack of interest. But God works in strange ways a message I posted in the chat room as a joke: "Please join us for our Christmas EB at the Sukho Thai Restaurant on Dec. 17. There will games, raffles, prizes and food for all. Those who cannot attend, please be there in spirit. SEND MONEY! "

The response was overwhelming!! Generous chatters from all over the world sent more than 30,000 pesos for the Christmas EB. With the expert financial management of good_epang, we were able to purchase substantial prizes ( Printer, Scanner and Web cam) and smaller prizes so that no one of the more than 35 attendees went home empty handed ( Mice, Headsets, Internet Cards, CD wallets etc.). And we still had 14,800 pesos left-over.
The 14,800 pesos left-over serve as seed money for the outreach project and to rekindle the interest of the WW2BAM community.

Then things started to really gain ground when several chatters led by apollo_vermouth, seven_pentacles, kosme_naut, megan24ph, bookworm and others who wanted to remain anonymous, generously gave and offered to solicit from others in their area.

Melody's Post:

Subject: THANK YOU!!! try s0m3thing else...
Name: Melody Date Posted: Oct 11, 02 - 9:40 PM

Message: I juz wanna THANK ALL OF U... who joined our EB's... and all those hu didnt show up... MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO!!! sa inyong suporta... hope di po kayo magsawa... and 1 more thing....what if we gonna organize a group and elect officers...and plan sum activities... not juz havin' an EB...in that way, we can extend our group in helping less fortunates... what do you think guyz??? newaize, itz juz a thot...


Subject: Re: THANK YOU!!! try s0m3thing else...
Name: carpe diem
Date Posted: Oct 11, 02 - 10:16 PM

Message: At maraming salamat sa iyo Melody sa walang sawa mong pagod at abono sa pag-organize ng mga EB...ikaw ngayon ay pinararangalan naming EB Queen I think you have a good idea in trying to form the room into a more cohesive and organized group by having responsible officers run it's activities...as of now we are a very loose group without any goal purpose or guiding hand. Pursuing other worthwhile activities outside the chatroom will also allow us to keep one foot on solid ground and not be just a cyber-reality organization. Christmas season is almost upon us...maybe we can embark on a project to provide needy children with used pc's and turn them into AOL's like us j/k This is just one idea, maybe others can suggest other projects we can embark on.If we can all work together to make this a gentler, kinder room, i am ready to swallow my pride and come out of my self-imposed rehab.

The Journey Begins

Name: Melody

Date Posted: Feb 7, 03 - 7:21 PM

Message: Greetings to all!!! yesterday i went to San Lazaro Hospital with NARSBABE, we've formally submitted a request letter there asking them if we can donate some medicines to their pavillions...but they are asking if we can give medical equipment like suction machines, nebulizers, and other medical supplies needed for their pavillions. We were informed that the government's failed to give them support since 1997, and they are just waiting for donations from NGOs... So, when they knew about our PROJECT, they were very excited and our donations will be very accepted daw... This coming week, i'll be checking all the money we have and i will make a list and fax it to them before we can go there and donate...
--==Sweet ==--
--==canned thoughts==--

Name: megan24ph
Date Posted: Feb 8, 03 - 7:53 PM

Message: good job, melody! pahinga ka lang sis. wag mong pilitin kung may sakit ka pa. sana nga may maitulong tayo kahit papano sa san lazaro... are we going to give them the money para sila mismo bumili or tayo ang bibili ng equipments? mas maganda siguro if we buy the equipments ourselves. para alam na natin ang binigay natin. saka sure na tayo na magagamit ang donation natin. pag binigay nyo na equipment, pa picture kayo ha para meron tayo souvenir kada donation. guys, tuloy pa rin po ang pagtanggap ng donations. send nyo lang po sa akin or kay kosme kung taga US kayo at kung taga pinas and the rest of the world, kindly contact melody, kandong king, ivette, nursebabe, epang.. etc. tulad ng nasabi na dati... kahit maliit ang donation, pag pinagsama sama lumalaki na rin. let us try our best to help kahit minsan lang... let us share with our less fortunate brothers in the phils a small part of the blessings we have been receiving from Him.

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Subject: mayroon pang gustong mag donate?
Name: Kosme Naut
Date Posted: Feb 13, 03 - 9:38 AM

Message: Hello All, just wanted you guys to know that a person contacted me and wishes to offer up some donation. I gave that person the info as to where to send it. This person wishes to be anonymous. I will update you once the donation is sent... Kosme

Subject: KABAYAN-YAMATO Filipino Community
Name: Sitaw

Date Posted: Feb 13, 03 - 7:20 AM

Message: Hello mga dears, I've learned from Kandong King that you..nice people of ww2bm ay mayron ding outreach program..sama as here..as the president of KABAYAN-YAMATO Filipino Community here..on behalf our group, we would like to extend our help...I'll try to be in touch...
In Christ, Sitaw

Subject: KABAYAN-YAMATO Filipino Community
Name: Kandong King
Date Posted: Feb 14, 03 - 2:09 PM

Message: Wow sugar, president ka pala...does that mean na First Gentleman ako? anyway Catherine, that is a very noble and generous offer. we thank you in advance and i will work in getting the necessary documents and paper work in time for your February 23, general meeting. For everyone's information, Catherine has offered to present our project as one of the beneficiaries of their charitable project to their general assembly this coming Feb. 23. She has requested that we provide her with a list of our officers and pics of the pedia ward and patients as part of her presentation. To facilitate this I suggest that a de facto group of officers be appointed composed of the following people pending a formal election: Melody Epang Nursebabe Ivette Mdef Megan- East coast rep Kosme- West coast rep Apollo- Middle East Rep Book and Seven P- down under reps Icarus- for the ga* ooops..never mind. Please post your suggestions and ideas too. I would prefer to work as PR, and liaison officer with the Kabayan-Yamato group and work closer with the lovely Miss Catherine *wink* wink* (kilig) -------------------


Subject: OutReach Program in San Lazaro
Name: Snick3rs aka Am_not Date Posted: Feb 18, 03 - 12:24 AM

Message: TO ALL PEEPZ of HU WANTS 2b A Milyonaryo! Good day PEEPZ! OUTREACH PROGRAM n SAN LAZARO HOSPITAL on FEBRUARY 28,2003: MEETING PLACE : MCDO GLORIETTA @ 11am til 12NN... after the acitvity there will be a party at HARD ROCK CAFE, 8PM SEE YOU ALL THERE PEEPZ... contact melody/sweet for further info @ 0918-907-0518/0919-5690518 maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.... -ian-


Name: Melody Date Posted: Feb 20, 03 - 10:37 AM
Message: here's the lists of items we're going to donate to SAN LAZARO HOSPITAL & to the patients of PAVILLION 8 (pedia ward with measles and severe pneumonia) and PAVILLION 10B ( which is the TB ward for adult patients)...

* Nebulizer Machines - 4 units
* Suction Machines - 2 units
* Suction Catheter - 4 boxes
* Nebulizer Kit - 2 boxes
* Oral Thermometer - 4 boxes
* Disposable Syringes- 20 boxes MEDICINES
* Amoxicillin capsules 250 mg. - 5 boxes
* Amoxicillin syrup 125 mg. - 50 bottles
* Mefenamic acid 250 mg. - 4 boxes
* Paracetamol syrup 125 mg. - 50 bottles
* Ambroxol capsules - 4 boxes
* Ambroxol syrup - 50 bottles
* Salbutamol syrup - 50 bottles and...
* Electric fans - 2 units (still thinkin' about it...parang kulang kc kung 2 lang...kaso kapos na sa budget...)
That's it... ( hay, kakafagod...)

--==canned thoughts==-- --==Sweet ==--

Replies: Subject: WOW!!!
Name: megan24ph
Date Posted: Feb 8, 03 - 7:53 PM Message: Andaming nabili !! Ang galing naman.. Way to go Mel!! . Sa mga gusto pang mag-donate, wag na po kayong mahiya .. Nakikita na po natin ang nagagawa natin. Sana po ituloy natin to. Mabuhay ang WW2BAM family!!!


Recap of Donations

Name: Kandong King
Date Posted: Feb 12, 03 - 7:52 AM

Message: Here is a recap of donations received for the outreach program and a summary of todays's meeting attended by Epang, Melody and Kandong King. Tentative date will be February 29, 2003. Beneficiaries have been expanded to include the respiratory disease ward aside from the original pediatric ward. More weight was given to the purchase of equipment such as nebulizers and suction machines to be able to benefit more people. Medicine would be acquired thru institutional donations at a later time.
Here is a summary of what we received and what we will be buying. A more comprehansive list is forthcoming. Carried over from savings of xmas eb 14,807.00

Megan, Mena and anonymous 7217.40
Bookworm 1226.40
Kosme and Batang Kalye 3971.00
Alona Gen 500.00
Mdef 500.00
Celes 3168.00
Apollo and Seven Pentacles 6900.00
Kantit 2500.00
St. Epang* 1100.00
TOTAL 41889.80

less proposed expenses:
Equipment and Supplies-- 32,900.00
Medicine 8,964.75
----------------------------------------- 41,889.75
balance .05

Contributions in kind:
Kandong King 86- 15 ml bottles of Ambroxol Mucolytic 38- 15 ml bottles of Salbutamol Anti-ashma expectorant more medicine forthcoming from nursebabe.
notes: *kinapos yung pera sa proposed expenses kaya pininuan na lang ni Epang Bait, Ganda at Sexy.
** melody has the list and will post them when it's finalized. we'll be getting most of the supplies at wholesale less 25%.
Maraming salamat sa lahat ng may mabuting puso !
Way to go... WW2BAM !!!

Subject: kakapagod...pero masarap ang feeling...
Name: Melody Date Posted: Feb 24, 03 - 7:18 PM

Message: ...momma book hay...oo nga po...nakakafagod nga sobra... pero masarap naman po ang feelings ...ang gaan gaan ng pakiramdam mo pag alam mong makakatulong ka sa mga tao...and di lamang panay pansarili lamang ang nasa isip... cguro nga po...maari natin gawin ito, 2x a year... para di nakakafagod...and di mafagod mag donate ang ating mga kabayan... ate megz ... mas madami pa sana tayo makuha sa susunod na project natin... --
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Name: celes
Date Posted: Feb 24, 03 - 9:43 PM

Message: EXCELLENT JOB!! I wanna THANK lolo carpe, melody, ate efeng, nurse, ate ivette, ate megan, kuya neybz, catherine, KABAYAN and sa lahat ng nagbigay ng support sa outreach project.This project will not be feasible without your help. Keep up the good work !Take care everyone P.S. To those people I wasn't able to include in the list above, I would like to extend my THANKS for your support. May God bless you all !!!

Subject: Update On Kabayan-Yamato Filipino Community
Name: Kandong King

Date Posted: Feb 24, 03 - 11:55 AM


It's getting better everyday I just got news that the Kabayan-Yamato Filipino Community in their General Assembly has approved in princple the motion to assist us in our project. Preliminary discussions has brought forth this tentative plans: 1. Kabayan will work with WW2BAM on a joint venture basis with the San Lazaro Hospital Project. 2. Kabayan's participation will be in the form of financial assistance, operations will be handled by WW2BAM. 3. Kabayan will match any contribution that WW2BAM will be able to get on their own. e.g. if WW2BAM collects 45,000 pesos in donations for the next project; Kabayan will donate 45,000 pesos. 4. Kabayan will designate a reperesentative here in the Philippines to liase with our representative here (at the moment it will be me) for coordination in the project. 5. Kabayan will be ready to implement the agreement as early as next month. These are just tentative plans and will be subject to approval by the respective assmblies. FYI, Kabayan-Yamato Filipino Community is an organization of Filipino ex-pats in Japan dedicated to raising funds for worthy projects in the Philippines. I will try to get more information about them so we can know our new partners more. Suggestions, comments and criticism are welcome. Mabuhay ang samahang WW2BAM at Kabayan-Yamato

The Tribyalista Outreach Projects are charitable activities organized by Filipino chatters from the WW2BAM Room (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) housed at Yahoo chatroom. That was our old name, now we have form a formal organization called www.tribyalista.com. In 2003, we successfully launched our 1st Outreach Project at San Lazaro Hospital through the commitment and passion of the chatters through out the world but the hard work has been efficiently carried out by the Philippine based chatters. This year we are on the planning stage of our 2nd Outreach project.

"In helping others, we shall help ourselves,
for whatever good we give out
completes the circle and comes back to us."
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